Everything You Need To Know About Japan – Japan is a fascinating and unique country, so there is a lot to wonder about when planning a trip. These Japan travel tips will give you extra peace of mind during your travels. Here’s what you need to know before your trip to Japan!

Learn how to behave on certain occasions and respect the local Japanese culture. What to order in restaurants. How to get around efficiently. And many more practical things for the modern traveler to Japan. These are 34 travel tips in Japan that will help you get the most out of your stay!

Everything You Need To Know About Japan

Everything You Need To Know About Japan

Japan is still very far from being a cashless society, so the first thing to worry about is money.

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Currency exchange does not yield the best rates, especially at those airport kiosks. Withdrawing money from ATMs directly is a better option, but not every bank. Currently, the one with the best rates/fees is 7-Bank (7-Eleven’s bank).

If you are arriving at Narita Airport in Tokyo, you can find a 7-Bank ATM inside the 7-Eleven store on the departure floor (4F), near the restaurant area.

Pro tip: Technically, an IC card can be used as a debit card in many stores, vending machines and restaurants throughout Japan. Also make sure you have a Revolut card, saves money on payments and withdrawals.

It’s easy for anyone to get overwhelmed by subway and train systems in Japan. There are less complex cobwebs: we’re talking about 150 lines and 2,000 subway and subway stations in Tokyo alone! The good news is once you figure out how to get around, it’s incredibly effective.

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For trips within the cities, the rate is calculated according to the length of your trip. I recommend getting an IC card to avoid these calculations every time you get on the subway. Instead, the fare is automatically discounted once you tap the card on the reader as you exit each station.

If you’re traveling long distances with the country’s amazing train network, JR Pass can save you time and money. Make sure you also download Hyperdia for your phone. This app isn’t exactly a UI delight, but it does have detailed train schedules and even a handy “JR Pass” filter to find the best trains that fit your route.

. Every travel blogger out there will tell you to buy a JR Pass through their affiliate link no matter what. The reality is:

Everything You Need To Know About Japan

If you plan to travel around the country like me, a JR ticket for two or three weeks can save you time and money. It’s super convenient and will give you unlimited access to Shinkansen and JR branded trains, buses and ferries (several types).

Japan Solo Travel Guide

However, if you are only staying in one region of Japan or plan to visit only a few places, a region-specific ticket or even individual tickets can be more than enough. This tool can help you understand in which cases it pays off.

The Japan Rail Pass is a card available only to travelers that allows you to move around Japan hassle-free on trains, buses and even ferries. Choose between a 7, 14 or 21 day ticket.

The tickets are expensive, but if you look at the prices of individual train tickets you will realize that they can easily save you money with just a few journeys.

You can buy your JR Pass at some stations in Japan but it will be more expensive. I recommend buying it online before the trip and getting it delivered to your home address or hotel in Japan. In any case, you will have to activate it at a train station when you arrive in Israel.

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Choosing a smart location to stay in can really save hours getting from point A to point B.

To be honest, anywhere on the circular JR Yamamote Line is a good bet, as you can get to any area of ​​the city pretty quickly.

Shinjuku and Shibuya are popular areas to stay, with plenty to see, eat and do. Ginza and Tokyo station are particularly convenient in terms of transportation but lack the fun factor in my opinion.

Everything You Need To Know About Japan

The area around Nishiki Market is by far the most convenient to reach Kyoto’s main attractions. You will also be within walking distance of hundreds of malls, bars, shops and restaurants.

Things To Know Before Visiting Japan

However, if you want a much more unique experience among well-preserved architecture and centuries-old traditions, Gion – the famous geisha district – is the place. Plus, it’s not every day you get the chance to come across an authentic one

There are 2 main “city centers” in Osaka – Umeda and Namba – which correspond to the main transport hubs.

Umeda is more business, but also with great food options. It is also close to several sites and is more strategic for shopping. Be careful though, I got lost twice in the huge underground malls! Umeda was where I stayed, but to be honest, that’s fine too.

Check out our pre-filtered list of top-rated accommodations in the Namba and Umeda areas of Osaka.

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Awww, poor people! They have to wear masks because of the intense pollution and diseases, what a horrible place to visit!

Turns out it’s just the opposite: Japanese people wear these masks to prevent allergies (ie pollen) or to prevent their germs from infecting others when they’re sick.

I may be biased here because Japanese food was already among my favorites in the world, but I found eating out in Japan to be an absolute wonder.

Everything You Need To Know About Japan

First, the amount of restaurants is in cre-di-ble. The customer service is top notch, the quality of the ingredients and the way they are prepared is something that is very important to them and let’s not even talk about it

Everything You Need To Know Before Traveling To Japan

That’s one of the things I love about Asia: there’s always a convenience store nearby, open 24 hours a day for any random item you need during your stay.

There are three main stores in Japan: Lawson, Family Mart and 7-Eleven. 31% of the latter’s worldwide stores are located here. They are remarkably similar on the inside, selling everything from cookies to face masks, cookies to underwear.

The highlight here is the food though: from small snacks to delicious ready meals and everything in between. sushi,

Guys, this is important. Do not – under any circumstances – give tips in Japan. It is considered rude. No matter how great the food is or how good the customer service is.

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. Especially if you leave the big cities, sushi is really not common and is treated as a more luxurious meal.

The main difference of sushi in Japan is in 1) how fresh the ingredients are 2) the experience you can have. The ratio of fish to rice is quite large, with several different types of tuna to choose from. In addition – and this is what I think makes it special – you can find places where sushi chefs prepare the rolls to order, right in front of you. All at the price of an average meal in Europe or the US.

. When you are outside, make sure you go to a designated smoking area, usually near large buildings, shops or train stations. Smoking outside these areas is disrespectful and one of the biggest offenses you can commit in Japan.

Everything You Need To Know About Japan

Let’s put it this way: there is no shortage of ideas to buy cool souvenirs in Japan. Gadgets – especially DSLRs or anything related to video games – are also great buys. And don’t miss a 100 yen shop!

Everything You Need To Know If You’re Planning A Trip To Japan

. It is therefore counterintuitive that such impeccable cities have so few garbage cans. But it’s true – I found myself carrying garbage with me for hours before I found a place to put it.

This happens because there is little garbage to begin with. When the locals go, they don’t smoke or eat so there is no need for bins. In any case, if you find yourself with the odd piece of paper or plastic, the quickest way to get rid of it is inside a convenience store.

Staying at a ryokan for at least one night is a must experience in Japan. I stayed at the lovely Sumiyoshi Ryokan in Takayama and it was one of my most memorable experiences of the entire trip.

. Although this is (supposedly) changing with increased tourism, foreigners with tattoos are not particularly welcomed by some. You can expect to be denied entry in some places, especially in onsen (hot springs), saunas and pools.

Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Japan

IC cards are prepaid prepaid cards that are used to pay for public transport tickets but also work at convenience stores, vending machines and even arcades (!). Each city has its own card and in Tokyo it is called Suica card. It has a cute little penguin on it.

You can buy an IC card at any major train or subway station in Japan. I got mine from the automatic ticket machines, which support the English language.

Once you have pre-loaded money on your IC card, the card works with a simple click. At train stations, you will need to do this at the ticket gates both at the entrance and at the exit (fares are not fixed and depend on the length of the journey). You can check the remaining balance on your card as you go through the gate.

Everything You Need To Know About Japan

When you leave Japan, you

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