Algorithmic Trading Strategies For Profit In Boston’s Forex Market – Hedge funds use many investment strategies, and the long-term equity strategy is one of them. But what does this long-term equity strategy mean?

Long-term equity investing is the process by which the investor takes long-term investments in stocks that are expected to appreciate and, at the same time, takes short positions in stocks. these are expected to fail. It is a type of hedging strategy that seeks to reduce risk by having both long and short-term exposures and maximizes profits by taking advantage of rising stocks with long positions and declining stocks. values ​​of stocks and low conditions.

Algorithmic Trading Strategies For Profit In Boston’s Forex Market

Algorithmic Trading Strategies For Profit In Boston's Forex Market

In this post, we’ll look at long-term equity strategies and give you an example. We also do a long short equity backtest at the end of the article.

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A long-short equity strategy is an investment strategy that seeks to achieve positive returns by taking both long and short positions in specific stocks. With this equity strategy, the trader takes a long position in stocks that are expected to appreciate and, at the same time, takes a short position in stocks that they are expected to fail.

In fact, going long on a stock indicates that one believes that the stock’s price will rise and is giving a positive return. When looking for the long term, investors look for opportunities that can deliver either growth, income, or a combination of the two, and they often look for stocks they believe are undervalued. something.

On the other hand, investors take a short position when they are convinced that the stock price will go down, and often, they look for stocks that are worthless. However, short selling is a challenge, at least in the stock market, where you have a harbor from inflation and productivity, which is why short selling is difficult.

Instead of taking a long or short position, a long-term strategy tries to find returns by buying undervalued stocks that are expected to appreciate and betting against expensive stocks. anticipating their decline/retracement. So, this strategy improves on traditional long-term investments by taking advantage of the opportunities to benefit from securities that have been identified as undervalued and overvalued.

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It is a type of hedging strategy that seeks to reduce risk by having both long and short-term exposures and maximizes profits by taking advantage of rising stocks with long positions and declining stocks. values ​​of stocks and low conditions. Although this may not always be the case, the plan often results in a net profit. This type of investment strategy also helps to achieve diversification.

Long-term equity strategies are popular with hedge funds as well as well-known market-neutral diversification strategies, in which the dollar amount of both long and short positions are equal.

Due to its nature and complex structure, the long-term equity strategy may not be suitable for retail investors. It is suitable for institutional investors who can use leverage and leverage to maximize returns and manage risk while using this strategy. When using this strategy, hedge funds usually have a long view – an example is a 130/30 strategy where long exposure is 130% of AUM and 30% is short exposure.

Algorithmic Trading Strategies For Profit In Boston's Forex Market

Medallion Fund, perhaps the best hedge fund of all time, uses a short-term strategy (at least, the fund started with this strategy).

Long Short Equity Strategy (backtest And Example)

Long-term equity acquisition works by taking advantage of opportunities if it can move up and around the expected price. He achieves this by looking for opportunities to take long positions in undervalued stocks while selling short stocks.

So, the first step is to identify stocks that are undervalued and overvalued. The former may rise, while the latter may fall. An investor buys stocks that are not profitable, that have a high level of security by trading at a discount, but at the same time, they reduce the value of the stock because they have hard to fall.

Because stock markets tend to be highly speculative, many hedge funds manage short-term strategies with long-term exposure (such as 130/30, where long-term is 130% and short-term exposure is 30%). Only a few hedge funds work short-term in their long-term strategy and only if they believe the general market is bearish. It is historically difficult to uncover short-term ideas that are more valuable than long-term ideas.

To avoid correlation, long-term plans are often used to invest in stocks in different areas for long legs and short legs. For example, if interest rates rise, such as in 2022, short equity funds may be long in stocks in safe sectors, such as the health sector, and short in stocks in interest sectors such as the market. logical domain.

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After careful analysis, let’s say that the fund finds that the largest pharmaceutical company, Merck & Co., Inc. (NYSE: MRK ), pays a price of $ 85 and Thor Industries Inc. (NYSE: THO) is paid at $ 75. The fund can go long with MRK at $ 70,000 and a small $ 30,000 value of THO stock. That is, the fund bought 823 shares of MRK and shorted 400 shares of THO.

If, as expected, MRK rises to $95 per share and THO declines to $65 per share, the fund will gain more than $8,185 from MRK and also gain a profit of $ 4,000 from a small position in THO. So, the fund benefits from a rise in MRK and a fall in THO.

It doesn’t always work that way. THO may still rise even though market conditions favor a decline. Similarly, MRK may still fall, despite market conditions supporting its rise. Nothing is certain in the financial market.

Algorithmic Trading Strategies For Profit In Boston's Forex Market

A long/short fund can be a mutual fund or a hedge fund. The main thing is that it takes both long and short positions and investments usually come from the same market.

Backtesting Tools For Hedging Trading Strategies

Long/short funds often use a number of alternative investment techniques such as leverage, derivatives, and short positions to maximize potential returns. They often seek to maximize returns from investing in a particular market area by actively taking both long and short positions in security. There are many short-term funds around, here are a few examples:

There are many hedge funds around the world, many of which use short-term equity strategies, as well as other strategies. Most insurance funds use a variety of strategies rather than just one strategy, so it is difficult to find one that only uses short-term strategies.

Creating a short portfolio requires a lot of research and analysis. You want to create a portfolio to grow but limit all risks. Here’s what it might look like for an example of five products:

In this case, the portfolio is worth $500,000, with a long horizon – a 70/30 split between long and short assets. Your expectation is that stocks XA, JB and MC will rise, while stocks DY and EF will fall. In that type of position, you will profit from both long and short positions.

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However, if the general market becomes bullish, and stocks DY and EF rise, you will still benefit because your portfolio has a long view. On the other hand, if the general market falls, you will lose money because the portfolio is disturbed for a long time, but you invest in stocks DY and EF, which will benefit from the decline will reduce your loss. There are many ways to reduce risk (and there are losses), we recommend reading Mark Spitznagel’s Safe Place.

Edward Thorp is known as the father of quantitative investing, as he was one of the first to use quantitative models to accurately predict risk. He is known for his ability to identify areas of the market that are not working and find ways to profit from the lack of money.

Before starting his career in the financial market, Thorp tried his hand at betting and even listed the logical betting methods to win the casino and blackjack in his book, Beat The Dealer.

Algorithmic Trading Strategies For Profit In Boston's Forex Market

Thorp continued to study the financial markets, and in 1967, he published a book on the case law, Beat The Market. He started trading and his entire trading strategy was 100% quantified and mechanical. Thorp founded Princeton Newport Partners (PNP) in 1969 and ran it until 1988. During all those years, PNP did not have a loss year, and its return rose to 19.1%, almost twice that of the S& P 500, with very little drawdown. .

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Following an unpleasant meeting with an employer in 1988, Thorp closed the PNP and decided to run the family business.

Let’s go ahead and present a long and short strategy with strong business rules at the base. The backtesting of this strategy may be crude, but it serves as a helpful example of how to go about creating a portfolio of short pairs.

Specifically, we look at two of the biggest brands on the planet: Coca-Cola (KO) and Pepsi-Cola (PEP). Often these two companies go hand in hand, except where there is specific company information that makes them go in different directions.

Here is a link for a detailed explanation of the RSI indicator. Historical work of planning

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