Activities For Nursing Home Residents With Dementia – Group activities in a care home are a great way for people with dementia to socialize with each other, giving them the opportunity to talk, reminisce and share experiences, which can have a huge impact on their emotional well-being.

Create a playlist of the care home residents’ favorite songs and encourage them to sing along to the music. You can print a large lyric sheet to aid singing.

Activities For Nursing Home Residents With Dementia

Activities For Nursing Home Residents With Dementia

There’s an added bonus when nursing home activity ideas also involve outdoor activities. This is a great way to get some fresh air while stimulating your senses.

Enabling Meaningful Activities And Quality Of Life In Long Term Care Facilities: The Stepwise Development Of A Participatory Client Centred Approach In Flanders

Gardening does not require physical strength. So you can complete basic tasks like raking and watering while caring for flowers or herbs with ease.

Nursing home residents are encouraged to participate in gardening activities, help each other plant seeds, and take pride in watching their gardens flourish over time.

If moving around the garden is too difficult for some residents, bring the outdoors inside with this vibrant set of Aquapaints.

Gentle walks around the garden or local park encourage light exercise and provide opportunities for people with dementia in care homes to spend time together. Try playing the “What can you see?” game. Spark conversations.

Care Home Activities: 19 Fun & Engaging Care Home Activities

Set up a game of garden skittles to divide nursing home residents into two teams and encourage gentle competition. Make sure to celebrate every player to boost confidence and encourage participation. If you don’t have a lawn skittles game, why not try our similar game Golf Target? Can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors.

Host a tea dance for nursing home residents and have them dance to their favorite songs. Encourage residents with limited mobility to jump out of their seats.

Depending on weather conditions, art classes can take place indoors or outdoors. Nursing home residents and people with dementia can let their imagination guide their creativity or paint still life paintings of their surroundings.

Activities For Nursing Home Residents With Dementia

Arts and crafts can be a great way for residents to interact with young family members who come to visit. Explore our creative activities here.

Residential Care Community Characteristics Vary By Dementia Prevalence

Bingo is a great activity for a large group of people. There are specialized, dementia-friendly bingo games, such as Music Bingo, which encourages cognitive function and social engagement by asking participants to match familiar sounds to images of musical instruments.

Start a book club with your nursing home residents. In a quiet room, read a book to the group and have people discuss the story with each other and share their opinions. Some people may simply enjoy listening and feeling part of a social group. Residents are welcome to suggest which books to read next.

Group puzzles are a fun, interactive way to spend time helping each other assemble the pieces. The dementia-friendly puzzles are specially designed for people of all abilities, with images chosen to help spark memories and conversations. Take this puppy playtime puzzle, for example, which is perfect for people with mid-to-late stage dementia.

Cooking and baking classes are relaxing, caring family activities that engage the senses. They smell the delicious food, touch and sort the ingredients, and taste the finished product with pride.

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In small groups, encourage nursing home residents to make cakes together. Each person can take on a task, such as cracking eggs, mixing batter, or preparing fruit garnishes. Once the cake is cooked, everyone can enjoy the end result with a cup of tea.

Nursing home residents were introduced to a series of scents and asked to discuss what each scent reminded them of. This activity will help encourage reminiscence and discussion within the group and between people living with dementia. To help, you may want to use specialized sensory play, such as our Sweet Home Smells and Sounds.

Group meditation is a great nursing home activity that can help residents relax and unwind. In a quiet, dimly lit room, play some soft music and read guided meditations (these can be found online) or play YouTube meditations for residents to follow.

Activities For Nursing Home Residents With Dementia

In small groups, ask each nursing home resident to bring a photo of a loved one or a memorable event in their life. In turn, each person shows the group a photo and discusses their loved one/special event.

September Assisted Living Activities

Gather nursing home residents in a room and play a beloved movie for everyone to enjoy. Serve delicious snacks and drinks to make it a special occasion.

Think outside the box and showcase live concerts, musicals, ballets and operas, and movies to keep things fresh and engaging for all residents.

Ask a group of nursing home residents to help with the dishes and let them take turns washing, drying and putting items away. Once a task is completed, people enjoy the feeling of being useful and feel proud.

Get a daily newspaper, pick an article, read it to the nursing home residents, and then they can discuss the issue, maybe debate it if they want.

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If you need more support to keep your conversations flowing, why not check out our Hobby Conversation Card Game? Conversation prompts are great for sparking ideas and memories. It is also a fun activity for visiting family and friends, or can be enjoyed with loved ones.

Quilt making, crocheting and knitting are great sensory group activities for nursing home residents to enjoy. Working with your hands is both spiritually and physically therapeutic. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to mingle with like-minded people.

To make the experience even more meaningful, see if you can get involved in helping a local charity that needs blankets for babies or people in need.

Activities For Nursing Home Residents With Dementia

Invite a local salon to host a spa day for residents. Washing your hair, painting your nails, or getting a massage can make someone feel pampered and appreciated. Letting people smell the essential oils and playing relaxing music will help create a soothing atmosphere.

Help With Activities Of Daily Living (adl)

Playing board games or cards is a great way to have fun and relax. Card games like bridge are easy and fun to play. Scrabble and dominoes are also great for cognition and hand-eye coordination. At the same time, classic board games such as Snakes and Ladders and Ludo will surely stimulate the competitive mentality of residents.

At Relish we have developed a wide range of products and activities specifically designed for older people living with dementia in care homes. Backed by research, our products are designed to promote well-being and inspire joy in people living with dementia. Browse our range of dementia-friendly care home products and activities now. At Little Brook, we believe that an active lifestyle is important to overall health. Our Activities Director, Anne McLean, ADPC, coordinates daily programs and activities to keep our residents thinking, moving and enjoying. Daily events also include volunteer visits, live music, cooking classes, holiday parties, religious services and more.

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Activities For Nursing Home Residents With Dementia

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Contact us to find out more information, schedule a tour, join our residency waiting list or fill out a job application form,… Caring for someone with dementia in your care home is more than simply making sure you’re feeding them the right diet, Medications and sleep schedules. Carers are often looking for the best way to help service users with dementia organize their day through different activities. However, what gets put into practice is often just board games and cognitive activities. The importance of ensuring that people with dementia are actively involved every day should always be a priority.

In fact, there have been numerous studies conducted in the past examining the effects of even small amounts of mild exercise on the brain. David Lowery is a research psychologist at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust.

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