Everything You Need To Know About Money – Get ready to open the floodgates of prosperity and abundance! Successful money magic is more than just a spell. While this little book contains some great spells for attracting and retaining wealth, it also provides you with all the other information you need to know to master the magical art of financial abundance. If you follow the simple and clear instructions in this book and take its wisdom to heart, you will dramatically increase your sense of abundance, open new channels for money to flow, and find spiritual inspiration every step of the way. Improve your luck with money and become richer and more prosperous than ever with this small but powerful roadmap to wealth. In The Little Guide to Money Magic, you’ll find: Easy-to-understand money magic basics ~ Habits and practices to support the flow of money ~ Crystals and plants for money magic ~ How to decorate your home to attract more money ~ Attract , Keep, Keep, and Multiply Your Wealth This little guide will put you on the fast track to working your money magic like a pro!

Tess Whitehurst (Boulder, Colorado) is an intuitive counselor, energy worker, Feng Shui consultant, and speaker. She has appeared on the Bravo TV show “Flipping Out,” and her work has been featured in Writer’s Digest, Llewellyn’s Annual, and the Lifetime Times blog, among others. She is also the founder and facilitator of The Good Vibe Tribe, an online magical community and learning center. To learn about her workshops, writings and appearances, and to subscribe to her free monthly newsletter, visit her online at www.tesswhitehurst.com.

Everything You Need To Know About Money

Everything You Need To Know About Money

As we begin our path as Explorers, much of what we need to learn involves the “deprogramming” of our attitudes and reflective thinking. Old habits are a barrier to the introduction of any new ideas and they must be deconstructed before the power of manifestation can be enhanced. The best part of Tess’s book is that she always makes this a priority. She begins with exercises to help us shed the emotional baggage that comes with words; in this book, that word is money. I tell people who are still making a living (I’m happily retired) that weekends are the “life” part of “making a living”. Our spiritual selves need room to flourish, and when we work for money, we conquer this side of ourselves. But we are all material in the end, so money is material to our lives. My own emotional money baggage made me resist the idea of ​​chasing more and more money. I wasn’t born for capitalism, but I was and still am immersed in it, although the baggage is gone. As Tess points out, her own change in attitude (another reason for her credibility; she was never afraid to mention her upbringing) led her to stop seeing money as just a tool, a means of exchange. It is a life process that is mandatory and vital in the system into which we are born. Dealing with money is compulsory, especially now that capitalism is destroying the natural world enough to survive. To state an axiom, the chips are stacked against us, so we must work to prevent them from falling over and crushing us! Literally. But just like social media status, our relationship with money is complicated. She is right to insist that we complete the preliminary exercises in her book before using the spells at the end of the book (praying with attitude is my favorite working definition of a spell). As a retiree, I found my own answers to her questions in hindsight, but as I learned that my utter distrust and aversion to authority was my primary baggage, I began to live with this basic self-truth. Base. Here’s what she means: The age-old idea of ​​”know thyself”…is the first step for any seeker! When you finish reading this book, you will find that your personal truth has changed. Getting paid just requires attention. She then led us in giving thanks and counting blessings. This is also quite basic to having enough of something as it brings more blessings as giving comes back to us as gifts. Her tips on reducing clutter in your living space really hit home for us! I always need to clear my space more to make room for creation and growth. So far, so good. Next is Feng Shui, which has to do with your specific space. I’m not ready yet because my house has some structural issues that need to be addressed first. But it’s also useful after the clutter is gone. But now we get to the part where my eyes are always blurry because of my baggage of Judeo-Christian nonsense: angels. She often writes about the work of angels, which I find hard to wrap my brain around since I heard about Christian Paganism. As with the mythology of the elementals, faeries, familiars, and pantheons, I simply don’t think it’s necessary to bring angels into paganism. Just doesn’t work for me. If it works for you, then enjoy it! I welcome opinions on this, but it’s not a big deal. Every exercise is different. Another little question she brings up is, what if your neighbors see you blessing your front door? The advice is to mislead them with some worldly excuse. Again, as long as it works for you, why care what other people think? I think we all sometimes put too much energy into caring what other people think. They were just passing by and let them wonder! Making very practical repairs to our stoves and pipes is useful advice for anyone, so it certainly contributes to the overall “flow” of wealth in our lives. OMG I have to work on these projects! However, social security continues to increase, so a new furnace and plumbing may take a while. Yours may be more finicky. Water is perhaps the best metaphor in the book because it is indeed life itself, but must be protected, contained, and controlled. This got her thinking about the concept of budgeting. This is just mindfulness. Track inflows and outflows. It seems obvious, but sometimes we all forget. It’s here that her personal story is most revealing. When she says “give without thinking,” she has altruism in mind. Intentions matter, but is altruism really pure? When we give, we feel a good feeling, so the energy comes right back. Would we give if it felt bad or neutral? I was always kicking that guy around. But her point still stands. Simply expecting something in return won’t work, I think that’s intuitive. She then demonstrates how bypassing lateral thinking is central to using magick. Therefore, imagining the emotions you would feel if you expressed your intentions is important for success in both the magical and physical worlds. I call it emotional foresight, and it’s a very good point. Some say emotions are the only real things in our lives. possible. She also writes about common things we associate with spell work: plants, minerals, and potions. Intuition is the guiding principle suggested here, and I’ve seen this happen to me many times. You get a certain feeling when an item suits your purpose. When she mentioned sunstone in another book, it was new to me. I feel the need to buy one immediately! It was the right thing for me, after I dedicated this little rock as a tool to help push my ideas into the world. It still works. I do take issue with her statement that “luxury is our birthright” when it comes to emeralds. Not sure the intention of this, so I need some clarification or more input on this concept. Now, jade is my favorite thing again! Jade has a dual role. I look for concepts and tools that combine wealth and health because you can’t have one without the other. Jade heals and draws material wealth. Serpentine sounds helpful because she says it helps eliminate limiting beliefs, such as believing you have “bad luck.” This is real! We tend to see what we want to see in the world, and if you’re convinced that you’re having bad luck, you’re going to have bad luck, even though good luck is there but can’t be seen. expansion. Tess was always careful to include practical caution in her practical writings. Natural does not mean safe. Before using a tool in or around our bodies, we must research it. This creates essential oils. Again, our bodies are physical and must be protected so that our spirits can flourish. Yes, the basics are here again. And then she makes such an important point about the foundations of magical thinking. You have to have the right mindset about your job, which includes doing all the practical things in the physical world, to ensure the magic is successful. It’s like “if you

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