Fun Things To Do In Kyoto Japan – From visiting temples and museums to strolling through sacred trees and gardens these are some of the top 10 things to do in Kyoto.

A sense of timelessness fills the air as the Shinkansen Hikari Bullet train comes to a halt, marking the end of a whirlwind journey. As you pass the milling crowds and enter Japan’s ancient capital, you understand why Kyoto is hailed as the poster child of “Zen”. The land of 2000 temples contains 17 incredible world heritage sites held in turmoil, steeped in lost traditions, and surrounded by beautiful gardens, lighted winding roads, teahouses and vistas card. Nestled among the mountains, the village of geishas and maikos is full of tranquility and sometimes the only sound you hear in one of the quiet spaces is the murmur of the water in the fields. better.

Fun Things To Do In Kyoto Japan

Fun Things To Do In Kyoto Japan

But there is more to Kyoto than the Golden Temple and the Vermillion Temple. The Imperial City with its palaces and castles takes you back to Kyoto’s time as the residence of the emperors. Busy markets and various art museums vie for your attention. Traditional tea ceremonies and events add to the list of fascinating experiences. Kyoto has something in it for every traveler, whether for those looking for spiritual comfort or fun and adventure. There are fun and free things to do for travelers of all ages and it’s magical at any time. If you’re a first-time visitor to Japan’s cultural capital, here are the top 10 things to do in Kyoto that will inspire you to plan your next trip.

The 20 Best Things To Do In Kyoto, Japan [2019 Travel Guide]

Kyoto welcomes travelers throughout the year as each season has its own charm. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Kyoto with cherry blossoms and fall leaves being the main attractions. March to May and October to mid-December are peak tourist seasons when the city bursts with color and people. Summer also brings more tourists and the rain adds a bit of green to the garden. June to September is also the season for many festivals and cultural events including the Gion Matsuri competition. Winter Wonderland, although it is considered that the time is not good as the temple is covered in snow and pearly white places add to the magic.

Visit the Kyoto Museum of Crafts and Design to see centuries-old art and craft from paper lanterns to bamboo flutes and flying kites. More than 70 artisans and craftsmen and women perform live demonstrations and workshops. Immerse yourself in flower arranging, learn more about traditional textiles, and enjoy basketry, woodwork and metalwork. You can learn professional skills or see artists at work here. Admission to the museum is free and it is located near the Okazaki Museum district where you can also see the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art as well. You can visit the unforgettable Heian-Jingu Shrine with its large vermillion torii or gate.

Stop and be beautiful, some of the traditions here are unique and fun like testing your love fortune around Koiuranai-no-ishi or love stone. The beauty of Kyoto has both locals and tourists flocking to Jishu-Jinja Shrine located behind Kiyomizu-dera Shrine to seek their luck in sports and love.

The Cupid of Japan is Okuninushi no Mikoto and is known to be gentle and compassionate and will help you find love. And all you have to do is walk with your eyes closed around a pair of love stones that are placed about ten meters apart from each other. And look, you’ll find love around the corner if you’re lucky.

Fun Things To Do In Japan World Adventure Divers

If you take human help in navigating your way, you can still do well in love but you will need God’s help. Go to the waterfall below the main hall of the temple. The water flows into three different streams and you have to drink a glass of water that is marked with love. And your love life will be fun. Don’t forget to buy more beautiful things to improve your relationship.

With over a hundred years of history as the Imperial capital, Kyoto is a time capsule and it is difficult to choose just one temple. However, you must visit both exhibits – Kinkaku-ji, the glittering Golden Pavilion and Ginkaku-ji, the demure Silver Pavilion. Start your day early to avoid the crowds at Kinkaku-ji, and you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the view of the golden temple on the lake, nestled among the pine trees. . Ginkaku-ji is known for its beautiful gardens and don’t miss the path behind the temple along the moss garden with bridges and islands that offer some beautiful views.

However, if you feel a bit ‘in the temple’ and the bustling crowd, then we recommend visiting the walled Daitoku-ji temple complex, a quiet place, which consists of 22 shrines in the middle of a magnificent stone garden and trees. Although only four temples are open all the time, take time to meditate and lose yourself in the greenery. Each garden is symbolic in the process of swirling and waves, rocks and cracks and circles and pinnacles representing different levels of consciousness as they bring you to Zen.

Fun Things To Do In Kyoto Japan

Step into the past in the shoes of gallant samurai and rare ninjas at the Samurai and Ninja Museum. The interactive museum and experience is a perfect trip for the family as you can try your hand at a Samurai sword. Take on samurai armor with a traditional hakama, pick up any replica sword and learn the ancient Japanese katana technique from the masters. You can also join the Ninja ranks and train to become a secret spy. Children can participate in fun competitions like throwing Ninja stars. The museum also has original weapons, clothes and artifacts that are displayed in guided tours that will make you look at the legends around Samurais and Ninjas. It is better to book tickets in advance or online during peak times.

What To Do In Kyoto, Japan

Nothing describes true old-fashioned romance more than a scenic train ride that swings and winds through the mountains and forests. Hop on the Sagano Love Train (Sagano Torokko) that takes you along the Hozugawa River between Arashiyama and Kameoka. The train slowly travels for 7 kilometers, a 25-minute journey where you can see some of the most interesting views that change with the seasons, from cherry blossoms and water to maple leaves in autumn season. Buy your ticket at Saga – Arashiyama station and choose an open-top car where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the valley. Don’t forget to buy a combined ticket for the Hozugawa River which you can enjoy on the way back.

Mysterious and magical, the sturdy bamboo groves of the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove draw crowds of outdoor enthusiasts to the Arashiyama (Storm Mountain) neighborhood on the outskirts of Kyoto. It feels like sunlight is filtering through the large canopy in this Instagram spot where tourists can be seen taking a rickshaw ride along the bamboo grove.

Be here early in the morning to avoid the tourists and go on foot. The trees stretch for about 500 meters and you can start at the beautiful old Tenryu-ji temple with a beautiful garden. Bamboo will also take you to Villa Okochi Sanso owned by actor Denjiro Okochi. Follow the path and visit the quiet Kameyama – Koen Park and walk downhill along the Katsura-Gawa River. Don’t miss the photo opportunity at Togetsukyo Bridge. Although the entire trek takes a little over an hour, you can stop and explore many temples and sights along the way.

A vermillion gate or torii that looms large over a tree-lined hill, surrounded by shrines and sculptures of foxes make Fushimi Inari Taisha one of the most beautiful temples in Kyoto. And if you are in the mood for a trip, then you should explore the temple on foot. Climbing to the top of Mt Inari San at 233 meters may seem easy but the 5 kilometer stretch can take more than three hours or more.

Exploring Kyoto, Japan’s Most Beautiful City

Start at Fushimi Inari Station on the Keihan Line or if you have a JR pass at Inari Station. As you approach the town, look for the first torii that will lead you to the shrine. Be prepared to climb the stairs through a few more gates until you reach the shrine called Higashimaru-jinja which will lead you to the main gate. You can buy amulets and even check your fortune. Continue on your way to the inner shrine

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