Do You Need A License To Sell Real Estate – Have you thought about starting a new career, earning more money and having time, freedom and flexibility in your work? Wondering if getting a real estate license is worth it?

Real estate agents are small business owners who make their own hours, market their own business, generate their own leads, and have the freedom to grow. This is a lot of responsibility, but for many people, this is the ideal job. While these are just a few things that make this an attractive career, here is our list of 8 reasons to become a real estate agent in 2022.

Do You Need A License To Sell Real Estate

Do You Need A License To Sell Real Estate

The answer is yes. To work as a real estate agent, broker, or REALTOR®, you must first obtain a real estate license in the state in which you wish to work. A license allows you to represent both buyers and sellers in the real estate transaction process. or real estate.

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Now, here are some of the reasons why getting a license and becoming a real estate agent in 2022 is a good choice.

College is not for everyone. According to, about 23 percent of college students drop out in their fourth year. There are many reasons why some may not find college a good fit, including:

While college is expensive, time-consuming, and socially unattractive to some, real estate education is cost-effective, short, and can be completed on your schedule from the comfort of your home, office, or nearby coffee shop.

As an industry professional, you can work when you want and for as long as you want. All of your success is entirely up to you and you dictate what you want to do with your time.

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Maybe you want to go on vacation for a week or take a day or two off; or maybe you want to work 10 hours a day to get ahead and expand in your market. It’s entirely up to you!

Many people struggle to thrive in an office setting, working the typical 9:00am-5:00pm schedule. As a licensed real estate agent or broker, you can meet new people, see beautiful homes, and negotiate new deals.

If you’re not negotiating new deals, you might be working on marketing or prospecting for new clients. Often this can be done from home or in a suitable environment to help you focus and get things done. Having the options to work remotely can also help you free up more time to spend with your friends and family.

Do You Need A License To Sell Real Estate

One of the best perks of working in real estate is the freedom to build your business around your most profitable asset, YOU! We are all happier, more creative and more effective when we are free to dress in our preferred style. In real estate, you can carve your own niche and build a brand that is authentic to you. Let’s be clear, in a competitive market, looks matter, and it’s important to know what kind of dress is right for the clientele you want to attract. But you can bring your own style.

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One of the most significant benefits of obtaining a real estate license is that you have the opportunity to meet people you would never normally meet. A career in real estate is the perfect opportunity to be social, make new connections and meet people from all walks of life.

In real estate, networking is a crucial part of being successful and making more money. Networking can be considered the art and science of meeting people and building relationships. Industry professionals will often refer to this as building your sphere of influence. As your sphere of influence grows, you’ll find that you’ll meet more people and get more leads.

In real estate, you directly control your annual income. Unlike a salaried position, you have full control over the money you earn. You can really do as little or as much as you want depending on how much work you put in and how dedicated you are to being successful. This makes real estate one of the best career paths for entrepreneurs and individuals with drive, focus and a strong work ethic.

An exciting perk of working in real estate is getting to see amazing homes. If you build your business in the luxury market, you will be among those who have access to homes with breathtaking views, superb architecture and exclusive locations.

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One of the most exciting aspects is the opportunity to continue learning and progressing as you progress in your career.

The real estate sector is constantly evolving. As a REALTOR®, you will have the ability to evolve with the industry, adopt new technologies, and learn new skills to succeed and stand out from your competition.

Get early access to sales, helpful real estate tips, industry news and course updates from – right to your inbox. If you’re interested in learning how to become a real estate agent in Michigan, you’ve come to the right place. Before you start selling homes, you have to get a seller’s license. Unlike other professions, you don’t need a college degree or years of on-the-job training. All you have to do is meet the requirements and complete a few steps.

Do You Need A License To Sell Real Estate

Very quickly, let’s clear up a common misconception! You’ll often hear “real estate agent” and “real estate agent” used interchangeably, but they don’t mean the same thing.

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A real estate agent is someone licensed by the state to practice selling real estate. A Realtor is a licensed real estate agent who is also a member of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).

The steps to becoming a real estate agent start with becoming a licensed real estate agent, so let’s get into it. Here are the five steps to becoming a real estate agent in Michigan.

The first requirement you have to meet is the age limit. Only people 18 years of age or older can obtain a Michigan real estate license.

In addition, Michigan requires applicants to be of good moral character. The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (also known as LARA) determines whether a person is of good moral character by checking their record for felony convictions. LARA will run a criminal background check on you when you apply for your vendor license, but we’ll talk more about the application process in a moment.

Real Estate License Requirements By State Chart

A felony is not necessarily a deal-breaker, as LARA reviews felony convictions on a case-by-case basis. However, MCL 339.2505 states that “LARA shall not issue a real estate broker’s license to a new applicant who has been convicted of embezzlement or misappropriation of funds.” Agents have to be trusted to handle their clients’ funds, so those two specific crimes are the ones that break businesses.

Anyone applying for a real estate license in Michigan must first complete pre-licensing courses. This includes people who already have a real estate license in another state.

LARA requires all applicants to complete a 40-hour Michigan Real Estate Pre-licensing course from an approved educator. Four hours of work must cover civil rights and equal housing opportunity law. The remaining 36 hours include topics that are on the licensing exam, such as financing, state regulations, and ownership. Courses can be taken in person or online.

Do You Need A License To Sell Real Estate

Michigan real estate agents are independent contractors, but they are not entirely self-employed. Agents (those with a salesperson’s license) must work under the supervision of a broker. Any broker licensed in Michigan can serve as a sponsor, but it’s critical to find a brokerage that fits your career goals.

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You can also wait to find a sponsoring broker after passing the licensing exam, but you will not be issued an active license immediately after taking the test. Instead, you’ll pass, find a sponsoring broker, and once LARA verifies your information, you’ll be issued an active license.

However, you don’t have time for fun! Your exam results are only valid for one year, so you will need to find a broker sponsor during that period.

Now that you’ve met the education requirements and found a sponsoring broker, it’s time to submit your real estate license application. You can submit an application online using the MiPLUS system. You will also need to pay the $88 application fee when you submit. Remember that LARA will do a background check at this time, so be honest with the application about any previous legal issues.

You will be able to include your sponsoring broker’s information if you have one, but they must still verify the employment relationship after submitting the application. After LARA processes the application, your information will be sent to PSI, the licensing exam administrator.

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Before you can get a real estate license, you must pass the state licensing exam. Once PSI receives your information, you can register to take the exam at

On the day of the exam, a photo will be taken before the test begins. It is a pass/fail exam that covers national and Michigan-specific real estate issues. You can retake the test if you don’t pass it on the first try. (But I bet he ACE!)

Remember, if you pass but

Do You Need A License To Sell Real Estate

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