Options Trading Strategies For Enhanced Profits In Brazilian Forex Market – , the world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, has launched Pay in Brazil, enabling local merchants to offer a new alternative to attract new customers, increase processing speed and reduce costs.

Pay is a contactless, borderless and secure cryptocurrency payment option that supports over 70 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), BNB, Ether (ETH) and USDT. Users pay no fees, while merchants and providers can make payments using a solution that securely transfers money from wallet to wallet in seconds. Merchants based in Brazil can choose to receive payments in Brazilian Real or crypto directly to their wallet.

Options Trading Strategies For Enhanced Profits In Brazilian Forex Market

Options Trading Strategies For Enhanced Profits In Brazilian Forex Market

Guilherme Nasser, General Manager for Brazil, said: “Payment is one of the most popular use cases of crypto, which has seen a continuous increase in adoption. Companies and merchants can now benefit from higher processing speeds, lower costs and the security offered by Pay. This launch will be particularly relevant for businesses in Brazil. We expect that because the country is recording one of the highest crypto adoption growth rates. By adopting crypto as a payment method, they will increase the number of new consumers.”

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According to a Deloitte survey, nearly three-quarters of US consumer businesses plan to accept crypto payments by the end of 2023, with 87% agreeing that it would give them a competitive advantage. Crypto adoption is a great way for merchants to support customer preferences, improve user experience, and attract new customers through innovation.

In 2022, leading blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis released its Global Crypto Adoption Index report, in which Brazil ranks 7th in crypto adoption globally.

Since its debut in 2021, Pay has reached over 12 million active users and has processed over $98 billion in payments to date. From pharmacies to mobile data providers, thousands of business partners around the world have been onboarded to accept our crypto payment solutions.

In Brazil, Pay debuted with some partners from the gaming store Weo Games, which includes products from popular games such as Free Fire (Garena), Valorant and League of Legends (Riot Games). E-commerce plugin WooCommerce. Veeo Games is the first gaming platform to accept crypto payments in Latin America.

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Pay users can recharge their prepaid mobile credit through Pay in the Exchange app.

In Argentina, Pay partnered with travel agency Despegar in March this year, and later with credential payments and remittance fintech Vita Wallet. Bay announced its partnership with Despegar in Mexico in May and Colombia in July.

Ladam Gateway is a payment service provider in Brazil. Payment is a service provided in partnership with payment institutions duly licensed by the Central Bank of Brazil.

Options Trading Strategies For Enhanced Profits In Brazilian Forex Market

To pay for their shopping with crypto, consumers in Brazil are following the same path they followed for publicly-operated fiat payment Pix. Merchants can add a payment entry point to their checkout flow.

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After scanning the QR code, customers can pay through online checkout or the app. For each purchase, they can select the token they have in their wallet to pay for and choose the most appropriate one at the moment. Companies and merchants who want to integrate the service can do so by accessing the payment.

The Benefits of Adopting Bitcoin and Other Crypto for Your Business 6 BTC and Why Big Brands Pay: Unlimited Crypto Payments The global foreign exchange market is the world’s largest with over USD 5 trillion traded daily, according to Bank for International Settlements (BIS) data. However, it is not the only way for investors and traders to participate in the forex market. Although not as large as the forex market, the currency futures market has a respectable daily average of $100 billion.

Currency futures—futures contracts in which the underlying commodity is a currency exchange rate—provide access to the foreign exchange market in a context similar to other futures contracts. Figure 1 (below) shows a price chart of one of the multi-currency futures contracts.

Figure 1. Example of currency futures price chart; In this case, the Euro/U.S. Dollar futures contract. Photo by Sabrina Jiang © 2021

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Currency futures, also known as forex futures or forex futures, are exchange-traded futures contracts to buy or sell a specified amount of a specified currency at a specified price and date in the future. Currency futures were introduced on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (now the CME Group) in 1972, rejecting the fixed exchange rate system and the gold standard. Like other futures products, they are traded based on contract months with fixed maturity dates usually falling on the third Wednesday of March, June, September and December.

There are many different types of currency futures contracts available. Besides popular contracts like EUR/USD (Euro/US Dollar Currency Futures Contract), there are also E-Micro Forex Futures contracts, which trade at 1/10 the size of regular currency futures contracts, as well as emerging market currency. Pairs such as PLN/USD (Polish zloty/U.S. dollar futures contract) and RUB/USD (Russian ruble/U.S. dollar futures contract).

Different contracts trade with different amounts of liquidity; For example, the daily volume of a EUR/USD contract might be 400,000 contracts versus 33 contracts for an emerging market like BRL/USD (Brazilian Real/US Dollar).

Options Trading Strategies For Enhanced Profits In Brazilian Forex Market

Unlike forex, where contracts are traded through currency brokers, currency futures are traded on exchanges that provide regulation based on centralized pricing and settlement. Regardless of which broker is used, the market price for a currency futures contract is relatively the same. CME Group offers 49 currency futures contracts with over $100 billion in daily liquidity, making it the world’s largest regulated currency futures market. Smaller exchanges exist worldwide, including NYSE Euronext, Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) and Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange (BM&F).

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Traders and investors are attracted to markets with high liquidity because these markets offer a better chance of making profits. Emerging markets typically have very limited volume and liquidity and need to gain traction before they can compete with other established contracts. G10 contracts, E-mini and E-micro contracts are heavily traded and have high liquidity. Figure 2 (below) shows the most popular currency futures contracts and their specifications.

Futures contracts, including currency futures, must list specifications including the size of the contract, the minimum price increase and the associated tick value. These specifications help traders determine position size and account requirements, as well as the potential profit or loss for different price movements in the contract, as illustrated in Figure 2.

Euro/U.S. A dollar contract, for example, has a minimum price increase of .0001 and a corresponding tick value of $12.50. Each time there is a .0001 movement in price, the value of the contract will change to $12.50, the value will change depending on the direction of the price change. For example, if a long trade was entered at 1.3958 and moved to 1.3959, that .0001 price move would be worth $12.50 to the trader (assuming one contract). If the same long trade moves to 1.3968, the price move would be worth $125.00 ($12.50 X 10 ticks or pips).

There are two primary methods of settling a currency futures contract. In most cases, buyers and sellers will offset their original position by taking the opposite position before the last day of trading (the day varies by contract). When an opposite position trade is closed before the last day of trading, a profit or loss is credited or debited to the trader’s account.

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Less frequently, contracts hold until the maturity date, at which time the contract is either settled in cash or physically delivered, depending on the particular contract and exchange. Most currency futures undergo a physical delivery process four times a year on the third Wednesday of March, June, September and December. Only a small percentage of currency futures contracts are settled on physical delivery of foreign exchange between buyer and seller. When a currency futures contract expires and is physically settled, there is a corresponding exchange and each participant has obligations to complete the delivery.

CME, for example, is responsible for establishing banking facilities in the United States and in each country represented by its currency futures contracts. These agent banks act on behalf of CME and maintain a US dollar account and a foreign currency account to accommodate any physical delivery. Additionally, futures contracts are not directly between customers (for example, a buyer and a seller). Instead, each participant contracts with a clearinghouse, greatly reducing the risk to buyers and sellers of failure to meet the terms of the contract.

Buyers (participants in long positions) arrange with a bank to pay dollars into a delivery account at the International Money Market (IMM), a division of the CME. IMM is the account of sellers (participants in short positions).

Options Trading Strategies For Enhanced Profits In Brazilian Forex Market

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