“insider’s Guide To Claim Success: Maximizing Benefits From Your Australian Travel Insurance” – Iowa law has recognized the needs of its injured workers since 1913. The law requires all employers to obtain workers’ compensation insurance (or be approved as a self-insurer) to cover their workers. However, even the best employer is likely to tell you everything you need to know. If you’re injured in a work accident or suffer an occupational disease caused by your work, Iowa law says you have 10 basic rights, and we’ll share the first 5 with you here:

Your employer and/or their insurance company are responsible for paying for all medical care necessary to treat your work injury. This includes all forms of care and treatment, whether hospital, medical, therapy, nursing, diagnostic testing, surgery, physical rehabilitation or pain management. However, your employer and/or insurance company generally gets to choose your medical providers. The right to medical care and treatment can continue for the rest of your life for conditions related to your work injury or occupational disease.

“insider’s Guide To Claim Success: Maximizing Benefits From Your Australian Travel Insurance”

You always have the right to seek medical care from any medical provider of your choice. However, keep in mind that your employer and/or insurance company will generally only pay for medical care that they have authorized or approved. Also, if you have health insurance, they may deny the claim as a work-related condition.

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You have the right to refuse any medical procedure or care you do not want. For example, if the company doctor recommends surgery, you do not have to proceed with the surgery. However, be aware that not proceeding with surgery may have an impact on your case.

While you are healing and unable to work, you will receive weekly benefit checks to replace your regular income. This applies both when you are completely unable to work (known as TTD Total Temporary Disability benefits) and when you return to work but work less than 40 hours a week (known as TPD Temporary Partial Disability benefits). The amount of your weekly payment is called the “fee,” which is discussed below.

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