Effect Of Climate Change On Biodiversity Ppt – Concept 5-2 Differences in average annual precipitation and temperature lead to the formation of hot, temperate, and cold deserts, grasslands, and forests, and largely determine their locations.

Major biomes associated with climate Biomes comprise a mosaic of habitats.

Effect Of Climate Change On Biodiversity Ppt

Effect Of Climate Change On Biodiversity Ppt

Elevation Iceberg and snow Tundra (herbs, lichens, mosses) Coniferous forest Range Deciduous forest Rainforest Tropical forest Figure 5.9: Typical effects of altitude (left) and latitude (right) on climate and biome. Parallel changes in vegetation occur as we move from the equator to the poles or from lowlands to mountain peaks. Tropical Forest Deciduous Forest Coniferous Forest Tundra (herbs, lichens, mosses) Polar ice and snow Figure 5-9, p. 81

Time To Integrate Global Climate Change And Biodiversity Science‐policy Agendas

Figure 5.10: Natural capital: average rainfall and average temperature, acting together as long-term limiting factors, help determine the type of desert, grassland, or forest biome. a certain place. Although each real situation is more complex, this diagram is simplified to explain how the climate helps to find the types and amounts of natural grass found in an area left undisturbed by human activities. (Used by permission of Macmillan Publishing Company, from Derek Elsom, The Earth, New York: Macmillan, Copyright © 1992 by Marshall Editions Developments Limited) Desert Savanna Rainforest Tropical Forest Scrubland Fig. 5-10, p. 82

13 Figure 5.11: Climate graphs showing typical variations in annual temperature (red) and precipitation (blue) in hot, temperate and cold deserts. Top photo: the famous (but destructive) SUV rodeo in the United Arab Emirates (tropical desert). Center photo: saguaro cactus in the U.S. state Arizona (temperate desert). Image below: Bactrian camel in the Gobi (cold) desert of Mongolia. Question: Which month of the year has the highest temperature and the lowest rainfall in each of the three types of deserts? Figure 5-11, p. 83

19 Figure 5.12: Climate graphs showing average annual temperature (red) and precipitation (blue) in tropical, temperate, and cold grasslands (arctic tundra). Top photo: hippos grazing in the savanna in Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya, Africa (hot grassland). Center photo: wildflowers bloom on the prairie near East Glacier Park in the U.S. state of of Montana (temperate grassland). Photo below: arctic tundra with caribou in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Question: Which month of the year has the highest temperature and the lowest rainfall for each of the three types of grasslands? Figure 5-12, p. 85

25 Figure 5.14: Climate graphs showing typical variation in annual temperature (red) and precipitation (blue) in tropical, temperate, cold (northern coniferous and boreal) forests. Top photo: closed canopy of the rainforests of the western Congo Basin of Gabon, Africa. Middle photo: a cool deciduous forest in the US state of Rhode Island during autumn. (Photo 4 on p. vii shows this same area of ​​the forest in winter.) Photo below: upper coniferous forest in the Malheur National Forest and Strawberry Mountain Wilderness in the U.S. state. Question: Which months of the year have the highest temperature and the lowest rainfall for each type of forest? Figure 5-14, p. 87

How To Reduce Human Caused Environmental Changes

Figure 5.15: Some components and connections in a rainforest ecosystem. When these organisms die, decomposers break down the organic matter into minerals that plants use. Colored arrows indicate the distribution of resources and power between producers; primary consumers (herbivores); secondary, or higher level, consumers (carnivores); and predictors. Organisms are not drawn to scale. See an animation based on this image at ThomsonNOW. Ants Bacteria Bromeliad Fungi Producer to primary consumer to secondary consumer Secondary to tertiary consumer All producers and consumers to decomposers Figure 5-15, p. 88

Emergent layer Bald eagle Toco toucan Canopy Understory Wooly opossum Figure 5.16: Schematic of unique flora and fauna in a rainforest. Filling such special niches enables species to avoid or reduce competition for resources and results in the coexistence of many species. Brazilian tapir Layer Shrub Black-crowned antpitta Earth Layer Fig. 5-16, p. 89

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Effect Of Climate Change On Biodiversity Ppt

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Effect Of Climate Change On Biodiversity Ppt

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C E THE POWERPOINT TEMPLATE ADD YOUR NAME Jisha sabu Msc biodiversity conservation Department of Botany University of Kerala Major threats to biodiversity Pollution Poaching of wildlife Global climate change Diseases over exploitation Habitat loss Habitat destruction Habitat fragmentation Biodiversity Introduction Climate Change. Threats to biodiversity Habitat destruction Disease Population growth Pollution • Pollution in simple terms is an unwanted change in the environment. These unwanted changes affect the natural habitat of the species or directly the species. • Environmental pollution is mainly of three types; namely air pollution, water pollution and land pollution. Effects of air pollution on various types of plants Air pollution usually has a major impact on plant physiology through reduced photosynthesis, chlorosis, necrosis, changes in the ratio of root growth, cracking, increased leaf growth, reduced stomata activity. Effects of water pollution on biodiversity 1) Eutrophication • Excessive growth of algae due to nutrient enrichment is called eutrophication. 2) Biomagnification • Increasing concentration of toxins from one link in the food chain to another. • It begins after bioaccumulation, which is the process by which toxic substances accumulate in the body of living organisms. 3) Oil Spills and Biodiversity • An oil spill is the release of liquid fuel…

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Global Warming, Green House Effect And Environmental Conventions

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