How To Protect Curly Hair From Humidity – And star of his assistant documentary): “If someone compliments me on my tie, I’m going to go home and rip that tie off. I don’t want the tie to look good—I want the tie to make me look well.” In addition to the elegant symmetry of this statement, Evans shed light on a very true concept of style, as it applies both to fashion and beauty: It is very easy to let one big feature overwhelm your presentation. Since I first read this quote from Evans in some old magazine somewhere, it rattled in my head as something to take into account, a possible ethos.

Because even if I don’t have a really fantastic tie that I could go home and rip off, when it comes to beauty, I have something similar—something that’s the first thing that walks into the room: great hair. My Irish/French Canadian heritage means that my naturally wavy and curly hair, if not given any consideration, can become its own corona on my head (especially in the humidity – a more Ms. Frizzle look from .

How To Protect Curly Hair From Humidity

How To Protect Curly Hair From Humidity

Unlike the glamorous Pre-Raphaelite wave I imagine myself to have on my best days (like looking deeply at Rose Byrne in the movie.

Humidity Proof: How To Manage Your Hair In Hong Kong’s Humidity

I knew I wasn’t treating my hair right when I saw the back of my head in an Instagram photo that looked like a huge, bare mass – a thick square. To mix the Hollywood reference further, the thing about big hair is that it comes with big responsibility. There is an easier way out—the explosion of reputable places that have appeared as weeds, offering a solution to a problem that society created in the first place. But this is a temporary solution, no matter how long you decide to go before you wash your hair. The most effective way to fix curly hair “problems” is to take the time and know exactly what it needs to look its best. And how he can do this without asking for an hour in front of the mirror every day. It’s a challenge, to be sure—but a brave one.

I had this vision in my head that if I just made the rounds and tried products from places like DevaCurl, Moroccanoil, and all these other curl-friendly lines, that the skies would clear, a chorus would sing, and i would found one product that would make my hair manageable in five minutes. But more research gives a couple of facts. First, curly and wavy hair is high maintenance. To get it under control, you could subject it to a series of oils, sea salt hair spray, and dry shampoo, but first off, you need a happy, healthy head to respond to the products you wear. Be curly, natural. Workable hair is a matter of form, first and foremost.

The finished aspect of curly hair comes from a constant battle against dryness as the natural oil of your hair has a hard time making it past the first fold of individual strands of hair. As hairstylist Walton Nuñez said, “curly hair is thirsty hair.” He also made the point that when it comes to “control” with curly hair, it’s a process of figuring out the science of your hair so that the right product gives the right balance. For Alexandra Roxo, a director and producer (known for her upcoming film

) based in Brooklyn, gifted with a head of glorious red curls, her routine begins with no shampoo. “I swear by this,” he wrote in an email. “Use a cleansing conditioner or regular conditioner depending on how oily and dirty your hair is. Massage the hell out of your head every time.” If a silk pillowcase is out of your price range, tie your hair in a silk scarf before bed for a similar cushioning effect.

Best Ways To Prevent Hair From Getting Frizzy In Humidity

It took a conversation with Danielle Hartnett, makeup artist for The Karcher in Greenpoint, before I really understood how to go about making my curly hair manageable in the depths of a humid summer. “I let the weather tell me what to do,” Hartnett said. In more concrete terms: A curly hair routine must change with the weather. In the winter, he uses a shampoo that improves curls. But when the summer comes around, it goes on the side of something that softens it and tames the frizz.

Time and time again, my fellow ladies (and the hairdressers who help them) hit on two points: moisture (the sense of wetness) and something to keep the wave in place. Moroccanoil was named over and over again, and Italian natural beauty brand Davines also came up repeatedly. Davines’ OI Absolute Beautifying Potion can be applied to the ends of wet or dry hair. Personally, I’ve had bad experiences with too much coconut and argan oil in the past (using these products made my hair greasy—a virtual Don Draper falling out with too much Brylcreem). But after talking to a few people about how to actually do my hair, I felt more confident taking it from wet to dry. I tried DevaCurl’s Styling Cream in the middle of a sticky heat wave, rubbing it in my hands and scrunching it in my hair. It set my hair well, and after it dried, I used Tinsel Smoothing Oil R + CO to tame any frizz around my hair. I was used to unmanageable hair in the thick summer heat—the kind of hair that announced itself the minute I walked into a room—so I had a lot of faith that this routine would have some positive effect. I worked for hours, ignoring what my hair looked like, until I had a glimpse of myself in the bathroom. My hair—as stubborn as a cloud, so wild that I just pulled it back—had something like style. Waves and curls, it was managed with no frizz. It descends gently on my head as if I slept in pin curls. I looked just a little better than I normally did, and it only took 10 minutes. It was just a matter of listening to the weather and letting that drive what I did with my hair.

Elisabeth Donnelly is a writer and editor living in Brooklyn. He is the co-author of the young adult superhero trilogy,

How To Protect Curly Hair From Humidity

Twins and entrepreneurs Carlissa and Laken King write about their relationship with natural hair and want to hear your thoughts on the topic, too.

How To Maintain And Style Curly Hair

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As in, your inbox. Sign up below and we’ll bring you the biggest stories from ITG every week. Humidity, harsh UV rays, and salt water are a curl’s worst enemy. From breakage to dryness to a halo of flyaways, curly hair needs a lot of support during the summer months.

“Humidity can cause serious frizz, especially if your hair isn’t properly moisturized,” says Angelique Vailes, trichologist, hairstylist, and owner of AV Healing Hands in Maryland. Vailes is a firm believer in a holistic approach to hair well-being: he improves the hair on the outside with clay detoxification scalp treatment and nourishes it from the inside-from recommended, which uses clinically effective doses of ingredients such as marine collagen and horsetail grass to add. strength and hydration while boosting hair growth.

Here’s How To Protect Your Hair Against High Humid Temperatures

Below, Vailes shares her top tips for maintaining your curls while enjoying the sun, pool, ocean, and all things summer.

“I recommend using moisture-rich products, from shampoos and conditioners to leave-in treatments to finishing products and styling aids that promote moisture. If your curly hair is thick or heavy, it’s best to use moisturizing products that contain coconut oil or shea butter. If your curly hair is fine or thin, it’s best to use products without heavy oils that still promote moisture. Also, drink plenty of water!”

“The best thing to do before going to the beach is to use a moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment followed by moisturizing styling products such as a curling cream or gel. This will prevent the sun from drying the hair while also maintaining your style.”

How To Protect Curly Hair From Humidity

“When using moisturizing products, it is not necessary to shampoo the hair often, especially if your hair is thin. Excessive shampooing of the hair in summer strips away natural oils and leaves the hair dry, brittle, and dull.”

The Best Shampoo For Curly Hair: 25 Top Picks For 2023

“Deep conditioning will provide moisture, softness, and shine to all hair textures; it will cut frizz, dryness, and damage. After using a deep conditioner, you can protect your curls by wearing them naturally curly, in braids, crochet styles, buns, half up and half down styles, wavy, wet sets or straight.”

“Taking it every day really did wonders for me. My hair was falling out from all the stress


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