Energy-efficient Lighting: Choosing The Right Bulbs For Your Montpellier Home – When you sign up for Southern California Edison’s Summer Discount Plan, you can earn bill credits by voluntarily allowing SCE to install a unit on your air conditioner to shut …

Shortly after Alexander Cho of Buena Park bought his first home in 2016, he and his wife began looking for ways to reduce the higher bills…

Energy-efficient Lighting: Choosing The Right Bulbs For Your Montpellier Home

Energy-efficient Lighting: Choosing The Right Bulbs For Your Montpellier Home

Many Southern California Edison customers rely on window-mounted and portable air conditioners to stay cool. Here are some tips to prevent these devices from using more…

Guide To Energy Efficient Lighting

Daniel Gonzalez has been an Edison customer in Southern California for more than 60 years. He worked as a welder for 50 years, 30 years as a contractor at the El Segundo Energy Center, which SCE once owned.

Bulbs come in a wide range of shades to help match the mood of the room. You can choose between yellowish, warm, natural daylight white to bluish white light. Choosing the right light bulb is important as it can help maximize your space utilization.

Bluer lights are best for reading areas, and ENERGY STAR recommends cool white, neutral or bright white bulbs for your kitchen or work space.

Check out this infographic from Energy Star to help you see the benefits of choosing an Energy Star certified light bulb.

Tips To Help You Choose Bulb Brightness And Shade

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Energy-efficient Lighting: Choosing The Right Bulbs For Your Montpellier Home

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Does Led Bulbs Use A Lot Of Electricity

Energy-efficient light bulbs are a low-cost, high-reward upgrade that can lead to savings on both energy and money. Unlike other energy efficiency upgrades, replacing incandescent bulbs with high efficiency ones requires no infrastructure or electrical adjustments (they use the same sockets) and is a breeze to go through. The results include impressive cost savings ($225 in savings annually for the average home) and meaningful reductions in your home’s environmental footprint.

Energy efficiency is the most readily available and untapped fuel source. It is abundantly available, easy to extract and cost effective. While an incandescent bulb has a cheaper price than more efficient options, you will end up paying a lot more in energy consumption plus the cost of continually replacing them. Energy-efficient lighting is also an important strategy to combat climate change: just upgrading the planet’s light sources to 100% LED could save the planet nearly $5 trillion over the lifetime of the equipment and prevent nearly 18 gigatons of CO2 emissions between 2020 and 2050.

The benefits of energy-efficient lighting are enormous. From cost savings and longevity to durability and aesthetics, there’s no competition: Energy-efficient bulbs mean turning off the light for incandescent bulbs.

A new take on the classic bulb, Sylvania LED bulbs come in three power ratings (40-, 60-, and 75-watt equivalents) and eight color temperatures. These Energy Star certified bulbs have an estimated lifespan of 11,000 hours, meaning it will be years before you need to change a bulb again. These are non-dimmable but boast break and impact resistance and no warm-up times.

Types Of Led Lights

Standout Review: “These bulbs will be the only bulbs I buy from now on. So, so happy with the lighting now in my living room! If you’re looking for more of a white bulb but not a bluish tint then you need to try these .” – Scott Hampton via Amazon

Why buy: With all the features of a traditional bulb and more, why wouldn’t you switch? These robust feature packed bulbs are no frills that will give you years of service. At an attractive price point that will save you over the life of the product, there is no better all-around performer to replace your incandescent bulbs.

Like a regular LED bulb, but a whole lot smarter, these Bluetooth-equipped bulbs allow you to change hue and brightness functions with the push of a button on your mobile device. With the Philips Hue app, you can control up to 10 lights in one room and up to 50 throughout your home with the Hue Hub. Each smart bulb can be turned on and customized by voice with Alexa or Google Assistant and is compatible with all Echo smart speakers and displays as well as Google Nest.

Energy-efficient Lighting: Choosing The Right Bulbs For Your Montpellier Home

The bulbs are available in 60 watt and 75 watt equivalent outputs. They have an estimated lifespan of 22 years or 25,000 hours and are Energy Star certified.

Led Vs Cfl Bulbs: Which Is Most Energy Efficient?

Standout Review: “I’m very picky about light, as is my husband. During the day, I like a brighter light with a cooler temperature. In the evening, I prefer dimmer, warm lighting. These bulbs solved all my problems.” — BranJo via Amazon

Why buy: Enjoy the economic and environmental benefits of LED lighting with the amazing customization of smart home living. With a touch of a screen, you can customize the lighting of your entire house or just control a single room. These bulbs are a little on the expensive side, but their smart features and the savings you’ll enjoy over their long life make them worth every penny.

Creating a good atmosphere is difficult with most LEDs. They get a bad rap for being woefully undimmable, as the majority of LEDs on the market burn at a constant wattage. And for those advertised as “dimmable,” many people report choppy adjustments and annoying flickering. GE Relax Dimmable LEDs are a refreshing exception. Smooth dimming and consistent warm light expand your lighting options to suit any occasion, offering greater color contrast and boldness compared to standard LED bulbs.

These are ideal for creating cosy, dimmable lighting perfect for bedrooms, foyers, family rooms and dining rooms. A warm 2700K hue does away with the sterile, harsh lighting typical of many LEDs. These general purpose bulbs work on most dimmers and last 13 years based on three hours of use per day.

A Guide To Choosing Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Standout Review: “These GE Relax bulbs are the only ones that don’t hum or hum when on lower settings. Dimming is very smooth with no flicker. They also have the added benefit of being able to dim very low compared to other bulbs , I’ve tried.” – MAC via Amazon

Why buy: These amazing LED bulbs work like regular bulbs with uniform dimming. They are perfect for any warm lighting need, capable of delivering enough lumens to light up a room and dimming down to candle-like luminance.

Philips indoor CFL bulbs offer 100-watt equivalent lighting from a 23-watt bulb. These CFL bulbs are made with recycled glass and recycled packaging materials for an even greater reduced environmental impact. The daylight color simulates the sunrise, perfect for waking up and starting your day naturally. They are Energy Star certified and last over nine years based on three hours of use per day.

Energy-efficient Lighting: Choosing The Right Bulbs For Your Montpellier Home

Excellent review: “They provide nice, even, bright light. They start at a little less than full brightness, maybe 90%, and gradually reach 100% in about 30 to 45 seconds.” – Scott W via Amazon

How To Pick The Best Light Bulb For Every Room

Why buy: Over twice as bright as most LED bulbs, this CFL option offers more natural lighting that sometimes can’t be achieved by LEDs. If a CFL bulb is a must for you, this bulb’s brightness, recycled content and natural daylight color make it a compelling option. Just make sure to dispose of it properly, as CFL content can be harmful to human health and the environment.

Going high-tech with LEDs doesn’t mean sacrificing nostalgic looks. LEDs are perfectly suited to Edison-style bulbs, and Ascher’s offering is the best you can get. These 60-watt equivalent bulbs come in 2300K, 2700K and 4000K options. The LED’s classic filament style is so authentic you’d never know they’re from this century. Glass

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