Gas And Electricity Contracts For Businesses In Bordeaux: Negotiating For Better Rates – A gas burner is pictured on a cooker in a private home in Bordeaux, southwest France, on December 13, 2012.

March 3 () – British and Dutch gas prices were mixed on Thursday afternoon on lower flows of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and concerns that US sanctions could target Russian gas supplies.

Gas And Electricity Contracts For Businesses In Bordeaux: Negotiating For Better Rates

Gas And Electricity Contracts For Businesses In Bordeaux: Negotiating For Better Rates

British day-ahead gas fell 13 pence to 392 pence a therm by 1256 GMT, while the April contract gained 24.96 pence to 435 pence/therm.

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The Dutch front-month contract fell by 11.05 euros to 161.95 euros per megawatt hour (MWh). It hit a record high of 199 euros/MWh in morning trade, almost doubling last week.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Thursday that Europe could cut Russian gas imports by more than a third within a year and announced a 10-point plan to reduce the bloc’s dependence on Russian gas.

Analysts at ENG’s EnergyScan said the market was skeptical about the stability of Russian pipeline flows as well as LNG flows and was anticipating the potential consequences of further tightening of sanctions.

“The war is already damaging Ukraine’s gas facilities, gas production has dropped significantly, and two gas distribution pipelines in the Kharkiv region have been hit by airstrikes,” he added.

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Gazprom said on Thursday that it was sending gas to Europe via Ukraine at the request of customers.

The flow of Russian western gas through the Yamal-Europe pipeline from Poland to Germany halted on Thursday, according to data from Gascade pipeline operator, with bids for supplies in both directions continuing. Read on

According to ship tracking data and trade sources, Russian LNG supplies to Europe have been disrupted by uncertainty over whether ships will be able to discharge cargo at European ports due to sanctions imposed by Moscow. Read on

Gas And Electricity Contracts For Businesses In Bordeaux: Negotiating For Better Rates

In the UK, LNG shipments have fallen by 65 million cubic meters per day over the past two days, with several Russian cargoes removed from the schedule, he said, adding that further expected cold weather was another bullish factor supporting prices. the week

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In the carbon market, the European Union benchmark carbon price fell by 1.80 euros to 66.68 euros per tonne. Both the French government and the private sector have been forced to find ways to adapt as gas and electricity prices have continued to rise for months, putting many sectors at risk. Including a swimming pool, gym and ski resort – with shutdowns to cut costs.

This photo taken on September 6, 2022 shows information signs posted at the entrance to a municipal swimming pool temporarily closed due to the energy crisis and high energy prices in Meudon, on the southwest border of Paris. © Julian de Rosa, AFP

As autumn approaches, Europe’s energy crisis continues to affect many areas in France. Rising gas and electricity prices are driving up the operating costs of both public and private utilities.

Energy prices in France and across Europe hit all-time highs in late August. And it seems the crisis isn’t over yet: France’s next-year electricity prices rose 25% to €1,130 per megawatt-hour, according to the European Energy Exchange, the first time French electricity prices have topped €1,000.

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French President Emmanuel Macron has called on the country to cut energy use by at least 10 percent in the coming weeks and months, or the nation could face rationing and cutbacks this winter.

“The answer is up to us,” he said on September 5, urging the French to use air conditioning and heat less to avoid power shortages. As Macron has warned, mandatory energy cuts could be introduced if voluntary efforts are not enough, with many sectors already taking action.

Energy-intensive areas such as swimming pools and ice rinks are being hit hard by rising gas prices. Operating company Vert Marine decided on September 5 to close about 30 public swimming pools it manages – in Montauban, Versailles and Limoges.

Gas And Electricity Contracts For Businesses In Bordeaux: Negotiating For Better Rates

About 10% of the 4,000 public swimming pools in France are managed by a public service rather than directly by the communities where they are located. Vert Marine told AFP it was closing “temporarily” a third of the 90 establishments it manages and putting “employees on partial unemployment.”

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In a press release the company said its energy bill had grown “from €15 to €100 million”, which it said was “the company’s entire annual turnover”. He has closed the ice rinks he managed for the same reasons.

The situation has angered many as the ban has denied entry to season ticket holders, people attending sporting events and school groups.

French municipalities have also expressed outrage. The city of Champigny, a southeastern suburb of Paris, told French daily Le Parisien that it was a “dictatorial and unilateral decision”. He also noted that talks are “progressing” with Vert Marine to reopen the ice rink “as soon as possible”.

“We are working with representatives of swimming pools and ice rinks, as well as local authorities, to find ways to reduce energy consumption,” said a joint statement from Sports Minister Amelie Oude-Castera and Energy Transition Minister. Agnès Pannier-Runacher, without giving further details.

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Ski resort operators have also expressed their concerns ahead of the winter season. Current electricity prices are “a big obstacle”, Fabrice Boutet, general manager of SATA Group, which manages lifts at several ski resorts, told AFP. According to estimates, the current prices would increase the group’s energy bill by an estimated €2 to €20 million, he said, adding that lift speeds and opening hours would also have to be adjusted.

The increase in energy rates is “cruel and completely unprecedented”, said Laurent Renaud of Domaines Skibles de France, a trade group of ski resort operators. “If electricity represented between 3 and 5% of turnover by area, multiplying the bill by three or four, as it is today, would automatically increase the cost to 10 to 20% of turnover.”

Although businessmen in the area are confident they can open their ski resorts this year, they have called for state support.

Gas And Electricity Contracts For Businesses In Bordeaux: Negotiating For Better Rates

Local authorities have also been hit by rising energy prices, which have strained the budgets of many French cities. Swimming pools are currently top of the spending list, but other local public services such as gymnasiums, museums, libraries and schools could be affected if a solution is not found in the next few months.

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“Our budgets are exploding. Inflation is having a huge impact on all local authority buildings, whether they are for sports, cultural events or other things,” said André Laignel, vice-president of the French mayors’ association. According to the APVF, the association representing small towns in France (

In a report published at the end of July, the French Senate warned that rising energy prices could threaten essential public services and force communities to abandon their investments in transitioning to green energy. Moreover, they can lead to an increase in local taxes, which affects household purchasing power.

The total increase in energy costs for local municipalities is expected to reach €11 billion in 2022, according to BFMTV.

Many communities have been taking measures for months in an effort to lower their energy bills. The municipality of Limoges, in central France, lowered the temperature of its gym and closed its ice rink this summer. Cities like Brive-la-Gaillard in the southwest are planning to implement energy plans in the coming years that include initiatives such as reducing lighting in public spaces at night.

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Rising prices are already forcing some companies – such as Aluminum Dunkirk in northern France – to make strategic decisions about the coming winter. The aluminum smelter has decided to cut production by 22% in the last quarter of 2022 to pay its bills.

“From October, if we continue production as it is, we will incur huge losses,” the company’s general manager, Guillaume de Goyce, told Reuters. Depending on electricity prices the company’s electricity bills could rise from €40 million per month today to €150 million in December. For the moment, he said, the site’s 650 employees will continue to work full time.

Other steel companies have also announced production cuts and internal restructuring to limit the impact of rising power costs. Ascométal, which has 1,200 employees in France, will halt operations at its Hagondange (in the east of France) and Foss-sur-Mer (near Marseilles) plants for two to three weeks in December. Some employees will start working part-time.

Gas And Electricity Contracts For Businesses In Bordeaux: Negotiating For Better Rates

The famous French glass company Duralex announced on September 1 that it will not use the furnace for at least four months from November and will put all its employees on partial unemployment. “Producing at today’s energy rates could lead to unsustainable losses,” the company’s president, José-Luis Lacuna, said in explaining the decision.

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“Almost half of all companies – especially the big ones, but not only – will have to renew their electricity supply contracts. Some of them have five-fold price increases until January 2023,” entrepreneur Marc Alric told French daily Le Monde.

With global energy prices unlikely to stabilize over the next few months, the coming winter could have a severe impact on industrial sectors across France and around the world.

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