How To Protect Hair From Chlorine Water – Exercising is fun when swimming is included! Every day feels like a party and now that almost every gated community has a pool, more people are including it in their exercise routine. Swimming every day or occasionally has many benefits. It’s a great form of exercise, helps you relax, and is a great way to have a good time with friends. Unfortunately, it is not very hair friendly.

Swimming pools are often sprayed with chlorine. This is done to kill bacteria in the pool and so that people swimming do not become infected with any diseases that can spread through the water. Although the intention behind using chlorine is good, it causes some negative effects on hair and skin.

How To Protect Hair From Chlorine Water

How To Protect Hair From Chlorine Water

Chlorine is not only used in swimming pools. In some places, even tap water contains chlorine, meaning your hair is damaged not just when you take the occasional dip in the pool but every time you wash your hair. While chlorine kills harmful microbes, it also clings to hair and skin and draws out moisture. This makes the hair drier and more brittle. It also affects the color of your hair as it affects melanin. Chlorine weakens hair and also increases split ends.

How To Protect Your Hair From Chlorine

Since chlorine negatively affects your hair, it doesn’t mean you should avoid chlorinated pools. There are many ways to reduce or completely prevent chlorine from affecting your hair.

Since chlorine is harmful to hair, do not make the mistake of swimming in chlorine-free pools as chlorine is very necessary to keep yourself safe from diseases and infections. Pools are a shared space, so using chlorine is a great way to keep them safe and clean.

That being said, it’s also very important to take care of your hair while swimming. Enjoy all your swimming sessions, but be sure to follow at least some of the steps above to the letter to ensure your hair is not affected by chlorine. Following a combination of preventative and post-swim steps is the best way to treat your hair. If you use any product before or after swimming, make sure it is safe for your hair as well. 5 Ways to Protect Kids’ Hair from Chlorine: Summer will be here before we know it and that means we’ll be spending a lot of time in the pool! My kids love swimming A LOT and we have had to deal with our fair share of crunchy, damaged, and sometimes even green hair! Chlorine can cause all kinds of hair damage, especially in children, who spend a lot of time in the pool during the summer months. Today I’m sharing some tried and true ways to help protect kids’ hair from chlorine damage while swimming.

I have three girls and two of them have light colored hair that is easily damaged when swimming. We live in Arizona and all of my kids love swimming, so it’s safe to say we spend a lot of time in the pool in our free time. You must love spring in Arizona – we’ve been to the pool several times already this year! We’ve tried a few ways to prevent and treat chlorine damage to children’s hair, and below are some things you can try yourself this summer.

Stop Swimmer’s Hair: How To Protect Hair From Chlorine Damage

1. Soak your hair. The first thing you should try when it comes to preventing chlorine damage is to soak your hair before entering the pool. If your hair is already wet from a quick shower, it won’t be able to absorb as much chlorine in the pool. Always have children rinse their hair after getting out of the pool to rinse off any remaining chemicals in the pool.

2| Pretreat with conditioner. I recently started doing this with my daughters hair and it has worked wonders! Pretreat hair with conditioner BEFORE getting into the pool. The conditioner acts as a barrier to pool water to protect the hair. I usually apply a small amount of conditioner to the girls’ hair at home before they go to the pool and when they go out, I notice that their hair doesn’t have that crunchy feeling after swimming. It washes out easily and has made a huge difference in keeping my little blonde’s hair from turning green!

3| Coconut oil. Just like pre-treatment with conditioner, you can apply a small amount of coconut oil to your hair to protect it while swimming. We haven’t tried it ourselves, but many people I’ve spoken to swear by this method.

How To Protect Hair From Chlorine Water

4| Products to remove chlorine. Always wash your hair after swimming. There are special products available that remove chlorine and other pool chemicals from hair. I took a poll on the Simple as That Facebook page and these were some of the products people have used and loved:

Chlorine Water: Tips To Protect Hair From Chlorine Water

Arbonne Fortifying Hair Mask – I use this religiously on my own hair and get amazing results. Aside from damage caused by swimming, this deep conditioning mask is something I use weekly to combat the effects of hair coloring, blow-drying, and using products. Leaves my hair softer, fuller and healthier!

5| In the kitchen. Some home remedies that are said to correct chlorine damage include dish soap, vinegar, tomato paste, or baking soda.

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Hair Protection From Chlorine, Simplified

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I’m very happy! Summer is back and the beach and pool season begins. I really love water, swimming is very fun and super healthy for the body, but unfortunately not so much for our hair.

The combination of sun and salt water or chlorine not only dries out your hair, but also causes real damage. So, as a sun and water enthusiast, you better take care of your hair.

How To Protect Hair From Chlorine Water

Rule number one for your precious hair: the best protection against too much sun is to wear a nice hat, scarf or cap.

What Is The Best Way To Style My Daughter Hair When She Swims? I’ve Been Braiding It, But The Goggles She Wears And The Chlorine Make Is Such A Tangled Disaster! :

Before jumping into a pool or ocean, wet your hair with fresh water right beforehand. If you go in with dry hair, it will absorb the chlorine and salt immediately; If you dive with wet hair, no.

Use an oil spray like La Biosthétique’s Gloss Controle to protect your hair from its dehydrating effects before entering the water.

Salt and chlorine should not remain in your hair. Use a leave-in conditioner to keep it out and keep moisture in your hair. The ideal is to get one with sunscreen! Spray your hair right before jumping in the water, using a leave-in conditioner like Vitalite Express Cheveux. Once you get out of the water, the best option is one like Creme A.S. – both conditioners from La Biosthétique.

Even if you don’t wash your hair immediately after swimming, rinse it at least with cool, cool water. Make sure chlorine and salt don’t dry out on your hair and get rid of them as soon as possible.

Tips To Protect Your Skin And Hair From Chlorine In The Swimming Pool

To wash your hair after swimming, especially if you’ve been in a chlorinated pool, choose a hydrating and clarifying shampoo like Shampoo A.S. from La Biosthétique to eliminate all the chemicals left in your hair.

If you use a hair dryer right after a day at the beach or pool, set it to low or medium heat, or better yet, let your hair air dry.

Don’t get dehydrated! Drink lots of water, then your hair will look great. If you are thirsty, go get water first.

How To Protect Hair From Chlorine Water

Especially in summer you should cut your hair at least every six weeks, this benefits your hair growth and keeps your ends beautiful and healthy.

How To Protect And Restore Your Hair When You Swim

If you don’t mind wearing a shower cap, I have a real pro tip for you. Apply a special treatment to your hair while you are in the water, this will leave your hair even more beautiful than before.

All you need to do is apply the hair treatment right under the shower cap. The best option is a moisturizing conditioner. Wet your hair and apply the treatment focusing on the middle of the hair and the ends. Comb it and put on the shower cap. Once you get out of the water you will see and feel the

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