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We all know that the holidays are all about your loved ones – your pets, of course. At home, they are the boss, take the main place in the bed and get all the attention. When you travel, they are in tow, exploring the world and taking photos by your side. This holiday season, give gifts that make traveling easier and more fun for both you and them. Here are 10 gift ideas that any pet lover should get their paws on.

“pet Owners’ Guide To Travel Insurance: Australia’s Pet-friendly Options”

Just like humans, pets can be adventurous in new places, eager to take off and roam new surroundings. No matter where you are in the world, never lose your pet with this GPS device.

A Guide To Dental Health For Pets

When you travel, both you and your pet can get a little smelly. And when sharing small hotel rooms, that can be a problem. Carry these scented soy wax candles to give off scents that you and your pet will love. Purchase: uncommongoods.com, $28

If your dog is going to travel with you, he also needs a backpack. This one is easy to clip on, comfortable, and can carry everything from treats to water bottles.

This book tells you everything you need to know about traveling with your pet from where to sleep, eat and even drink with your furry friend. Get the collectible version to enjoy stunning photos and dream of the adventures ahead.

Don’t let a rainy day get in the way of your day of fun. This leash has an umbrella at the end, so it keeps your pet dry (and on the move) no matter the weather.

Air Purifier For Pets

Sometimes traveling can be scary, forcing you and your pet to push their limits. Bring this security blanket to make them feel comfortable and safe even in the most exotic places.

Every month, no matter if you’re at home or abroad, this subscription service delivers treats, toys and accessories for your pets. And they’re themed (think Chewrassic or Throwbark Thursday) so you never know what’s coming next. Purchase: BarkBox.com, $21/month

Ellen DeGeneres created an entire line of pet accessories for PetSmart; there are toys, scratching posts, even houses for your pet. Any pet lover will have a blast with a gift card on these adorable products. Buy: PetSmart.com, toys start at $3

Not only do humans like to show off what stamps they’ve accumulated on their travels; pets need their own collection. The Pet Pass is a passport for pets, so the whole family can keep track of where you’ve been. Buy: Etsy.com, $10

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Want to support pets doing good in the world? Puppies Behind Bars is a New York-based nonprofit organization that helps inmates train service dogs that are paired with wounded war veterans. Everyone wins. Buy: Puppy Behind Bars, $10 more

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Editorial Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are solely the author’s, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airline, or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by any of these entities. For pet lovers, living with allergies can be challenging. Pet allergies can cause major health problems, but pet air purifiers can help minimize these triggers.

We all love our furry companions, but when you, a friend or family member has a dog or cat allergy, pet dander (tiny flakes of fur shed by your pets) or saliva can trigger a severe sneezing attack, red and itchy. eyes, and even skin rashes.

A Pet Owners Guide To Dew Claws — Woofpurnay Veterinary Hospital

Dandruff is the main culprit in pet-related allergic reactions. Unfortunately, all of our fuzzy or feathered friends “produce it”. Although most people are not allergic to pet dander, it can make allergies worse by transporting pet dander and other allergens.

To mitigate the impact of pet allergens, you may want to consider using a pet-friendly home air purifier. But can air purifiers effectively remove dander and pet hair from the air? And if so, what is the best and ideal air purifier for pets to take care of the task?

When it comes to pet allergies, it’s essential to understand how they work. An allergic reaction is your immune system’s overreaction to a substance that would not normally cause harm. All animals, including our beloved pets, produce various substances that can cause allergies. In these cases, your immune system reacts to the protein molecules present in the substance.

Pets not only carry dander, but they can also collect dust on their skin and fur. Dandruff consists of flakes of skin shed by your pet in addition to their hair. A dander allergy means you are allergic to the proteins secreted by the sebaceous glands under your pet’s skin. These proteins coat the skin of the shedding, forming part of the dandruff.

The Ultimate Pet Parent’s Guide

Sometimes, you may notice these skin flakes floating in the air or gathering in specific areas of your home. However, not all dandruff is visible to the human eye. Some dander particles are microscopic and can get stuck in carpets, bedding and furniture. When disturbed, these allergens can be released into the air, where they can linger for days.

Although pet hair rarely causes an allergic reaction on its own, it can trap and transport dander particles, making it problematic if it accumulates on the floor, furniture, or becomes airborne. Pet hair can also pick up other animal products, such as saliva or urine, that contain proteins that cause allergies.

Some breeds of dogs and cats are marketed as “hypoallergenic” due to their minimal shedding or lack of fur. While it’s true that non-shedding animals produce less airborne pet hair, all cats and dogs will still shed some dander.

Interestingly, curly-coated dogs can be more allergic than straight-coated dogs because their coats can trap saliva and dander better, preventing them from being released into the air.

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Dust bunnies can often harbor accumulated pet dander, hair and saliva, in addition to other common household allergens such as pollen and mold spores. In addition, dust mites, which feed on pet dander, can multiply and generate more allergy-causing substances that can be released into the air, exacerbating problems for allergy sufferers.

Pet saliva is another prevalent animal-related allergen. When your pets groom themselves, the proteins in their saliva can stick to their fur, like dander, causing allergic reactions on contact.

Pet urine also contains several allergen-causing proteins, which means a pet accident can become a potential source of allergens in your home. If pets are not bathed regularly, urine proteins can also build up on their skin.

According to recent studies, up to 30% of the US population has some type of pet allergy, with cat allergies twice as common as dog allergies. One possible explanation is that cats groom themselves more often than dogs, which results in more saliva on their fur. Also, cats and dogs produce different allergy-causing proteins, so it’s possible to be allergic to one but not the other.

Taking Care Of Your Cat (young Pet Owner’s Guides): Piers, Helen: 9780812048735: Amazon.com: Books

Both animals generate different proteins in their dander, saliva and urine. An allergist can help identify which of these allergens, if any, you may be sensitive to.

It is important to understand that pet allergens are carried in tiny particles that can remain in the air for hours. These particles enter your body mainly through inhalation. Although dander may be microscopic, it is still large enough to be captured by specific filter types and removed from the air by an air purifier.

A pet air purifier with a filter designed to remove particles can significantly reduce airborne pet allergens, especially in confined spaces. These small particles can remain suspended in the air for extended periods, even when your pet is not at home. Eliminating as many of them as possible can certainly help alleviate allergy symptoms.

Air purifiers with HEPA filters are theoretically capable of removing 99.97% of particles 0.3 micrometers in size. Therefore, a HEPA-equipped pet air purifier can help decrease airborne dust, pet dander, and dust mites in your home. If you have pet hair in the air, a HEPA filter can handle these larger particles.

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However, a HEPA filter is not as efficient when it comes to small pet allergen particles that are separated from the larger ones. Smaller molecules have a greater chance of passing through the HEPA filter mesh, and are eventually released back into the air. Inhaling these molecules can cause an allergic reaction.

Essentially, a HEPA filter can help capture pet dander or fur flakes, but it needs to be changed regularly and safely to maintain its effectiveness. Pet owners may need to replace filters more often due to the large amounts of dander and pet hair in their homes, which can quickly clog air filters.

Ionizing air purifiers aim to attach an electrical charge to pet allergen particles that pass by, causing these charged particles to stick to nearby surfaces, such as walls or furniture. However, ionizers often lack a fan, so not much air can flow, leaving many

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