Ppt On Climate Change And Its Effects – Climate, in its broadest sense, is a statistical description of the state of the climate system. Climate change is a change in the statistical properties of the climate system that persists for decades or longer – usually at least 30 years. These statistical properties include mean, variability and extremes. Climate change may be due to natural processes, such as changes in solar radiation, volcanoes or internal variability in the climate system, or due to human influences such as changes in atmospheric composition or land use.

Energy from the Sun is the primary driver of Earth’s climate. The solar energy received by the Earth depends on the amount emitted by the Sun and the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Part of this sunlight is reflected directly back into space by the atmosphere, clouds, and soil, ice and surface water. Aerosols (small particles in the atmosphere, some of which originate from human activities) can increase the reflection of sunlight.

Ppt On Climate Change And Its Effects

Ppt On Climate Change And Its Effects

Global climate varies naturally over time scales ranging from decades to thousands of years and longer. This natural variation can occur in two ways: from internal fluctuations that exchange energy, water and carbon between the atmosphere, sea, land and ice, and from external influences on the climate system, including variations in energy received from the sun and its effects. from volcanic eruptions.

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Human activities can also affect the climate by changing the concentration of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, changing the concentration of aerosols and changing the reflectivity of the Earth’s surface by changing land cover.

Give an educational presentation about climate change and risks and create awareness with climate change PowerPoint presentation Template. Ideal for academic and professional presentations. The climate change template features a variety of attractive designs and layouts on each slide for high audience engagement. The template allows viewers to acknowledge the impact of climate change.

This professional and sleek climate change template allows you to create a quick and easy climate change PowerPoint presentation in less time. The infographic on the first slide tells how the sun affects and causes climate change.

The presenter can use the second slide in the climate change template to talk about how pollution from human activities causes changes in the climate. Present data categories in a graph chart with four slides and provide a visual interpretation of how each category ranks in terms of climate change.

Free And Customizable Climate Change Templates

This template will be useful for ecologists when preparing presentations on the theme of global warming or the impact of industry on the environment. For example, you can use this pattern when preparing a presentation on the topic of the greenhouse effect. Also, this template will be useful when preparing for the Environmental Protection Conference.

University teachers and school teachers can use this template to prepare ecology or natural science courses. Employees of research institutes can use this pattern to prepare research results not on the topic of climate change and its impact on agriculture. Startups can use slides from this template when preparing for meetings with investors. For example, you can prepare information about a new product that will help reduce harmful emissions and improve the climate on Earth.

The template is 100% editable and customizable. In just a few minutes, you can scale graphics, remove/add content, change colors and make adjustments to slides. Teachers, educators, business owners, entrepreneurs, and environmentalists can use climate change templates to create professional-looking slides about climate change. The Climate Change template contains all the tools you need to create a professional and beautiful presentation. This template will be a great addition to your professional presentation collection.

Ppt On Climate Change And Its Effects

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Top 10 Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap Templates With Samples And Examples

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Task 5 Definition – In the middle column try to write your own definition for each keyword. Then using the worksheet, cut the statements and match them with the key words. Once you are happy and have checked with your partner, keep them down.

7 Climate Change Gases Carbon dioxide – the most important gas. Produced by road vehicles, burning fossil fuels in factories and power plants, deforestation (release of co2) CFCs – from aerosols, foam packaging, refrigerators Methane – agriculture increases in fields, cattle ranches, decomposition of organic waste – landfill sites Nitrous oxides – from exhaust cars and farm chemicals, e.g. fertilizer, aircraft engine

Climate Change Company Consumer Individual Actions Powerpoint Template Global Warming Explaination Presentation

8 Some extra facts.. Burning fossil fuels and deforestation are human activities that add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Another greenhouse gas is methane which is also added to the atmosphere by human activities. Methane is a greenhouse gas. Human activities such as rice farming and cattle ranching contribute to the atmosphere, for example. in Australia 11% of the carbon footprint comes from cattle. Burning fossil fuels and deforestation are human activities that contribute to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

Where is the least pollution found? Explain why people in developing countries produce only small amounts of greenhouse gases. Think about their lifestyle and activities compared to developed countries.

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Ppt On Climate Change And Its Effects

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