How To Protect Hair From Sun Damage – How to protect your hair from the sun in this heat wave. We brought in a hair expert to tell us how you can protect your hair in these scorching temperatures

With UK temperatures reaching over 40°C last month, it’s safe to say we’re in for a long, hot summer this year, and while the importance of protecting your skin from the scorching sun is often etched into our brains, it might not we know that we also need to protect our hair from the sun in the same way. But how can we stop the sun from damaging our hair? And what can happen to your hair if it’s exposed too much? We brought in award-winning hair and scalp expert and seasoned hairstylist Krysia West to answer our questions. Can the sun damage your hair? Just as overexposure to the sun damages your skin, it can affect your hair in exactly the same way. “UVA and UVB rays damage the outside of the cuticle,” explains Krysia.

How To Protect Hair From Sun Damage

How To Protect Hair From Sun Damage

How does the sun damage your hair? The sun damages your hair in two ways: UVA rays bleach your hair — which Chrisia says can leave it “colorless,” whether your hair is natural or dyed — and UVB rays are responsible for breakage and split ends. Krysia adds, “Sun damage makes your hair brittle and dry, and you can end up with split or split ends, as well as bleached-out color.” No one wants dry, damaged, or dull hair, so it’s VERY important that you sure you are protected. Why should you protect your hair from the sun? Of course, protecting your hair from the sun is important all year round (especially when you never know what the weather will be like in the UK), but UVB rays are highest in the summer, which means your hair is more susceptible of damage.

Protect Against Sun Damaged Hair

“It’s important to protect your hair when you’re out in the sun because the sun will absorb all the moisture in your hair, bleaching it and leaving it brittle and dry,” says Chrisia, “Like your skin care regimen, it’s really important to have a routine hair care and make sure it accommodates sun exposure.” She warns that sun damage can be “irreversible” in extreme cases.

How can you protect your hair from the sun? Krysia recommends incorporating hair care products that contain SPF or UV protection into your daily routine. She’s a big fan of the Aveda Sun Care range, including Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil and Aveda Sun Care After Sun Hair & Body Cleanser, as it protects against sun, salt and chlorine damage. It’s also important to keep your hair trimmed regularly to remove dead or split ends. A balanced diet can also help protect your hair, as Krysia explains: “Vitamin A, B, C and iron help in many ways from cell content to support healthy growth, promoting sebum to help moisturize your scalp and helps strengthen your hair.”

Are there products you should cut out of your heatwave routine? Krysia warns, “We don’t need any more heat damage,” so put away the blow dryer and those straighteners and give your locks a break.

Just so you know, although we may receive commission or other compensation from the links on this website, we never let this influence product selection – read why you should trust us. The long hours of summer sun and heat can wreak havoc on your hair. Exposure to UVA and UVB rays, lots of sweat and humidity, as well as chlorinated pools or the salty ocean can dry out and damage hair. Whether you’re at the pool, the beach, or just in the backyard, use these homemade hair sprays to keep your locks healthy and strong. Here’s how to protect your hair from sun, chlorine, salt water and sweat.

How To Stop Damaging Your Hair

If you don’t have a hair product that contains sunscreen, it’s easy to make your own. The addition of rosemary oil stimulates the hair follicles and promotes hair growth while strengthening the hair at the root. Use a clarifying shampoo afterwards to get rid of build-up.

Dilute two tablespoons of SPF 25 sunscreen in a glass of water – I use a homemade coconut oil zinc oxide sunscreen; since oil and water do not mix, you will need to shake well before each use. Pour into a spray bottle and spray on hair before going out in the sun or entering the pool to protect your color and shine.

When locks are already dry from the sun and chlorine, the humidity can create a fluffy, frizzy mess. Your hair hero: aloe!

How To Protect Hair From Sun Damage

Its polysaccharides restore moisture to the hair to seal in moisture and add shine. For extra frizz-fighting power, reach for argan oil, which hydrates hair without greasing strands.

Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage

Sea sprays are always popular in the summer and it couldn’t be easier to make your own. Sea salt is great for oily hair as it naturally draws out oil and moisture.

To counteract the drying effect of the salt, add a small amount of hair conditioning oil. Coconut oil’s lauric acid (which is similar to the proteins in natural hair) penetrates deep into the hair.

Strong UV rays can cause highlights to fade and leave hair color looking dull, but you can make the sun work for you by spritzing on lemon before stepping outside. The lemon’s citric acid, heated in the sun, opens the hair cuticle to lift pigment and deliver natural-looking golden highlights.

(Just be careful not to overdo this spray—the high acid content can dry out hair.) To really lighten, add chamomile, which contains a plant compound that helps lighten hair.

How To Protect Your Hair From The Sun

Coconut milk’s high fat content, protein and vitamin E nourish hair from root to tip, helping to repair thinning hair, split ends and dry, damaged hair. It also acts as a conditioner and detangling agent while promoting hair growth. Difference Between Hydrating and Moisturizing Hair | What do you need? Fun read in the sun: The 7 best ways to prevent sun damage to your hair 7 minutes Next What’s Your Oily Scalp Telling You?

Before going out in the summer sun, apply sunscreen. But do you protect yours

That’s right – just as the sun can wreak havoc on your skin, those rays can wreak havoc on your hair. And if you don’t take preventative measures, you could end up with broken, split ends that need to be cut sooner than you’d like.

How To Protect Hair From Sun Damage

If you want to maintain shiny, healthy locks while enjoying the sun this season, try these stylist-recommended tips on how to protect your hair from sun damage.

Here’s How You Can Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage This Summer

But to help you understand why these effects occur—and how important it is to prevent sun damage to your hair—here are the details. UVA and UVB rays from the sun can damage your color and style in several different ways:

Fine or lightly colored hair is particularly susceptible to UV damage, while thicker textures and darker shades offer more natural sun protection. But all hair types and colors are susceptible to some level of damage.

But what about where you live (or vacation)? Surprisingly, whether you’re outdoors in the suburbs or at the beach, you’re at a similar risk of sun damage to your hair.

And keep in mind that between the depletion of the ozone layer and the gradual intensification of the sun’s heat, the problem will only get worse with time. To keep your locks in optimal condition, it’s worth starting to learn how to prevent sun damage to your hair now.

How To Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage October 2023

If you are in the sun for long periods of time, you may start to notice changes in your color and style. Signs of sun damage to hair include:

Just like you use SPF on a daily basis, there are a few things you can do to protect your hair before you go out in the sun.

An easy way to naturally protect your hair from the sun is to use a physical barrier, such as a scarf or hat. However, keep in mind that not all hats are created equal when it comes to sun protection for hair. Hats with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) number are your best bet for minimizing hair exposure to the sun because they are tested and regulated by the FDA. Otherwise, choose a tightly woven fabric instead of an open straw hat that can let in harmful rays.

How To Protect Hair From Sun Damage

To avoid sunburn, it’s best to avoid sun exposure during the hottest part of the day – the same goes for protecting your hair. If you plan to be outside, aim for the morning or late afternoon. While you won’t escape the sun entirely, you will avoid some of the harshest and most damaging rays.

Sunstroke: How To Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage

You already buy sunscreen for your skin, so consider adding an SPF product designed for your head to your routine. Whether you choose a spray or a powder-based shield, there are many options for protecting your hair.

To some extent, the hair protects the scalp from the sun, but not completely. And actually, since your scalp isn’t used to getting a lot of direct sunlight, it might

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