Everything You Need To Know About Kittens – It’s kitten season! From spring to autumn, cats are more likely to give birth, so you may see kittens outdoors. Ask yourself:

If kittens are under 5 weeks old, it is usually in their best interest to leave them with their mother! Kittens separated from their mothers before they are old enough to feed themselves have a much lower survival rate. Mom also helps them stay clean and go to the toilet. Leave them alone; Efforts to interact with or hold the kitten or add things to the kitten’s nest often result in the mother moving her babies, and eventually you may not have another chance to bring them in when they need them. The best thing to do at this point is to leave food and water nearby for the mother.

Everything You Need To Know About Kittens

Everything You Need To Know About Kittens

The mother may be away for several hours to find food, so it may take several hours to observe the kitten to see if the mother returns. It is also useful to know whether the mother is antisocial or friendly. Feral/asocial cats are very timid and do not approach humans and generally do not meow like a domestic cat. In this case, once the kittens are safely taken home, it is best to perform TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) to ensure the mother does not have any more kittens.

Everything You Need To Know About Cat Photography

If the kittens are 5-8 weeks old, the best option is to take them to foster care and adoption. At this age they are still young enough to socialize with humans and will likely make great companion pets! Adopting kittens is time sensitive because the difference between being old enough to be separated from the mother and too old to socialize can be as little as a few weeks. Because time is limited, we encourage people to catch the kittens themselves. Humane live trapping is usually the best way to catch kittens because at this age they can be too fast to catch with your hands and their teeth and claws are too sharp. It’s best to try to catch all the kittens at the same time, as if you miss some they may get scared and run away to find a new place to hide!

Need help catching and retrieving kittens? Do you have any other questions? Contact our TNR team at TNR@ or (734) 661-3523. We are always ready to help animals in need! Did you know that spring ushers in a phenomenon known as kitten season? That’s right, there’s a season just for kittens and it’s upon us! Depending on how you feel about cats, kitten season may seem like the best season of the year. It looks like cuteness in abundance, round kitten bellies, and playtime all day long! Unfortunately, kitten season isn’t like that, especially for kittens and the humans who choose to care for them. (There’s a lot of cuteness, though.) Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about kitten season:

What is kitten season, you ask? As winter ends and the weather begins to warm, many unaltered female cats are in heat. After sixty days, they begin to give birth to kittens. Many shelters are flooded with unwanted kittens from March to October; So if you’re considering fostering or adopting a kitten, look no further than your local animal shelter. Kitten season usually occurs twice a year, or once a year in colder regions. California is unique in that it has kitten season on average twice a year due to warm weather. It is possible for cats to have kittens at other times of the year.

Kitten season usually coincides with the period when cats go into heat. November, December and January are colder months and cats often go into heat when the weather gets nicer.

Cat Pregnancy: Everything You Need To Know

When a cat is in heat, she is ready to meet a mate and give birth to kittens. As explained above, there are only certain times of the year when cats are in heat and weather appropriate.

Litter is the number of kittens a female cat can have during pregnancy. On average, a cat can have between 4 and 8 kittens. The cat population grows faster than the dog population, as a cat can give birth to an average of 4-8 kittens during pregnancy, and a cat can become pregnant several times a year. This is one reason why it is so important to spay or neuter your cat.

A cat can give birth to more than one kitten during one pregnancy. During the average 7-day period when cats are in heat, cats may encounter more than one male cat, be impregnated by more than one male cat, and have more than one cat litter at the same time; This means they can give birth to cats with different fathers. once!

Everything You Need To Know About Kittens

Shelters and cat rescues almost always need donations and foster parents during kitten season. Adopting or fostering a kitten will provide you with hours of fun and entertainment. Of course, a kitten’s favorite toy is another kitten, so you may consider adopting a second cat. Two kittens raised together will be well socialized and interested in exploring new things. See more why two kittens are better than one! Wondering how this will happen? Read this first-hand account of what it’s like to foster a kitten. If this route is not suitable for you, see if organizations in your area need supplies such as garbage, food, blankets and toys. When you find kittens, your first reaction should not be to move them or take them to the shelter! If you even find a kitten or kitten, pause and follow these easy steps.

What To Do If You Find Kittens

What Should You Do When You Find a Kitten? 1. Determine if the kittens are in an area with a known threat (dogs, traffic, etc.).

Do not touch the kittens; look around to determine if they are in an area where there is a known threat, such as traffic.

2. If you know there is a threat, move the kittens to a nearby, safer area so the mother can still find them, but they are safe from the threat. (On the other side of the fence, under a nearby structure, etc.)

Healthy kittens have clean fur and large bellies. Sick kittens will be thin, dirty, and possibly have crusty eyes or a runny nose. If the kittens appear healthy and there are no known threats where they are, leave them there. I know it’s hard because we’re so used to intervention, but think of them as a baby bird’s nest during this time. Even if they are left alone for a moment, their mother will probably come right back.

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4. If they look healthy and you leave them where they are, check on their mother every few hours.

Once you see the mother return, you can be sure that the kittens are here to stay. Cat mothers are unlikely to abandon their babies.

5. If the kitten appears sick or injured or the mother does not return within 24 hours, call the city hotline or animal shelter.

Everything You Need To Know About Kittens

The city or animal shelter will probably ask you if you want to foster and care for the kittens, or help you determine what to do if not.

Everything You Need To Know About Feeding Your Kitten

We know it’s hard, but if the kittens are healthy, just leave them; or grow them if you can.

NACA recognizes that all communities are unique and what is safe and feasible for one community may not be applicable for another. Getting a new kitten is an exciting time for any family. Cats can be truly wonderful pets for the right people, but it’s important to be as prepared as possible.

If you’re considering getting a kitten, make sure you’re fully prepared to take on the responsibility. You’ll need to make sure you can meet your new pet’s welfare needs and consider:

You can find out more about everything you need to consider before deciding to get a kitten on our pet care pages. You can also download our full checklist for getting your furry friend.

Ways To Care For A Stray Kitten

Once you’ve decided to get a kitten and found a good place to pick it up, you can start preparing for its arrival:

It’s important to get into a routine when your kitten comes home. Cats love consistency, so keep feeding them at the same time every day. Use the same food and litter as the breeder or shelter at first and gradually replace them. If you can get a blanket or towel that has the scent of the breeder’s home on it, this can help your new kitten feel safe in their first days in a new home where everything is different.

Even if you plan to let them rule the entire house and outside, keep them in just a few rooms at first so they don’t become overwhelmed and you can keep an eye on them. Let them explore at their own pace for the first few days

Everything You Need To Know About Kittens

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