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An Ontario Superior Court judge has approved a settlement against four bank defendants in a class-action lawsuit alleging the banks worked together to fix prices in the foreign exchange, or FX, market.

Forex Trading And Class Action Lawsuits: Toronto Attorney Guidance

Forex Trading And Class Action Lawsuits: Toronto Attorney Guidance

Plaintiffs in a 2015 class action lawsuit alleged multiple banks and other financial institutions conspired to manipulate the FX market between 2003 and 2013.

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The plaintiffs alleged that the banks worked together using multiple chat rooms with names such as “The rtel,” “The Gangster Club,” and “Mafia,” according to court documents, communicating directly to coordinate price fixing. , manipulation and manipulation of FX benchmark rates, and exchange of client confidential information to initiate client stop loss orders and limit orders.

The banking groups that have paid taxes in this agreement are Toronto Dominion, Royal Bank of Canada, Credit Suisse Group, and Deutsche Bank, which have agreed to the following payment amounts:

Each amount will be reduced by $175,000 (or $144,000 U.S. to Deutsche Bank) previously paid for the cost of the contested certification proceeding.

Another 14 banking groups were named as defendants in the class action lawsuit and have agreed to the following settlement amounts:

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The distribution of the prepayment amount is under management, and payments are expected to be sent in mid-2022.

“In addition to the previous settlement, the settlement in this class action against the largest bank in the world totals $135 million.”

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Forex Trading And Class Action Lawsuits: Toronto Attorney Guidance

The Case for FX Market Price Fixing Risk Action is Mancinelli, et al. v. Royal Bank of Nada, et al. , no. CV-15-536174-00CP in the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario, nada.

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Please note: Advanced Class Actions is not an estate agent or law firm. Class Actions is a legal news source that reports on class action lawsuits, class action settlements, drug injury cases and product liability cases. Class Actions does not process claims and we do not advise on the status of any class action settlement claim. You must contact your payment administrator or attorney for any updates on your claim status, claim form or questions about when payments are expected to be sent. assets seized from 23-year-old Aiden Pleterski while his investors tried to recover the millions of dollars they had entrusted to the “Crypto King.”

23-year-old ‘Crypto King’ allegedly owes investors $35M12 months ago Duration 2:31 A 23-year-old man who calls himself ‘Crypto King’ is facing allegations that he took at least $35 million from investors in Ontario, just for cash those disappear. Creditors are now trying to figure out where it all went.

Two McLarens, two BMWs and a Lamborghini are just a few of the $2 million worth of assets seized from the 23-year-old from Whitby, Ont., as his investors try to recover the millions of dollars they lent to individuals. explained the “Crypto King.”

Creditors are working to determine where at least $35 million given to Pleterski and his company AP Private Equity Limited in cryptocurrency and foreign currency investments ended up, according to a fraud recovery attorney and documents filed in two separate actions reviewed by Toronto.

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Diane Moore invested the $60,000 she had set aside for her grandchildren’s education after meeting Pleterski through someone she has known for years. He is now out $50,000.

“The whole thing was based on trust,” Moore said. “What Aiden has done, I think, is terrible – and I don’t know how he can live with himself.”

The terms of Moore’s investment included a 70-30 split of any capital gains (with 70 percent for him and 30 percent for Pleterski), a promise that the initial investment would be paid in full if it was lost, and a target for capital gains. of 10 to 20 percent every two weeks, according to his investment contract.

Forex Trading And Class Action Lawsuits: Toronto Attorney Guidance

“I don’t know if he was really into business,” Moore said. “Or was this his plan and it was just a story to get me in with other people?”

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Diane Moore invested $60,000 for the education of her grandchildren with Aiden Pleterski and still has $50,000 out of her investment. (Submitted by Diane Moore)

The 65-year-old from Clarington, Ont., is now one of 29 creditors who claim they are owed nearly $13 million in a bankruptcy case against Pleterski. In a lawsuit, another investor claiming to be out of $4.5 million obtained a Mareva injunction, which freezes Pleterski’s assets and bank accounts around the world.

About 140 investors who committed a combined $20 million responded to a subpoena from the fraud recovery law firm investigating Pleterski, some of whom are involved in bankruptcy proceedings.

“It was a big surprise, we’ve never had a response like this,” said Norman Groot, founder of Detective Counsel PC, which only represents fraud victims.

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Through the bankruptcy trustee’s report, creditors’ meeting minutes, court filings, and complaints filed against Groot’s company, a picture emerges of Pleterski’s life of luxury before things fell apart. The young man, dubbed “The Crypto King” in several paid advertising articles, owns 11 cars, leases four other luxury cars, travels on private jets, and pays $45,000 a month to rent a mansion in Burlington . Ont.

“This man had a great standard of living, but it doesn’t account for the amount of money that’s missing,” Groot told Toronto.

“What is difficult in this case is that Pleterski was taking a lot of money – and how can you track the money?”

Forex Trading And Class Action Lawsuits: Toronto Attorney Guidance

Pleterski told a meeting of creditors in his bankruptcy that he had never spent more than $600,000 on a watch. (Name withheld/Facebook)

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The bankruptcy proceeding against him is the only process to recover investors right now, because it takes precedence over the civil claims against Pleterski.

Investors questioned Pleterski at length in the first meeting of creditors — which lasted more than five hours — in late August, according to meeting minutes. When asked why he continued to invest money when he knew he could not repay his current investors, Pleterski told the meeting that he was “a 20-year-old kid.”

In an email, Pleterski’s lawyer told Toronto that his client disputes many of the claims against him and believes the financial claims from many of his donors are “grossly exaggerated.” Pleterski started investing in cryptocurrency as a teenager and people offered him money to invest once they saw how much money he was making for himself and people around him – but he never asked for money, according to his lawyer Micheal Simaan.

“Shockingly, it seems that no one bothered to consider what would happen if the cryptocurrency market collapsed or whether Aiden, being so young, was qualified to handle these types of investments,” wrote Simaan.

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“Aiden has been cooperating with the bankruptcy process and is hopeful that it will work more equitably for everyone involved.”

Several luxury cars like this Lamborghini have been seized from Aiden Pleterski as part of the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings against him. (Aiden Pleterski/YouTube)

At the creditors’ meeting, the trustee said that Pleterski claimed he lost most of the money he was given in late 2021 and early 2022 “in a series of price calls and bad trades.” But by August 29, the trustee had received nothing to back that up – despite requesting business evidence and bank statements from Pleterski.

Forex Trading And Class Action Lawsuits: Toronto Attorney Guidance

When asked about his record keeping of investment funds, Pleterski told the meeting that he was not well organized, did not track his finances and did not keep a record of his debts or payments.

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Investors also asked about a number of potential assets, including luxury cars, watches and gold bars. When asked if he had ever owned a Patek Philippe watch – and if he had, what happened to it – Pleterski told the conference that he had never owned a Patek Philippe watch and that he had “never owned a watch worth more than $600. , 000.”

Toronto also reviewed the Mareva order that was ordered as part of an investor-led case against Pleterski before the case was dismissed by bankruptcy proceedings.

In the ruling that issued the ban, Ontario Superior Court Judge Phillip Sutherland made clear the investor’s claim that he was provided with photos and videos of information from a foreign exchange/cryptocurrency trading platform showing $311 million in the company’s account. Pletersky. But when the investor checked with the trading platform independently, he was told Pleterski and his company did not have an account with the funds, according to the court decision.

Like Moore, the investor from the case claims the terms of the investment involved a 70-30 percent split on capital gains and if the money is lost the full initial investment would be.

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