How To Report Lost Wallet To Police – It is important to file a report for a lost, misplaced or stolen bag (if it contains important contents) at the local police station. debit card, credit card, pan card, driving license, aadhar card, voter ID card or other important documents.

If you lose your wallet and cannot find it despite long efforts, you should call the bank and block the debit/credit card immediately to prevent misuse of the debit/credit card. While some organizations apply for issuance of duplicate documents in place of lost original documents, a copy of the FIR may be requested.

How To Report Lost Wallet To Police

How To Report Lost Wallet To Police

Below is an example of writing to the police station about a lost, lost or stolen wallet.

What To Do If You Lose Your Wallet

NOTE: Make two copies of the letter you will send to the police. One copy will be for police registration and the other copy will be approved and returned to you.

I, (Person’s Name), …. years old, ………………… son/daughter, (Full) resident (Address). I would like to draw your attention to the fact that – On (Date), while I was traveling by bus from (Place) to (Place), a traitor stole my wallet, because I am sure that the wallet was in my trouser pocket before boarding at the said place. I got on the bus, but when I got off the bus I couldn’t find the wallet.

I request you to file an FIR regarding the theft of my wallet and please provide me with a certified copy of the same.

I hereby submit a certified copy of my Aadhar card as proof of my identity and address for verification purposes. Photocopies of some of the items listed above that I currently have are attached.

Lost My Wallet A Week Ago. Canceled Cards, Filed Police Report, Ransacked My House.

I will be grateful for any efforts made by your team to track and recover my wallet and its contents. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy for details. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Lost your wallet or personal belongings while traveling in Japan? There is no need to panic. Learn from our experience and find out what you need to do and how you can get help from the police in Japan.

The moment you realize you’ve lost your wallet or belongings while traveling internationally, it’s a sinking and uneasy feeling. Losing cash, credit cards, ATM cards and IDs are some of the biggest headaches, especially in a foreign country. This is a very personal issue for me because I have benefited from the honesty and integrity of the Japanese people for three summers in a row.

How To Report Lost Wallet To Police

By the end of this article, I hope that the information we have presented will be useful to you when you travel to Japan, and remember, do not panic if you accidentally lose something while traveling there.

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$38 million. This is a huge amount of money, and that’s how much money was transferred to Tokyo Police Lost and Found in 2018. Similarly, in 2017 and previous years, more than $30 million was delivered annually, along with umbrellas, personal items and 4 million other items. It’s mind-boggling to learn how much money people spend on the police in Tokyo alone.

In Japan, the person returning the lost item can claim up to 20% of the value of the item when the owners get it back (usually denied). After three months, if no one claims the item, it can be claimed by the person who found the item (

). Below I will share my own stories to make you laugh (3 years in a row) and hopefully it will encourage you to visit Japan if you’ve never done it before.

I mentioned this story before in our Hiroshima/Miyajima article. Here’s a quick summary: Our family was traveling from Hiroshima to Miyajima to spend the night, and the trip required a 30-minute train ride from Hiroshima to Miyajimaguchi Station, followed by a 17-minute ferry ride. Our family made the trip around 3pm and I was happily taking photos for the blog while on the ferry. Halfway through the ferry ride I was looking for my backpack, which contained my laptop, all our passports, our wallet, and everything important except my camera, and it was definitely not on the boat.

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I frantically searched both floors of the ferry but couldn’t find it. While I was a little scared, our daughter suggested we use the Find My iPhone function on Nami’s phone to find my iPhone. The good news is that it worked and we were able to find my iPhone. The bad news was that he was heading south along the railway.

When the ferry arrived in Miyajima, we stayed on board and headed back to Miyajimaguchi Station. During this time we continued to follow my iPhone and it appeared that the train had reached the end of the line at Iwakuni Station and was now heading back towards us. When we arrived at Miyajimaguchi Station, the train containing my backpack had just passed and we reported the situation to the train station staff. Instead of asking the staff to pick up my backpack at the next station, they calmly handed Nami a form to fill out. What? Won’t you get a form and my stuff? At that moment my brain was about to explode.

As sweat poured down my back, I couldn’t believe what was happening. In the back of my mind was the idea that my backpack could be stolen at any moment and that the station staff were quite indifferent about it. After Nami filled out the form, they asked us if we wanted to go to Hiroshima to pick up the backpack. We said

How To Report Lost Wallet To Police

. What’s the point if someone steals it while on the train? They flatly said this never happened. Frankly, this answer surprised us a little.

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We continued to follow the phone until we reached Hiroshima and the station staff informed us that the Hiroshima team had taken my backpack and we could now collect it. Oh my God, this is a miracle. My backpack traveled for an hour and a half on the train and no one picked it up. After thanking the station attendants, we took the train to Hiroshima, where we collected my backpack from the lost and found (again) and happily continued our journey to Miyajima.

Some of you may have read our last article about Kegon Falls. The truth is, I had no fun at Akechidaira Plateau or Kegon Falls as my mind was on my lost wallet. I learned a few things that I hope will help you during your trip in Japan.

For starters, I have a habit of putting my wallet in the car door pocket. Parking etc. It is easy to reach to pay for. The car I rented for the Nikko trip had a door pocket, but it wasn’t completely closed, with an opening on the left side. I was aware of the opening, but old habits die hard.

After visiting Toshogu and Shinkyo Bridge, we had soba noodles for lunch and I remember paying with the cash in my wallet. We left our car in Toshogu’s parking lot, my daughter and I went to pick up the car, Nami and our son went to buy bread from Kayano Hotel Bakery. We took the car, took Nami and our son, and set off towards Akechidaira Plateau. When we got there I took my wallet to pay for the cable car. Wait, where’s my wallet? Oh no, not again!!!

Letter To Police Station For Stolen Wallet/purse

In my wallet is our entire travel fund (over 1,000 USD), my driver’s license, etc. There was. Great, day two into day six of the trip and I’ve lost our entire travel fund. Depression set in and pretty much ruined the trip for me at that point. We continued towards Kegon Waterfall and checked into our hotel. I kept thinking about where it could be. I knew I had paid for lunch and had the car. It must be somewhere in Nikko.

After settling into our hotel room, I told Nami to call the Nikko Police around 5pm and she gave them information about my wallet and its contents. Since we didn’t have a Japanese phone number, we left Nami’s mother’s number with the police as our contact person. Around 6:30 pm, during the kaiseki dinner at the hotel, Nami’s mother FaceTimed me and told me that the Nikko Police had called her and informed me that my wallet had been found. However, they cannot guarantee the content inside. My heart was very happy with this news.

After dinner, we had to drive crazy Irohazaka (いろは坂) for the night and went to Nikko’s police station around 8:30pm. We walked in and they presented me with my wallet which had every single coin and all the cards still in it. That’s incredible. They said someone found it in Toshogu’s parking lot and turned it in. My prayer in the temple must have been heard. We continued our journey happily.

How To Report Lost Wallet To Police

Yep, it happened again. We were at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and I paid for the entrance ticket with the cash in my wallet. After passing through the beautiful park, we were about to return home, I took my PASMO pass from my bag and put it in my pocket.

Online Lost Property Reporting

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