Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Bordeaux’s Commercial Buildings – For more than a decade, our users have been doing just that. is the go-to mobile lighting control solution for creative professionals working in film, TV and stage production, such as architecture, event venues, art installations, rental homes, and anywhere else creative lighting is used.

It’s time to break away from traditional conventions and embrace the latest in software technology and modern user interfaces, for ultimate control over your lighting designs.

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Bordeaux’s Commercial Buildings

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Bordeaux's Commercial Buildings

4’s new cloud-based DMX fixture library is greatly enhanced, leveraging rich profile data we’ve licensed from Carallon, the industry’s leading fixture profile service for control and console manufacturers. American Lighting 02247

Interact with DMX lights with real input values ​​like Hertz or Degrees. Gobos, Gels and other media selections are displayed directly above faders, editing with just one tap/click. The new DMX range selection tool displays individual channel metadata and names, rather than just a generic DMX or percentage value.

The library contains almost 24,000 profiles and supports almost all common DMX lights ever made. Profiles for new-to-market fixtures are added continuously.

In the rare event that a profile doesn’t already exist, you can create one yourself directly within the app.

With this exciting new development, you can now detect and add RDM compatible fixtures to your projects. automatically sets the DMX channel and chooses the correct mode for each light that matches an RDM-enabled profile in the built-in library. Easy.

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Additional RDM fixture details such as Lamp Hours, Modes, Channel Counts, Software version, and more are also available at any time in the Connections window.

Complete wireless freedom and solid reliability are both within your reach. 4 transmits DMX over the device’s built-in Wi-Fi hardware. It also supports wired Ethernet connections for robust data transfer.

Supports one universe of DMX over Art-Net, sACN E1.31, and KiNET (Philips Color Kinetics). It also supports CRMX via LumenRadio MoonLite BLE interface.

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Bordeaux's Commercial Buildings

All DMX-based protocols can be run simultaneously in , allowing you to mix and match hardware with ease.

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Modern LED lighting has become almost synonymous with color, and was built from the start to control it.

The app offers an extensive range of color editing tools. RGB, RGBAW, CMY, HSI, XY, Gel, CCT, and Tint color pickers are always just a tap/click away.

Drag and drop custom color swatches below the color wheel. Adjust individual channels in the color mixer. Gel colors are available from popular manufacturers including Lee, Apollo, GAM, and more. Apply the gel colors to any color light, even HomeKit lights.

Color settings are saved within scenes and automatically updated upon activation, making it simple to support multiple color selection types for a single light, all within the same project.

Transform Your Space With Cutting Edge Lighting Solutions That Combine Innovation, Functionality, And Aesthetics.

Control moving lights with ease with the XY selector. Select from presets such as oval, figure 8, arc, line, or draw your own custom shape. The motion generator updates the user interface in real time, allowing you to see the exact values ​​the light is receiving.

Lock movements to either Pan or Tilt. Fine tune position with a scrub control. Inverse X and Y can reverse your values. An Offset option allows you to stagger identical movements across lights.

Movements are stored in a palette that shows a preview of the animated shape. Each motion can be applied to multiple lights, making edits as simple as changing the original motion. The motion editor makes customization options like timing curve, speed, start/end points, reversal, and more a snap.

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Bordeaux's Commercial Buildings

The DMX FX engine updates the user interface in real-time, always giving you a heads-up look at the current values ​​being executed.

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Dazzle your audience or create drama with effects like the Oscillator, Random Intensity/Color, Fade In, Color Loop, Fire, Water, Television, Police, Warning, Alarm and more.

When grouping fixtures, you can use the Group FX Offset option to automatically create a delayed fan effect across multiple lights.

Save FX settings as “Presets” and apply those options later to any similar single-action light.

We added Apple HomeKit support in 4, which greatly expands the capabilities of the app’s smart light control. Supports products from Signify (Philips Hue), LIFX, Eve and all other HomeKit certified manufacturers.

Abb Technology To Be Used In World’s First Open Co2 Transport And Storage Infrastructure

Do you want to dim a practical light that is visible on the camera in a scene you are shooting? Want to turn a TV, fan or other electronics on/off when you change a scene? Now you can do all that, and more. The future is now.

The user interface is polished for speed. Beauty meets brains, with a bunch of muscles thrown in. Whether you use iPad or iPhone, the UI is built to feel and function like a native app.

Customize the layout by showing or hiding side panels, adjusting fader and scene sizes with a pinch gesture, hiding faders, and more. Assign photo or icon previews to scenes and sequences. Drag and drop to reorder. The list is endless.

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Bordeaux's Commercial Buildings

To truly replace a lighting console, there needs to be an option for external tactile control, and we’ve got you covered.

Control4 Smart Homes

Connect external wired and wireless MIDI controllers via Core MIDI support. Connect an external OSC controller. Create a Geofence to trigger lights based on GPS location. Respond to system key commands on Magic Keyboard. Respond to commands from other apps on the device via URL sharing. You name it.

Put your light plot, notes, e-mail or even a game on one side, with on the other.

The user interface is responsive and supports all iPadOS multitasking modes, so size and placement can be fully adjusted.

Use the new project viewer to open editing files right in place anywhere on your iPad or iPhone.

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That means you can open, edit, and sync with iCloud, Dropbox, and Creative Cloud. Shares files through any app that appears in the default sharing panel of iPadOS and iOS.

You can even save and edit files directly on external hard drives or flash drives connected to your iPad or iPhone, for offline collaboration.

Easily create looks and switch between them with the tap of a button. Multiple scene options include Basic, Merge, Sequences, and Input Snapshots.

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Bordeaux's Commercial Buildings

Build sequences from the scenes you’ve created. Play the sequence from a button next to other scenes, or in Sequences mode.

Led Lighting Solutions

Groups of 4 now allow you to combine similar fixtures and add FX fanning across multiple devices

Quickly search through all fixtures, parameters and scenes to filter the control view, greatly speeding up scene edits.

Lock user-specified sections of the app from unauthorized access while allowing access to other parts. Access granted via Face ID, Touch ID or iOS device password.

We’ve all been in a situation where someone else needs to control the lights. Relax, the UI is easy enough for even beginners to operate after the first project setup.

Lighting News Day 1

Tap the beat with the tempo playback control. Great for when you want a steady rhythm that triggers scene changes and fades.

A popular request from previous versions has been added in v4. Change scene values ​​on the fly without affecting current DMX output

Easily replace a fixture in your project with any similar profile and preserve scene settings such as intensities and colors

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Bordeaux's Commercial Buildings

Now works with point and click input devices. Advanced trackpad and key command support speeds up your workflow The Shard Elizabeth Line Global Tech HQ Abu Dhabi International Airport DALI-2 Buswire Module DALI-2 SpaceApp Microsensor Twelve Twelve DIN Module Touchpad

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Our innovation We have been innovating for over sixty years, from the time we pioneered the world’s first lighting control system in 1959 to today, our heritage of innovation continues to flourish. We relentlessly explore new ideas, lead in the application of the latest technologies, and bring to market innovative, quality products and systems that reimagine and redefine lighting control.

Our IP DALI-2 Buswire hub is a leading smart Ethernet to the Edge DALI-2 wired or wireless router that combines the latest DALI-2 functionality with full BACnet and MQTT integration, for unparalleled management, monitoring and smart data sharing.

The latest DALI-2 Micro multisensor packs presence detection, absence detection, daylight linking, IR communication and DALI-2 technology into the smallest multisensor on the market.

An Effortless Guide To Home Security And Smart Homes

The DALI-2 micro-multisensor optimizes energy efficiency by combining passive infrared presence and absence detection with daylight coupling, so that lighting is precisely related to both occupancy and daylight.

Our innovative DALI-2 multi-discipline sensor extends digital monitoring capabilities beyond presence lighting and daylight control to include measurement of environmental temperature and humidity. Data is shared as part of an IOT solution via DALI-2, BACnet and MQTT.

Our latest DALI-2 SpaceApp microsensor combines energy-efficient lighting control with granular, real-time monitoring of space usage. The unique square detection field of the SpaceApp sensor provides detailed intelligence in not only the percentage of time each area is occupied, but also how efficiently the space has been used and provides valuable space planning and occupation analysis.

Innovative Lighting Control Systems: Smart Solutions For Bordeaux's Commercial Buildings

The modular surface mount adapter kit converts embedded DAL-2 multisensors and DAL-2 multi-discipline sensors into compact surface mounted sensors with ease.

Smart Textile Lighting/display System With Multifunctional Fibre Devices For Large Scale Smart Home And Iot Applications

We were the first company to introduce DALI-2 Zero Power technology which further improves energy efficiency by avoiding the standby energy consumption associated with digital ballasts.

Our careful attention to quality and detail, the robustness of our engineering and designs, as well as the selection of the highest quality components results

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