How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy From Your Body – Ever walk into a house and immediately you feel something off or heavy. Maybe your clients think they just want to give their home a makeover but at the root there are some negative energies in the home that they unknowingly need to address.

Power vampires for bringing bad vibes. Let’s first talk about how to spot bad poker with the house.

How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy From Your Body

How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy From Your Body

How is it? People bring bad or negative energy into the house with them. And home is a sponge. As I’ve talked about before the occult energies that influence the vibes in a home are influenced by many factors such as the location and the contents inside. That’s why it’s important to take preventive measures with crystals inside the home to protect the house from bad vibes before problems arise.

Clearing And Cleansing Crystals Of Negative Energy · Mexicali Blues

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Before we get into the different ways to remove negative energy at home, I want you to do a few things first.

First, remove the clutter because it’s usually junk that isn’t used and has been put aside to deal with later. Clearing away clutter and dust (dust is not only unsightly but also a place to trap negative energy) is a necessary first step.

Smudging is an ancient practice of powerfully cleansing a space with smoke that comes from burning sage, sweetgrass, frankincense resin, myrrh, cedar, or palo santo. The goal of fumigation is to clear lingering energy while doing a simple 15-minute ritual. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a shaman to master it!

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Open the windows and doors of the house when you are ready to see the entire house with smoke.

If you’re using a sage bundle, you’ll want to have something like an abalone shell or other fireproof container with you so you don’t set the place on fire. And you’ll need some kind of flame like a lighter to light the sage (sometimes a torch lighter is better than a standard lighter or matches). Once it catches fire, gently blow it in the air until the flame goes out and smoke is coming out of it.

Since I’m always afraid to light a placeon fire, I like to keep the lit sage bundle in my abalone shell to collect the embers and ashes. Then you can use a feather (or your hand) to wave the smoke around the house.

How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy From Your Body

Start at the lowest level of the house (if there is a basement, start there) and look around the perimeter of each space while pouring smoke into the four corners and across. As you chant, you can say (out loud to yourself) a prayer or intention for the occasion.

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Once you’ve gone around the whole house, you can drop your sage into the abalone shell like a cigarette or run it under water.

Burning sage or resin is not an effective option to remove negative energy at home, you can spray it. Find a smudge spray and you’ll follow the same process I described above.

You can also make your own smudge spray. Here is my recipe you can try and if you need you can adjust the essential oils as you wish.

Add the ingredients to the spray bottle, fill the bottle 3/4 full with distilled water and shake it while setting the intention for good potency of this spray.

Here’s How To Clear Negative Energy From Your Home

Sound is an amazing way to bring good energy into a home. You can either play your favorite AC/DC song or grab a tuning fork as the sound sends out energy vibrations that radiate into the environment. Whatever you use the only requirement is that the sound needs to be loud which means the energy has a high frequency (high vibration) and pushes negative energy out of the house.

Once the house is cleared, you’ll want to take the necessary steps to do your best to avoid negative vibes. Here are some ways to keep the vibes high between cleansing sessions or until some negative Nelly shows up.

This method requires organic salt because regular table salt won’t do the job here because it’s processed. Organic salt, like Himalayan rock salt, is a crystal (awesome!) and in corners of the house, go around and sprinkle salt in corners to absorb negative energy.

How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy From Your Body

You can add Himalayan salt lamps around the house to experience the benefits of sprinkling salt around the house.

Protection Spells: An Enchanting Spell Book To Clear Negative Energy (volume 1) (pocket Spell Books, 1): Kane, Aurora: 9781577153122: Books

Crystals are one of my favorite ways to get as much negative energy out of my home as possible. While you can’t do anything about people bringing their bad poker, you can try to minimize the effects of their stay at home.

For property and home protection you may want to place black tourmaline at the corners of the property line as well as at the entry to the home.

You may even want to pair smoky quartz and black tourmaline together to banish negative vibes. These are two crystals that you can add to smudge spray recipes too!

The key to using crystals throughout the home is that the more crystals (or larger crystals) the better because one crystal will not be able to radiate their energy throughout the home.

How To Transmute Negative Energy (like Really)

One last thing to remove negative energy in the home – everyone – you or your clients need to take responsibility for the energy they bring into the environment. Power comes in many forms: thoughts, words, beliefs and attitudes. Because energy affects our homes and our homes need to be places where we can recharge knowing that raising the vibe starts with the person.

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In spirituality, negative energy is a build-up of negative feelings, emotions and experiences. Those with negative energy may feel restless, unable to sleep, tired or unhappy.

How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy From Your Body

It is your responsibility to remove negative energy from your life because holding on to it will have consequences in your life as well as in the lives of those around you. Learning to remove negative energy from your life is not easy – negativity always tries to build itself into more negativity. But there are steps you can take to remove negativity from your life and become a happier person. Read on to know more.

The Best Crystals For Clearing Negative Energy!

Negative energy can stem from every part of your life. It can stem from being around negative people, living in an environment with negative energy, or not taking the right steps to overcome your own negative thoughts and feelings.

Surrounding yourself with negative people is a surefire way to introduce negativity into your life. By spending time with people who constantly complain and see the worst in every situation, you’re conditioning yourself to react to things the same way they do.

Being in a negative environment can manifest itself as negative energy in your life. Negative environments can include a dirty and untidy home, a toxic work environment, and any place that is unsafe for you.

How you react to bad situations plays the biggest role in whether you have positive or negative energy. You should always try and see the best in things, because every situation will have positive as well as negative consequences. It’s never easy, so I’ll cover some steps on how to achieve this through mindfulness later in the article.

How To Protect Yourself And Clear Negative Energy From Visitors

By engaging in negative self-talk or even negative thoughts about others, you are creating an environment where negative energy can flourish in your mind.

People who react well to bad situations and talk positively about themselves generally have more positive energy than those who don’t.

A huge sign of negative energy is alleged. Focusing on everything that is wrong in your life rather than everything that is going well in your life. If you or others notice that you are constantly complaining, you are probably holding on to negative energy.

How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy From Your Body

Negative energy can be hard to deal with and you’re probably not your usual self right now. One if your friends and family notice

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