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Your pregnancy explained, demystifying your pregnant body, from your head (how to deal with headaches) to your feet (why they’re so swollen), from your back (how to stop pain) to your front (why you can’t tell by baby) mommy’s bump). Packed with must-have information, practical advice, real-life insights, easy-to-use tips and plenty of reassurance, you’ll also find the latest news on prenatal screening, which medicines are safe and the latest birth options – from the water Delivery, mild caesarean section. Your pregnancy lifestyle gets the same attention: diet (including diet trends), coffee drinking, exercise (and work), sex, travel, beauty, skin care, and more. Have any pregnancy symptoms? You will, and you will find solutions to all these problems. Expect multiples? There is a chapter for you. Looking forward to becoming a father? This book can meet your needs too.

All You Need To Know About Pregnancy

All You Need To Know About Pregnancy

All reasonable care, diligence and attention have been exercised in preparing the material in this book. Readers should not use the information and advice provided in this book (including, but not limited to, matters regarding pregnancy, diet, health, exercise, and treatment) as a substitute for appropriate professional attention and appropriate medical advice. Qualified health practitioner. Readers should consult their own health practitioner before beginning any exercise, diet, or other program, including any advice suggested in this book, and readers should not rely on any information contained in this book without first seeking appropriate medical advice. information and advice. The publisher, authors, consultants and editors, or their respective employees and agents, disclaim all liability for any injury, loss or damage caused by any negligent act, omission, breach of contract or default on the part of the publisher, authors, consultants and agents . The Editor or their respective employees and agents, except as provided by law.

Hidden Pregnancy: Not Showing Signs Until Months Later

If there are two things I’ve learned over the past 23 years, it’s that kids don’t grow up on their own—and books don’t write themselves (no matter how long you stare at a blank screen).

Luckily, I don’t have to do either job alone. When it comes to raising kids (though, let’s face it – is it ever going to end?), I have the best parenting partner, my husband Eric – who also happens to be my co-star on What partners in. expect. During the writing process of this book, I had dozens of colleagues and friends involved, who provided support, insights, and insights into the creation (and re-creation… and re-creation) of the four editions of What to Expect. and ideas.

Some of those helpers have come and gone, but others have been standing by since day one, version one. Thank you so much:

Sandy Hathaway, thank you for all your valuable contributions to Expectations. You are a good sister and a good friend.

Getting Pregnant After Infertility: Here’s What You Need To Know

Suzanne Rafer, editor and friend who has faithfully guided Expectations from conception to delivery four times—dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” , removing every misguided pun (and pair of parentheses). What’s in the name? Speaking of What to Expect, we have the unforgettable moniker Suzanne to thank for helping us not only sell 29 million copies, but also launch hundreds of headliners, comics and parodies.

Peter Workman is a publisher of extraordinary integrity and unwavering commitment—he believed in our books when bookstores didn’t, and he kept What to Expect’s grassroots growing slowly and steadily Ground sprouts, he never gives up on this small series that can be done, done.

Everyone else at Workman who helped with our latest delivery: David Matt, who believed in (Cover Mum’s) evolution, took artistic chances, and oversaw our very challenging and very successful “Extreme Makeover”. John Gilman, thank you for your tremendous patience during this complete makeover and allowing the illustration magic to happen. Lisa Hollander, along with Tong Weiheng, has always been my favorite women in design. Tim O’Brien brings cover mom The Next Generation to life and finally gets her out of her shell. Lynette Parmentier recreates our iconic illustrated quilts as real quilts. Karen Kuchar inked our sexy mom (almost making me want to run out and get pregnant again!), and Tom Newsom inked our wonderful fetus. Irene Demchyshyn goes with the flow and stays with it. And my other amazing friends at Workman, including Suz2 (Suzie Bolotin), Helen Rosner, Beth Doty, Walter Weintz, Jenny Mandel, Kim Small, and Amy Corley.

All You Need To Know About Pregnancy

My other partner, Sharon Maazel. You are my mini-me, my better half, my best friend – I love you. Thank you to the beautiful Daniela, Arianne, Kira and Sophia for sharing your amazing moms with me (and only getting sick and breaking bones when absolutely necessary). Thank you to Jay, the family doctor, for his excellent biology classes and his kind nature, but most of all, for allowing me to be another woman in Sharon’s life.

St Trimester Pregnancy: What To Expect

Dr. Charles Lockwood, our distinguished medical advisor, thank you for your concise and accurate advice, your meticulous attention to detail (medical and otherwise), and your obvious compassion for mom and baby. It’s truly incredible how much you know, how much you do (I’m exhausted just reading your resume), and how much you care.

To Steven Petrow (MG), Mike Keriakos, Ben Wolin, Jim Curtis (CSOB), Sarah Hutter, and all our good friends and partners at Waterfront Media, thank you for making our vision for and My What to Expect a reality. And thank you to this amazing community of moms – not only for making our site a special place, but also for sharing your bellies, babies, and toddlers with me every day.

Two other people in my life (girls can be spoiled): Marc Chamlin, for your keen legal eagle eye, your business acumen, and your unwavering friendship and support; Alan Nevins, thank you for your superb management, extraordinary skills, endless patience, persistence and guidance.

Jennifer Geddes and Fran Kritz, help us get the facts straight (check…check…check!). Dr. Jessica Wu, for your impeccable pregnancy skin care advice, and Dr. Howie Mandel, for the “what to expect” question I always sneak in at our annual meetings. Thank you Lisa Bernstein, executive director of What to Expect, for always being inspiring and making the magic happen (the full term miracle), and thank you to Zoe, Oh-That Teddy That-Teddy) and Dan Dubno.

Best High Risk Pregnancy Hospital In Pune

Thank you Eric, my partner in everything I do, always, forever, for all the reasons listed above and more than I can list. I wouldn’t want to work and play with anyone else, I love you forever. Speaking of love, my pride and joy is (I’m not saying who is who), Emma (the baby who started it all) and Wyatt (the baby who followed). I love you – you make me a lucky mom.

To the lovely Howard Eisenberg, father and friend (not necessarily in that order); to Victor Shargai (and John Aniello) for your love and support; and to the world’s best (and neatest lately) in-laws Abby and Norman Murkoff. To Rachel, Ethan and Liz, Sandy was the dream trio; to Tim, her Numero Uno.

Thank you ACOG, thank you for being an advocate for women and babies, and thank you to all the doctors, midwives, nurses and nurse practitioners who work every day to make pregnant families safer and happier. And most importantly, to all the hopeful new and old moms (and dads) out there who help us make every issue of What to Expect better than the last. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my parents are my most valuable resources – so please keep sending those cards, letters, and emails!

All You Need To Know About Pregnancy

Anita O’Keefe Young Professor of Women’s Health and Chair of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at Yale University School of Medicine

Exercising Safely During Pregnancy

The other day I received a wonderful and heartfelt thank you letter from a patient. Enclosed is a picture of a burly college hockey player—I delivered him 19 years ago! I have the best job on earth. I can share the happiest, most exciting, most magical moment ever experienced by a human being – the birth of a child – only I can experience it over and over again. Of course, being an obstetrician has some tough moments—some are very exhausting moments at 3 a.m., and some are very frustrating moments when a patient’s labor is slow. There are occasional adrenaline rushes, challenging patient symptoms, and the inevitable flood of complicated emotions, but mostly it’s just plain fun.

In a way, my job is a lot like what you might experience during pregnancy – every day brings some adventure, but most of it is fun. What to Expect When You’re Pregnant It’s like having a personal obstetrician to guide you through this adventure. I’ve been recommending this book for years and loving it

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