How To Get A Permit To Build A Deck – If you’re looking to put your home on the market and increase your sales price, you may decide to increase its value by taking on some renovation and remodeling projects. After all, a house with a conservatory can fetch a better price than a house without a conservatory. And chances are, new buyers will be captivated by a chef’s kitchen rather than your outdated galley kitchen.

But if you’ve ever done extensive renovations to your home, you know that obtaining building permits is often necessary and can be expensive, time-consuming and often frustrating.

How To Get A Permit To Build A Deck

How To Get A Permit To Build A Deck

Here are some basics of the permitting process and some important projects that typically require a permit from your local building department.

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Local municipalities issue permits based on city ordinances. Because there are no federal or state standards, building codes vary from city to city. The only way to know if your city requires a permit for a remodel is to visit the website or call.

If you hire a licensed contractor, they should know if the job requires a permit, but as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that all renovations are done legally. Do not assume that the permits have been handled by the contractor.

Some municipalities charge 1% of the total construction cost to grant the permit and it can take up to six weeks to complete the required inspections. That’s time and money that many homeowners don’t have and simply don’t want to sacrifice. As a result, many homeowners bypass the permitting process. But that can be expensive.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), failure to obtain the proper permits can halt or delay planned renovations, or complicate or cancel the sale of your home. If you have a home inspection or appraisal performed, you will need to prove that you have obtained the proper permits. If you put your house up for sale, there is a very good chance that the lending bank will not advance the loan if it learns that renovation work has been carried out without permits having been obtained. There’s also the added hassle of having to pay fines or – worse – having to tear down and redo the work.

Do I Need A Permit?

It is your responsibility as a homeowner to ensure that all proper permits are obtained for your project(s), even if you hire a contractor to complete the job.

Building permits are often divided into categories, including those assigned for electrical, mechanical and structural changes or new construction work. Before applying, you must have plans drawn up that comply with local codes and ordinances. That’s because certain renovations will change the structure of your property as a whole. Councils want to be sure that your property can support the work you plan to do.

There is a very good chance that you will need a permit if you plan to make any major changes to your home’s footprint. This includes things like bedrooms, room additions, most decks, garages, and some sheds. Any project that alters your home’s existing support system (alterations to load-bearing walls, patios, balconies and verandas) will also require a permit. Here are a few other cases where you will likely need a permit:

How To Get A Permit To Build A Deck

Each municipality has its own rules for which buildings require a permit. Always check with your local planning or building department before beginning any renovation.

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Apply for the permit through your local municipal office. Depending on the complexity of the project, some permits are granted immediately, while other permits require inspection of the plans.

Inspections of the work will likely be required during the renovation process. Projects involving home extensions may require multiple inspections. After completion of the work, a final inspection will take place and the permit will be issued.

There are a number of things you can do to your home without having to go through the permitting process. Most of them are quite small; most of these you can do yourself without having to hire and pay a contractor. Here are some projects that may not require a permit:

If you are renovating your entire home, there is a good chance that you will need a permit for at least one or some of your changes. A complete renovation of your home is a major renovation and if you are making structural, electrical or plumbing changes, such as adding a new bathroom, you will likely need a building permit.

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If a permit is required for the renovation of your home, but you do not obtain one, the municipal building inspector can impose a stop on work and you may receive a fine.

There are many renovations that can be done without a permit, including painting the interior or exterior of your home, installing kitchen cabinets, installing hardwood floors, or making interior changes that do not require structural modifications.

You will need a permit for most major projects that significantly change the structure of your home. Because each municipality has different rules, it is essential to consult your city’s website or call for clarification. Regardless of who does the work, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that the project has the proper permits.

How To Get A Permit To Build A Deck

Requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reports and interviews with industry experts. Where necessary, we also refer to original research from other renowned publishers. You can read more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in our editorial policy. A building permit costs $50 to $300 for minor jobs such as plumbing, electrical, fences, windows and patios. For large projects, the cost of obtaining a building permit is $500 to $2,000 for construction, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, basement finishing, house building or room additions.

Building Permit Costs

$50 – $300 Small jobs, plumbing, electrical, fencing, patio $500 – $2,000 Construction, remodeling, home construction 0.50% – 2.00% percentage of total construction costs

A building permit costs $50 to $300 for small jobs such as plumbing and electrical, and $500 to $2,000 to build, remodel, or remodel a house. The costs for a building permit are based on a fixed rate per square meter or on the construction value. It takes two weeks for building permits to be approved and issued.

Permits cost on average 0.50% to 2.00% of the total construction costs. Construction permit costs are calculated based on the type and size of the project (square meters), the total construction costs and the city.

Electrical permits cost a total of $50 to $350 or a base of $30 to $50 and $0.50 to $8 per fixture. Permit costs for electrical work depend on the number of circuits, amplifiers and outlets installed. Electrical permits do not require plans and are typically issued the same day for replacing switches, outlets or ceiling fans.

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A plumbing permit costs $30 to $500 to pull or between $7 and $50 per fixture for larger projects. The cost for a plumbing permit is per square foot, per room or per fixture, depending on average plumber estimates.

Plumbing permits are required for renewing pipes, installing plumbing, drain and sewer systems, and water heaters. Exceptions include repairing leaks, unclogging drains or installing a garbage disposal.

A deck permit costs an average of $50 to $150. Covered deck permits cost more. Permits may not be required for patios that are detached from the house, smaller than 200 square feet, less than 3 feet above ground level, not accessible from the main exit, without electricity or plumbing, or not in a flood plain. Contractors include permit fees in the total cost of building a deck.

How To Get A Permit To Build A Deck

Building permits cost an average of $500 to $2,000, depending on the total value of the project or square footage. Permit fees to build a house are $1,000 to $3,000. Permit fees for an additional room are $5 to $21 per $1,000 of project costs or $0.16 to $0.74 per square foot.

Building & Development Permits

A building permit for a garage costs an average of €150 to €500. Permits for attached garages are more expensive than detached structures. Garage building permits cost $800 to $1,500 if you convert a garage into living space, including HVAC and electrical. Contractors include permit fees in the cost of building a garage.

A roofing permit costs $150 to $500 for roof replacement and $70 to $250 for repairs. Building permits for new homes or verandas already include roofing. Some cities do not require permits for roof renewals or offer exemptions if a roof is replaced below a certain size. Contractors typically cover the cost of a roof permit in their estimate.

Permits are required to repair a roof portion larger than one square (100 SF) or 25% of the total roof size, shell construction, complete replacement, or for homes in a historic district. A final roof inspection is usually required.

A fence permit costs $40 to $150 and is usually issued the same day. Fences less than six feet high generally do not require a permit. Check with your contractor to ensure permit fees are included in the cost estimate for your fencing installation.

Do You Need A Permit To Build A Deck?

A water heater permit costs $25 to $250. Permit fees are often included in the contractor’s cost to install a water heater. In some cities, replacement does not require a permit. Permits ensure that building codes cover the requirements for seismic ties, temperature and pressure relief valves, location and venting to address the risks of explosion and fire.

A bathroom remodel permit costs $200 to $800. Adding or altering walls will require additional permit fees and floor plans. Bathroom permits are generally not required for projects under $1,000 or for fixture replacements. Additional fees may apply if the home is located in a historic neighborhood.


How To Get A Permit To Build A Deck

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