Energy-efficient Data Centers In Montpellier: Strategies For Reducing Operating Costs – — EPYC processors and Instinct accelerators powered 101 supercomputers in the latest Top500 list, a 38% year-over-year increase —

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At the Supercomputing Conference 2022 (SC22), (NASDAQ: ) showcased its continued momentum and dominant presence in the high-performance computing (HPC) industry. EPYC™ processors and Instinct™ accelerators continue to be the processors of choice for the most demanding HPC workloads powering the most complex simulations and modeling tools.

Energy-efficient Data Centers In Montpellier: Strategies For Reducing Operating Costs

Energy-efficient Data Centers In Montpellier: Strategies For Reducing Operating Costs

“Innovation in high-performance computing has a dramatic impact on society, driving breakthrough research that has the potential to greatly improve the quality of life for people everywhere,” said Forrest Norrod, senior vice president and general manager, Data Center Solutions Group. “constantly innovates and evolves our EPYC processors and Instinct accelerators to ensure that scientists and researchers working to solve the world’s toughest challenges have the most cutting-edge tools for their research.”

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As seen in the latest Top500 list, it drives innovation in both performance and efficiency. The latest list includes 101 supercomputers powered by , up from 73 on the November 2021 list, a 38% year-over-year increase. The Frontier Supercomputer, powered by processors and accelerators at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), remains at the top of the Top500 list with 1.1 exaflops. Frontier is more than twice as powerful as the next system on the list, and more powerful than the next four systems combined. Finally, Frontier’s mixed-precision computing performance clocked in at 7.94 exaflops, as measured by the HPL-MxP mixed-precision benchmark. The Setonix system, powered by Pawsey Supercomputing Center’s EPYC processors and Instinct accelerators, made the Top500 list in slot number 15 with 27.2 petaflops.

In addition, it powers 75% of the top 20 systems on the Green500 list, including number two with the Frontier Test and Development System (TDS) and number six with the full system. The Adastra supercomputer, procured by GENCI, delivered 58.02 gigaflops/watt and ranked third on the list. Adastra was the first 4-powered supercomputer system

“In early 2023, GENCI, the French HPC/AI agency, will deploy an additional scalar partition on its HPE Cray EX400 supercomputer called Adastra, hosted and operated at CINES (Montpellier),” said Philippe Lavocat, CEO, GENCI. “This new partition, which provides 536 compute nodes, each with two 96-core 4

Gen EPYC processors and 768GB of DDR5 memory will benefit from the latest innovations in core density/performance and energy efficiency. This new partition will serve the needs of the French scientific and industrial user communities in climate, biology and medicine, new energies and materials.”

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Continues to build on its history of being first in the industry and delivering products with innovative performance. Additionally, the company’s latest collaborations have significantly advanced the HPC industry and demonstrated the growing preference for processors and accelerators.

Accelerators are supported by the ROCm open ecosystem, which eases the process of scientific discovery by enabling integration with environments from multiple vendors and architectures. This year, it announced the expansion of the Instinct and ROCm ecosystem, providing exascale-class technology to a broad base of HPC and AI customers.

In addition, he officially joined the PyTorch Foundation, originally created by Meta AI, as a founding member. The foundation, which will be part of the non-profit Linux Foundation, will drive the adoption of AI tools by promoting and supporting an ecosystem of open-source projects. Finally, Meta AI has also developed the open-source AITemplate (AIT), a unified inference system that can be accelerated by Instinct accelerators. AIT provides near-native hardware core performance on a variety of widely used AI models.

Energy-efficient Data Centers In Montpellier: Strategies For Reducing Operating Costs

Visit booth #2417 at SC22 to learn more about HPC solutions and talk to experts.

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For more than 50 years, it has led innovation in high-performance computing, graphics and visualization technologies. Billions of people, Fortune 500 companies, and cutting-edge scientific research institutions around the world rely on technology every day to improve the way they live, work, and play. employees are focused on building high-performance and adaptive driving products that push the boundaries of what is possible. For more information on what it’s like to enable today and inspire tomorrow, visit the (NASDAQ: ) website, blog, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

SP5-009C: SPECrate®2017_fp_base based on scores published on as of 10/11/2022. Configurations: 2P EPYC 9654 (1480 SPECRATE®2017_FP_BASE, 192 CORES Total, ®2017_fp_base, 160 Cores Total, /cpu2017-20221010-32542.html). SPEC®, SPEC CPU® and SPECrate® are registered trademarks of Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. See for more information. Published on: June 7, 2023 | By: Annabelle Harreguy, Director Global Health, Safety & Environment, | Michele Ghinizzini, Head of Global Engineering,

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. As a healthcare company, we understand the urgency and share the desire to take action.

More than ever, the transition to renewable energies and the consumption of energy in a sustainable way are a priority and that is what we do at .

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We’re committed to building the path to carbon neutrality by 2030 and net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. And we’re stepping up to lead by example through concrete action.

Combining energy efficiency and decarbonisation of our energy sources, we take a three-pronged approach: consume less, consume smarter and consume sustainably.

Our approach to energy efficiency extends to all our activities, buildings, processes and utilities. In 2022, to structure our journey, we designed a robust structure to achieve energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient Data Centers In Montpellier: Strategies For Reducing Operating Costs

As a member of the RE100 initiative, we have also committed to sourcing 100% renewable electricity in all our operations by 2030. And we are making strides: renewable electricity already powers all our operations in France and 62% of global electricity demand.

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Beyond the transition to renewable electricity, we create it too. Over the past 10 years, our Saint-Loubès, Ambarès, Aramon and Sisteron sites in France have produced solar energy that is fed back into the French electricity grid thanks to photovoltaic shading in car parks.

Because we want to do more, we increase scale, reach and capabilities. In Australia, France, Italy and India, we are installing larger solar plants over larger areas to produce our own renewable energy to meet some of our consumption needs. Thanks to these large solar panel systems, we generate 19.6 GWh/year, saving 5,372 tons of CO

What’s next? New installations are planned for Ambarès, Amilly, Aramon, Neuville, Sisteron, Tours in France, Anagni, Scoppito, Origgio in Italy, Shenzhen and Beijing in China, Waterford in Ireland.

To strengthen our commitment, we have also joined the Renewable Thermal Collaborative. Natural gas remains the predominant heating source for industries. By joining the Renewable Thermal Collaborative, we are joining forces with other leading companies to accelerate the decarbonization of our direct emissions by electrifying our operations through solutions such as heat pumps and other low-carbon alternatives such as biomethane.

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At our sites in Val de Reuil, Marcy l’Etoile, Aramon and Vitry-sur-Seine in France, we supplied 75 GWh/year of biomethane, resulting in a total saving of 13,650 tonnes of CO2e.

We have accelerated progress on our commitments to carbon neutrality by 2030 and net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045 across our operations and value chain.

The energy and creativity of our employees generate new ways to make our sites and activities environmentally sustainable. IT operators are often challenged to know exactly how much energy IT applications are using or which are generating more carbon emissions in order to target the worst offenders and make the appropriate updates.

Energy-efficient Data Centers In Montpellier: Strategies For Reducing Operating Costs

Turbonomic is excited to launch the next phase of our commitment to providing automation tools designed to help customers understand the energy use and carbon footprint of their data centers and help them become more efficient. Turbonomic now tracks the energy consumption and carbon footprint of on-prem hosts and virtual machines (VMs) to help you implement your sustainability goals.

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With its latest version (version 8.9.2), Turbonomic offers new energy and carbon reporting to help IT teams identify and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions associated with data centers by optimizing IT resources, ensuring at the same time that the applications work optimally.

With this release (along with the recent release of Turbonomic’s integration with Envizi ESG Suite), IT teams now have simplified tools to help optimize data center energy use and show potential carbon reduction results when action is taken.

The core functionality of version 8.9.2, along with visibility into energy use and carbon emissions data, is helpful for setting and achieving sustainability goals. To view this data, Turbonomic offers the following features.

Turbonomic monitors the energy consumption and carbon footprint of your IT infrastructure and then displays the relevant data in charts. These capabilities are currently supported for hosts and VMs discovered through vCenter, UCS Manager, and HPE OneView targets. When you set the scope to any of these hosts and virtual machines and then click the Details tab, you can view the sustainability data in the Energy and Carbon Footprint charts.

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Turbonomic collects energy-related data

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