Do You Need A Permit To Build A Sunroom – If you’re looking to build a deck in Edmonton, there are a few things to consider. Types of decking materials, deck design and construction, hiring deck builders in Edmonton and of course, whether or not you need a building permit. In this article, we hope to answer any questions you may have about needing and obtaining a deck permit in Edmonton.

It depends. If the deck you’re planning to build is less than 24 inches off the ground at each level, has no roof or walls, and is located entirely in your back or side yard and you don’t have a corner lot, you don’t need a permit.

Do You Need A Permit To Build A Sunroom

Do You Need A Permit To Build A Sunroom

A corner lot is defined by a lot located at the intersection of two public roadways (not lanes or sidewalks) or adjacent to a public road that changes direction at any point along the length of the lot. In this case, a deck may conflict with zoning bylaws.

Home Improvements That Require Permits

If your deck has a roof or walls, you will need to apply for a permit to build it. Depending on the complexity of the project, you may need to engage a structural engineer. Railings are installed for safety reasons and walls are not considered in this case.

If you are unsure whether or not you need a permit, call the City of Edmonton at 311.

Because every deck is different, every application for a building permit is unique. The City of Edmonton provides some information about standard application fees to give you an idea.

Applying for a building permit is a somewhat involved process. You must submit a site plan for all applications, and the City of Edmonton offers some good guidelines on how to submit a proper site plan, so you get your permit faster.

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First, you need to understand your local restrictions. Deck builders in Edmonton, such as Alberta Vinyl Decking and Railing, have a good understanding of local building code requirements. Understanding local restrictions is a major benefit of hiring a professional for your deck renovation. This includes finding the zone and overlay that best applies to your property. Keep in mind that you must meet special requirements for a corner location. There are different specifications for decks built in the back as opposed to the front yard.

A site plan should be drawn on a real property report, plot plan or at least on graph paper. It should include the North Arrow, property address, corresponding streets and avenues, and dimensions of property lines. It also requires the location, measurements and setbacks of proposed and existing buildings and structures and any applicable covenants, covenants and easements. Check out this sample site plan.

You must submit a deck design form for your application and that form is available as a download on the City of Edmonton website. The design form contains specific information about the dimensions of your deck, joists, beams, railings, etc. This is a very simple form to fill.

Do You Need A Permit To Build A Sunroom

The official deck design plan required by the city does not include waterproofing or additional design features. For that, get in touch with Alberta Vinyl Decking and Railing. A durable vinyl decking product reduces the cost and effort required to properly maintain a wood deck. Not only does this make your deck waterproof, but it also adds beauty to the overall deck design. Vinyl decking is available in a wide range of colors and styles to suit your taste and compliment the rest of your home’s exterior design.

Common Homeowner Deck Permit Questions & Answers

Railings are also an essential part of designing your deck. Railings not only add a design feature, but are also required to ensure the safety of your family and guests. Aluminum railings are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners for their decks. They are durable, sturdy and come in various designs. That means you can customize how your deck looks while increasing security and privacy.

Finally, you can submit your site plan, deck design, and other specific documents required for the process. During this time, you will also pay the building permit fee. You can submit your application online or in person.

DIY renovations and home construction projects are more common. There are benefits to DIY, but unfortunately, some homeowners are moving forward with their projects without doing thorough research. We are sure that many backyard decks in the neighborhood are built without proper permits.

The main reason permits are required is to ensure that safety regulations and guidelines are followed. This is to keep you safe. If the damage or injury is caused by defective work or because the work did not follow what is known to ensure that the construction is reliable, there is a good chance that the insurance policy will not cover it. Also, no one wants to see someone get injured or see significant damage to their home and property.

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If you build a deck that requires a license, without one, there may be some negative consequences. For example, if you put your home up for sale, the home inspector may ask to see a permit for the deck. If they don’t, the buyer’s lender may need to run an appraisal on the home. They want to see permits for any building projects. If you can’t produce one, you may have trouble selling the house.

Obtaining a retro-active building permit can be a hassle and expensive. Sometimes a city inspector will request that the deck be torn down and rebuilt. If it isn’t, there will be a fee to process the new license and you may need to make changes to your deck so it meets the code and your application is approved.

A vinyl decking upgrade can improve your outdoor space. Vinyl decks are strong, stable and will extend the life of your wooden deck, balcony, pool deck or dock. If you have questions about deck renovation, contact Alberta Vinyl Deck & Railing. Call us at 780-708-3456. Building Permits: Do I Need One? Even though I’m building a new deck, do we really need to get a permit and isn’t getting one a hassle that will cost more money and add more time to the project?

Do You Need A Permit To Build A Sunroom

If you own or own real estate, you may have asked these questions. Mostly, the answer is: yes, you need a building permit and no, it shouldn’t be a problem if you give yourself enough time and ask the right questions.

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Getting caught without a permit can lead to high costs and significant delays to any home improvement project. This can carry fines and deliver delays longer than a few days allotted for on-site inspection. The fees and time required to obtain a permit is a small price to pay compared to the consequences of not obtaining one.

The building permit process is not meant to give you a headache as a property owner. Building permits are a way for local governments to enforce their building codes, ensuring that all buildings meet minimum safety and structural standards—all of which

. These codes are updated every few years, as new building methods and materials are introduced and applied. Municipalities invest a lot of money and time in continuing education for their inspectors. This is a service that you as a homeowner should take advantage of, as it is in place to protect the homeowner from harm.

As a homeowner today, you may think you should be allowed to do whatever project you want on your property, no permits required, but what happens when it’s time to sell your home? The next person should have some peace of mind that the finished work was done according to local building codes. And what about the bank or mortgage provider that owns the home? If you have a mortgage, you’ve already signed somewhere in your mortgage documents to get building permits for any work you need. Obtaining building permits is more than just your responsibility as a homeowner, but your responsibility as a law-abiding citizen.

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For some homeowners, especially first-time homeowners, building permits can be overwhelming and confusing. Many homeowners know that permits are required for large projects like additions, but are unsure about smaller projects like roof and siding replacements.

Some projects clearly require permits: additions, removal of structural walls and full kitchen renovations are examples, while other areas fall into a gray area. For example, a deck does not require a permit if it is less than 30 inches off the ground, is not attached to a house, and is less than 200 square feet. Requirements may be gray, but they are constantly changing.

When considering a plan, note that each municipality has its own guidelines and processes to follow. Even if you’re moving to a neighboring town, the process may be different from what you’ve experienced in the past so it’s always best to check government websites or call your local building department to make sure any type of permit is required. The work you plan

Do You Need A Permit To Build A Sunroom

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