District Heating And Cooling In Montpellier: An Efficient Approach To Energy Management – A startup company will host the next Task 49 meeting in Montpellier, France. Unusually for the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme, the business objective of the French company Sunti is a perfect fit for Task 49, which aims to increase the integration of solar thermal in industrial processes. Sunti was founded in November 2014 by Jean-Michel Germa, a pioneer of the renewable industry who owns 40% of the shares in France La Compagnie du Vent. The new business wants to sell heat to companies in France and the Mediterranean as an Energy Service Company (ESCO).

The day before the Task 49 meeting, Sunti will invite customers and business advisors to another event: VAA 2015 will feature international experts and industry players with extensive knowledge and experience in solar thermal and industrial production. For example, Bettina Muster from AEE Intec and Cédric Philibert from IEA will talk about how to integrate solar heat into industrial systems, while representatives from Arcon-Sunmark, S.O.L.I.D., TVP Solar and Industrial Solar are when talking about their experiences in business activities.

District Heating And Cooling In Montpellier: An Efficient Approach To Energy Management

District Heating And Cooling In Montpellier: An Efficient Approach To Energy Management

Yes, hosting the event is a great opportunity for Sunti: “We are part of the business now,” Kevin Mozas, Head of Business Development, said in an interview with http://www.. According to him, the start-up is aimed at large plants with a collection size of 1,000 m

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Or more. A key argument for companies to pay a fee for heating instead of investing in their own equipment is the long-term nature of solar heating investments. “Companies expect to pay off their money within the first three years. Solar thermal investments do not seem to have a short payback period,” Mozas said.

Instead of raising money to set up their own collection site, buyers simply sign a contract that binds them for delivery. in ten years. Even if they can install their own land collection, they may want to leave the planning, investment and use to an ESCO. Mozas believes that manufacturing companies should be allowed to focus on their core business and invest in new production lines instead of energy production. There are things that might dampen hope, however. “Consumers are reluctant to the idea of ​​using solar heat, sometimes they have bad ideas because of a lack of information,” said Mozas. Some companies do not consider energy supply a priority.

Sunti is an independent company wholly owned by its founder Jean-Michel Germa and has eight employees. It is expected that the first projects will be completed before the end of 2015, with the investment already done through equity and debt.

Solar thermal experts like Christoph Brunner, Head of the Industrial Processes and Energy Systems Department at Austrian AEE Intec, believe that ESCOs can help increase solar energy as a source of the heat. “By giving investment to a provider, companies can transfer part of the risk to another party,” he said.

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As Sunti bears the risk of long-term investment, customers will not worry about any investment returns or repayments, but can be anchored Here are the benefits of solar energy provided by ESCO. They will reduce the company’s energy bill as soon as the solar system is started. The fact that the subsidy for bio-cleaning projects from the French program Fonds Chaleur can cover half of the total investment may help promote Sunti’s ideas.

In fact, Mozas adds that solar heating may not be the right solution for all industrial buildings: “First, it is a question of having enough space to allow the installation of land. large collections. The type of process, the required temperature, as well as the temperature of the process are certainly very important when it comes to evaluating the use of a project. Part of the service is What Sunti offers is the financing of initial research. Before planning an installation of any kind, the first step is to determine what a company can do to satisfy it. how much energy is used and how much heat is generated by the sun. Processes that cover the entire process of the heat demand of a company will not be regulated by law , but the temperature of the sun above 50% is possible. “We are trying to plan the best economy,” said Mozas.

When such a system leads to the installation of the collector field, Sunti will be the power source for their home and sell the heat to customers who signing the contract and leaving space for the sun. ESCO works in partnership with leading technology companies as well as major EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) companies to set up solar power plants. The risks are with Sunti, which will be responsible for the technical projects and will finance and operate the solar. At the end of the contract, customers can choose to buy their installation at the remaining cost and maintain it themselves instead of paying bills to the ESCO. “But each contract will be negotiated individually,” emphasized Mozas. By the end of a contract period, the customer will benefit from lower energy prices for many years and will be more willing to trust that the “cave” installation can run longer.

District Heating And Cooling In Montpellier: An Efficient Approach To Energy Management

This article was written by Vanessa Kriele, a German freelance writer specializing in renewable energy and the global economy.

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Bärbel Epp is the Founder and Director of the German communications and market research agency solrico and the managing director of

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District Heating And Cooling In Montpellier: An Efficient Approach To Energy Management

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The paper discusses the results of the meeting organized by the InDeal project. The conference was held on 12 December 2018 in Montpellier as part of the EnerGaia energy forum 2018. A special joint forum for heating and cooling (DHC) networks is presented to bring together different new technologies from different scientific fields different. The solution is based on the multi-layer control and modeling framework that was designed

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