Options For Volatility Trading In Boston’s Forex Market – According to the Financial Times, about half of the options volume in the S&P 500 during the month of April was in options that expired on the trading day.

This is a subtle change that follows the original explosion in retail options trading, which occurred at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. So, the rising demand for shorter duration options is a trend in the trend.

Options For Volatility Trading In Boston’s Forex Market

Options For Volatility Trading In Boston's Forex Market

In February, Cboe estimated that “approximately 46% of total trading volume in the equity options market consisted of contracts with less than five days to expiration.”

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To accommodate the changing preferences of investors/traders in the options market, the industry has been scrambling to launch new products.

In 2022, the expansion of the 0DTE options market is one of the main developments, and one that has paid off very well for the options exchange.

And now, in response to continued demand for shorter duration options, Cboe has recently launched a one-day VIX, officially known as the Cboe 1-Day Volatility Index (VIX1D).

Commonly known as the market’s “fear gauge,” the Cboe Volatility Index (VIX) was created roughly three decades ago to provide key insights into the market’s 30-day volatility.

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The index is calculated using forward-month options on the S&P 500, and therefore reflects the market’s perception of risk based on ongoing demand for these 30-day options.

In general, demand for short-term options increases when fear enters the market, as investors and traders rush to buy protection. On the other hand, short-term options usually decrease in value when demand for the product is low.

However, as investors and traders increasingly focus on shorter and shorter durations (0DTE options), the insight provided by the 30-day VIX is increasingly inadequate. In that regard, the 30-day VIX does not reflect the short-term spike in expected volatility.

Options For Volatility Trading In Boston's Forex Market

For example, when market participants expect volatile trading conditions in the next few days, but not necessarily in the next few weeks. The Cboe 1-day Volatility Index is designed to fill that gap.

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VIX1D is calculated in the same manner as the normal 30-day VIX Index, except that the option duration used in the VIX1D calculation is limited to one-day or zero options on the S&P 500, instead of 30 days. choice.

As a result, VIX1D is expected to behave in a more volatile manner compared to other volatility indices that measure longer periods of expected volatility.

When Silicon Valley Bank imploded in March, VIX rallied from approximately 19 to 26 between March 8 and March 13. However, a backtest conducted by Cboe revealed that VIX1D will jump from approximately 15 to 40 during the same period.

Commenting on the new offering, Rob Hocking, Head of Product Innovation at Cboe Global Markets, said of the new volatility index, “We believe the VIX1D Index will be a useful tool for a large group of investors using same-day options trading strategies. to better understand market dynamics each day.”

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Importantly, the VIX1D cannot be traded directly—the same as the VIX. However, VIX1D is designed to provide insight into the expected volatility of the current trading day.

In that respect, VIX1D complements Cboe’s existing offerings in the world of volatility, such as the one-year VIX, six-month VIX, three-month VIX and nine-day VIX—and the widely followed 30-day VIX. The latter is the product most commonly referred to by the financial media.

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Options For Volatility Trading In Boston's Forex Market

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When you buy a big ticket, you might as well buy it. You don’t want to buy something when you can find a better price elsewhere. On the flip side, you don’t want to sell at a discount if people are willing to pay full price.

There are times when option prices are inflated and other times when they are deflated. As an options trader, it is important to be able to distinguish between these two situations.

Keep reading for the volatility option education provided, including how this calculation can help you make better decisions when buying and selling options.

Options For Volatility Trading In Boston's Forex Market

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Implied volatility is a metric used by investors to estimate future fluctuations in a security’s price (volatility) and cause an option’s price to rise or deflate due to changes in demand.

You see, the market value of an option is determined in part by changing demand for the option. This is the driving force behind implied volatility.

Over time the security price fluctuates and the average price can be determined. Once the average is calculated, the trader can track the security’s price to see how much it is above or below the average – thus measuring volatility.

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While historical volatility tells traders how a security’s price has moved in the past, implied volatility is used to help traders determine where a security’s price may move in the future.

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Options For Volatility Trading In Boston's Forex Market

Copy Trading does not include investment advice. The value of your investment may go up or down. Your capital is at risk.

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To continue our discussion of implied volatility in options, let’s look at historical volatility, which shows how a security’s price has moved in the past, and how a security’s price may move in the future due to changes in demand.

Demand can cause inflation and deflation in option prices, but it’s up to option traders to notice what’s happening.

To better understand the effect of implied volatility on options, consider a baker. The baker can sell cookies for $3 each and has several people knocking on the door for them.

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However, the next time the baker opened the door there was a long line of customers demanding cookies – demand had spiked.

With additional demand, the baker raised the price to $4. After the passage of time something happened… Now, the baker has only one person a day who wants cookies – the demand has decreased.

The implied volatility effect is the same. With high demand, option prices inflate. When demand tapers, option prices can shrink. (But no, you don’t get a cookie.)

Options For Volatility Trading In Boston's Forex Market

Let’s talk next about using implied volatility

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