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Forex Trading And Stop Loss Orders: Legal Considerations In Toronto

Forex Trading And Stop Loss Orders: Legal Considerations In Toronto

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Stop Loss Order Definition And Uses

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Market movements can be unpredictable and a stop loss is one of the few mechanisms traders have to protect themselves from excessive losses in the forex market. Stop losses in forex come in different forms and methods of use. This article will outline these different forms, including static stops and trailing stops, as well as highlight the importance of stop losses in forex trading.

Forex stop loss is a feature offered by brokers to limit losses in volatile markets moving in the opposite direction of the original trade. This feature is implemented by setting a stop loss level, a certain amount of pips outside the entry price. Stop loss can be attached to long or short trades, making it a useful tool for any forex trading strategy.

Forex Trading And Stop Loss Orders: Legal Considerations In Toronto

Stops are critical for many reasons, but they really boil down to one thing: we never see the future. No matter how strong the setup may be or how much information may be pointing in the same direction – future currency prices are unknown to the market and every trade is a risk.

Using Stop Loss Orders In Forex Trading

This was a key finding in research into the traits of successful traders – traders actually win most of the time in many currency pairs. The table below shows some of the more common pairings.

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As you can see, traders successfully won more than half the time in most common matchups, but because their money management was often poor, they still lost money.

Traders lost much more when they were wrong (red) than they made when they were right (blue)

Key Principles To Understand When Trading Currency Pairs

In the article Why do Many Traders Lose Money, David Rodriguez explains that traders can solve this problem simply by looking for a profit target at least as far as the stop-loss. This means that if a trader opens a position with a 50 pip stop, look for – at a minimum – a 50 pip profit target.

This way, if a trader wins more than half the time, he has a good chance of being profitable. If a trader is able to win 51% of their trades, they could potentially start generating net profit – a strong step towards most traders’ goals.

Traders can set forex stops at a static price with the expectation of assigning a stop-loss and not move or change the stop until the trade reaches the stop or limit price. The ease of this stop mechanism lies in its simplicity and the ability of traders to ensure that they are looking for a minimum risk to reward ratio of one to one.

Forex Trading And Stop Loss Orders: Legal Considerations In Toronto

Consider, for example, a swing trader in California who initiates positions during the Asian session; with the expectation that volatility during the European or American sessions will affect their trades the most.

The Importance Of Stop Loss

This trader wants to give his trades enough room to work without giving up too much capital in case he gets it wrong, so he sets a static stop of 50 pips on every position he initiates. They want to set a profit target at least as large as the stop distance, so each limit order is set to a minimum of 50 pips. If a trader wanted to set a one-to-two risk-reward ratio for each entry, he can simply set a static stop at 50 pips and a static limit at 100 pips for each trade he initiates.

Some traders take static stops a step further and base the static stop distance on an indicator such as Average True Range . The primary benefit behind this is that traders use up-to-date market information to assist them in setting this stop.

So if a trader sets a static 50 pip stop loss with a static 100 pip limit as in the previous example – what does that 50 pip stop mean in a volatile market and what does that 50 pip stop mean in a calm market?

If the market is quiet, 50 pips can be a big move and if the market is volatile, the same 50 pips can be considered a small move. Using an indicator such as average true range or pivot points or price swings can allow traders to use current market information to more accurately analyze their risk management options.

Forex Order Block Strategy For Beginners

We go through such a mechanism in our article on risk management using ATR (Average True Range).

For traders who want ultimate control, forex stops can be manually moved by the trader as the position moves in their favor.

The chart below shows the movement of stops on a short position. Once the position moves further in favor of the trade (lower), the trader will then move the stop level lower. When the trend eventually reverses (and new highs are made), the position is stopped out.

Forex Trading And Stop Loss Orders: Legal Considerations In Toronto

See Trading Trends by Trailing Stops with Price Swings for more information on how to implement a trailing stop.

Forex Trading Orders: Types, Strategies And Order Flow Trading

Static stop losses can greatly improve a new trader’s approach, but other traders use stops in a different way to further maximize their money management. Trailing stops are stops that will be adjusted as the trade moves in the trader’s favor in an attempt to further mitigate the risk of a negative impact on an incorrect trade.

For example, let’s say a trader took a long position on EUR/USD at 1.1720 with a 167 pip stop at 1.1553. If the trade moves up to 1.1720, the trader can look at adjusting their stop up to 1.1720 from the initial stop of 1.1553 (see image below).

This will do several things for the trader: It will move the stop to their entry price, also known as the “breakthrough return”, so that if the EUR/USD reverses and moves against the trader, at least they won’t face a loss. because the stop is set at their initial entry price.

This break-even stop allows the trader to eliminate his initial risk in the trade. The trader can then try to place this risk in another trading opportunity, or simply leave this risk amount off the table and enjoy a protected position in their long EUR/USD trade.

How To Place Trade Stops To Maximize Profit And Minimize Risk

Traders can also set a trailing stop so that the stop adjusts gradually. For example, traders can set stops to adjust for every 10 pip move in their favor.

Using the example of a trader buying EUR/USD at 1.3100 with an initial stop at 1.3050 – after EUR/USD moves up to 1.3110, the stop is adjusted 10 pips to 1.3060. After another move of 10 pips higher on EUR/USD to 1.3120, the stop is adjusted again by another 10 pips to 1.3070. This process will continue until the stop level is reached or the trader manually closes the trade.

If the trade reverses from this point, the trader is stopped at 1.3070 as opposed to the initial stop of 1.3050; saving 20 pips had an unadjusted stop.

Forex Trading And Stop Loss Orders: Legal Considerations In Toronto

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