Everything To Know Before Getting A Puppy – There is a reason why dogs are called man’s best friend. The bond between an owner and their puppy, whether old or young, is priceless. Having the opportunity to be selfless and take care of another creature can prove to be very enriching. However, it is not something that one should enter lightly!

First dog parent? Our children depend on us for everything they need. Don’t you want to make sure you can give them the best life possible? When it comes to raising a puppy, your daily activities, the care and training you choose, your attitude, and of course money, will all be affected by adding a new family friend to the family. So, to help you make this big decision, here are five things we here at The Puppy Academy recommend so you think you’re ready!

Everything To Know Before Getting A Puppy

Everything To Know Before Getting A Puppy

First, look at yourself and ask, “Can I take care of a dog?” Willingness and ability are two different things. But if you can’t answer yes, that’s fine! You can answer yes later!

Things You Should Know Before Getting A Dog

Think about the type of job you have. Are you home most of the time or away at least 8 hours a day? Do you often travel? This is important to answer honestly yourself before you dive into buying or adopting a pup. Puppies can’t stay alone for long, so if you work full time, make sure you have an extra pair of hands ready. And if not, here’s help. Remember, your child will find work and care for you, but if you can’t take the time to provide them with those things, if you don’t have the resources to hire someone to do it for you, you may not be ready. bringing a puppy home.

Also, consider the type of puppy you want to bring home. You can check out our “How to Get the Right Dog for Your Family!” for help in making this decision. Some children have different, more demanding care needs, and high-energy levels that are not suitable for other people and families. Do your research and look into the different styles that best fit your current lifestyle. Also, consider factors such as your age, activity level, social life, etc., when searching. You can even narrow it down to a few races, make a list and see which ones match you! Your perfect baby is there waiting for you!

The main thing to note is the inevitable disruption to your daily life adding this new member to your family will cause! Be prepared and make sure everyone in your family is on board as well. With great dog energy, comes great work and sometimes loss of sleep! This means that your daily routine will have to change to accommodate your toddler.

Having a puppy is a full time job! Make sure you can adjust your schedule accordingly or enlist people to help you.

Things You Should Know Before Getting A Puppy

Bad habits are hard to break, and dogs, like people, can build them. The sooner you start teaching your child the better. If you are thinking about training your puppy yourself, you may want to consider enlisting the help of a professional puppy trainer to first show you how to train a puppy and then start instilling those good habits yourself! It is the best way to set yourself up for success.

Think about what your goals are for your dog. Is it really just listening? Do you want to end up going to advanced techniques? Some teachers work one-on-one while others work in settings that can provide additional services such as day care that provide added social value for young children.

The best way to find a qualified dog trainer that will help you achieve your goals is to do your research but ask for recommendations from family, friends, your vet, and other pet businesses in your area. Go to our “How to Pick a Puppy Trainer!” blog for more information on what to look for when picking a puppy trainer!

Everything To Know Before Getting A Puppy

It’s easier to instill good habits in your puppy than trying to break bad ones, so start showing them the right way on the first day you have them, and stay calm! ¥

Important Things You Must Know Before Getting A Dog Or Cat

Animals like and thrive on nature. But what does that really involve and can you give them that? We show you how to Create a Daily Routine for Your Puppy! The main things to remember to include in your dog’s daily life are potty breaks, eating, playing, sleeping, and of course dog training.

Young children, especially those who have not yet learned the potty, should be in the potty and feeding program and always be shown how to remove it in the right place, so that they can help train them quickly. Not following the plan will lead to more headaches for you and potentially dealing with household accidents for longer than necessary.

But puppies aren’t just eating and making toys! They need to be encouraged and they want to work and learn. Incorporating play sessions that also include early obedience training is a great way to exercise them, start a loving bond between the two of you, and help them grow into strong and well-mannered adult dogs.

Ah, the joy of a dog! There will be nips, scratches, and broken furniture during the early stages of the dog’s life. And that’s normal! Don’t worry that you are not doing anything wrong and your child is not plotting against you. Manage your expectations and be patient, not only with your child but with yourself as well. You are not alone in those scary moments. We here at The Puppy Academy have your back!

Things To Know Before Getting Your First Puppy

The best way to deal with growing pains is to prepare for them before they start! In our “Bringing Home Your New Dog!” blog, we offer guidelines for puppy-proofing your home. Doing this before you bring your baby home will save you stress and a lot of money!

Learn how our trainers can potty train your dog quickly and easily! The “Potty Training Your Puppy: Tips for New Owners!” It has steps to help you overcome one of the biggest dog problems!

Protect or remove any items you don’t want destroyed! Puppies get into everything, so be proactive by checking your home and restricting their access to things and places you don’t want them to get their paws on!

Everything To Know Before Getting A Puppy

Puppies can be expensive especially in the first year. Supplies, vaccinations, spay or neuter, check-ups, diet changes… the list goes on. Not sure what your budget will be? Check out “What to Buy for Your New Puppy!” blog for help.

Things To Consider When Buying A New Puppy

Ultimately, spending money on your child is inevitable but you can prepare for it. Think of it like you would any other life-changing event you need to budget for. There will be one-time fees, ongoing or annual fees, and sometimes even emergency fees!

The first year will bring many one-time expenses such as adoption fees, first vet visit, vaccinations, check-ups, spay or neuter, license, microchipping, dog training, pet insurance, and supplies to name a few. If you can plan and budget for this, you are well on your way to being a responsible dog owner!

Next is your ongoing or annual fee. Food, toys, vaccinations, check-ups, and pet care can all be considered items and services that you will need to budget for throughout your child’s life.

And as much as we hate to think about emergencies, puppies are tricky and want to get into things they shouldn’t! So setting aside an emergency fund is definitely something a new dog parent should do for the well-being of their best friend. Emergency vet visits and procedures can cost thousands of dollars. By having an emergency fund or even purchasing pet insurance you can get immediate help for your child and reduce the financial burden on yourself!

What You Need To Know Before Buying Or Adopting A Pet

Puppies give us endless comfort and love. Don’t you want to do the same for them? If you can answer positively yes and do not feel stressed about the things we have covered in this blog, you are well prepared to start the journey of dog parents. If not, that’s fine too! By doing research and being honest with yourself, you are being a responsible person and putting the child’s health first! And finally, you’re ready to bring home your very own dog! You are here: Home / Dog Articles / 15 Things No One Tells You Before You Get a Dog

If you’ve been around dogs your whole life you already know how amazing they are. But if you are new to the world of dog ownership there are a few things that will surprise you. Here are some of the strangest things no one tells you before you get a dog.

After your dog throws up be sure to clean it up immediately. If not you get to witness the joy of watching your dog eat theirs

Everything To Know Before Getting A Puppy

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