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Empowerment involves giving employees the power to make their own decisions for the benefit of their organization. Customer service managers have a responsibility to provide good customer service and be courteous in their interactions with company employees. It is difficult for customer service managers to achieve their goals if employees work in a very restricted environment. Retaining customers is no easy task given the competitive nature of modern business.

“consumer Empowerment: Managing Gas And Electricity Usage In A Digital Age”

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Organizations that empower customer service employees are in a better position to increase sales by attracting new customers and retaining existing customers (Law 2010, 124). Customers can only be loyal to a particular brand based on the quality of customer service provided by the company. This article discusses the importance of empowerment in customer service management. The success of a customer service department depends on employee empowerment.

There are various ways in which an organization can empower its employees to improve customer service management (Wilson 2012, p. 156). Before looking at the benefits of delegating customer service management, some of them need to be highlighted.

Training employees on how to connect with and serve customers is one of the ways organizations empower their employees (Wilson 2012, p. 184). Employees should be empowered to make decisions that can increase customer satisfaction.

Every organization has unique expectations when it comes to customer service, and employees must be trained to meet those expectations. Training as Power Training gives employees the confidence to interact with customers and make sound decisions (Buttle 2012, p. 189). Empowerment makes employees happy, which is usually reflected in their work. Happy employees will always strive to satisfy and delight customers.

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Empowerment is an important motivational tool when it comes to customer service (Hayes 1998, p. 79). Employees who have the freedom to actively contribute to the success of an organization often feel motivated. Employees who go into the field and interact with customers should be prioritized when it comes to motivation because the sustainability of an organization depends on their performance.

According to research, empowerment is one of the best tools for motivating employees (Hayes 1998, p. 89). Many employees have valuable ideas and opinions that could improve customer service, but are never given the opportunity to voice them (Buttle 2012, p. 164). Empowerment gives employees the opportunity to make significant contributions to improving customer service.

Customer service employees are in a better position to meet customer needs because of their grassroots experience (Buttle 2012, p. 204). Empowered employees have the freedom to make important decisions without waiting on top management. An example of this situation is when employees decide to replace lost symbols without waiting for their leaders (Hayes 1998, p. 206).

Empowerment motivates employees to be committed to their organization by working hard to achieve their goals. Empowerment removes all barriers that prevent employees from communicating meaningfully with customers. Empowerment enables employees to follow their organization’s ideals and strategies in dealing with customers (Hayes 1998, p. 257).

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Consistent customer outcomes can only be achieved through organizational principles that empower customer service employees. Customer service personnel can provide quality service only when they meet the specific principles of an organization. Organizations should treat their employees well because they rely on them to retain customers. Good salary and positive incentives are some of the things that organizations use to make their employees happy.

Empowerment provides a proper framework for customer service teams to perform their tasks better (Voortman 2004, p. 118). Empowered customer service teams can participate in product design and improvement based on customer needs (Buttle 2012, p. 254).

Long-term partnerships with customers are essential to customer service, and empowered employees perform better in such partnerships. Customer service staff can usually handle complaints made by customers.

Work flow within a customer service department is generally accelerated when employees are empowered to make decisions (Buttle 2012, p. 294). Empowerment ensures that customer service employees have access to critical resources and information that can help them do their jobs better. It is difficult for customer service teams to make quick decisions without access to information and resources (Wilson 2012, p. 175).

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An empowered customer service team will always have the necessary financial and human resources to carry out its plans. Authorized employees have access to key company databases that can inform better customer service strategies. Organizations can close critical deals if employees gain access to critical resources.

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Empowerment comes with appropriate guidelines to ensure that customer service teams are stable and effective (Finch 1994, p. 123). These guidelines are intended to ensure that customer service teams do not abuse their authority. Empowerment can only benefit customer service management when the level of autonomy is clearly defined.

Only through empowerment can employees get the encouragement and support they need. Empowerment is a clear sign of encouragement and support from corporate leadership (Finch 1994, p. 227). Empowerment means that senior managers have trust and confidence in junior employees, which is often a major challenge for better employee performance (Finch 1994, p. 125).

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Empowerment is essential in changing employee attitudes and feelings towards work. Authorized employees do not require any supervision to do their job. An employee’s effectiveness and productivity depends on their attitude towards work. Organizations can only encourage employees to take a positive attitude when interacting with customers by empowering them (Law 2010, p. 159).

Empowerment brings out the best in employees in terms of ability and creativity (Law 2010, p. 176). There are certain employees who, through empowerment, can accomplish great things for the customer service department and the organization as a whole. Organizations may not be able to benefit from the talent among their employees if they do not proactively empower their employees.

Self-discovery and recognition come with power. Empowerment comes with new and more demanding responsibilities for employees (Hayes 1998, p. 209). New responsibilities are important in helping employees advance in their careers. Disempowered employees find it difficult to advance in their careers.

Employees can only realize their full potential when they have the opportunity to work without constraints (Wilson 2012, p. 179). Employees with a certain level of autonomy are bound to be satisfied with their jobs. A satisfied employee represents the company well by giving the best when it comes to customer service. Customer service is a very dynamic area and employees need to be able to respond to change in the shortest possible time (Buttle 2012, p. 256).

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Training is part of empowerment and allows customer service agents to learn new ways to serve customers. Empowerment motivates employees to be loyal to their organization because they feel respected and supported. The findings suggest that even organizations that are aware of the concept are reluctant to put it into practice. Senior managers should not be afraid to lose power because of delegation.

In conclusion, customer service employees cannot perform their role effectively if they are not empowered (Law 2010, p. 258). Employees should be empowered to make decisions that can increase customer satisfaction. An empowered employee increases customer satisfaction by taking personal initiative. Managing customer service is a demanding responsibility that cannot be accomplished without empowerment (Finch 2010, p. 208).

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Empowerment motivates employees to be loyal to the organization because they feel respected and supported. An empowered employee is often in a better position to solve problems than a disempowered one (Wilson 2012, p. 216). Employees with a certain level of autonomy are bound to be satisfied with their jobs. The discussion in this article shows that empowerment is very important in customer service management.

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