Selling My House What Do I Need To Know – Selling your home privately actually sounds better. You’re trading full marketing exposure for some personal privacy, a tradeoff of dubious value to most people. Selling a home privately also doesn’t make sense for the rich and famous, as luxury homes are much more difficult to sell, and by default they need all the exposure.

What is a private home sale? Should I sell my home with owner? Should You Sell Your Home Privately on the MLS?

Selling My House What Do I Need To Know

Selling My House What Do I Need To Know

Should You Sell Your Home Through Pocket Listings? Risks of Selling Property Privately When Should I Sell My Home Privately?

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Selling your home privately means you are not actively marketing it to all potential buyers. This is usually because your property is not listed on the MLS, public search websites, or both. Your property is listed on public websites only, which means your property is for sale by owner.

If you list the property yourself on public sites like Craigslist, but not on the MLS, you will not get the attention of more than 90% of all buyers from buyer’s agents.

Your Property Listed Only on the MLS Most MLS systems will allow brokers to list a home only on the MLS for private sale. This means that only brokers will be able to see the listing, but the property will not appear on public websites. Your property is not listed on the MLS or public websites – This is commonly called a pocket listing, which means your listing broker will rely entirely on email marketing to get the attention of direct buyers and buyer’s agents in their network.

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Selling your home privately by owner is never a good idea, as you will miss out on the majority of home buyers who are represented by agents. Because your listing isn’t on the MLS, buyers’ agents won’t notice your listing.

Remember, the MLS system is very powerful because it guarantees a shared split between seller’s agents and buyer’s agents.

The seller’s agent will typically provide a 6% seller’s commission through the sales listing agreement, which is then split equally with the buyers’ agents through the MLS under the contract. As a result, buyer’s agents can rest easy knowing that they will be paid for listing to their buyer clients, and will never have to question or argue about their commission. If you choose to list your home privately, you’re missing out on the opportunity to partner with a universe of buyer’s agents. Not a good idea if you are trying to sell in a weak market!

Selling My House What Do I Need To Know

Selling your home only on the MLS is a good option if you are concerned about privacy and don’t want your home listed on public websites. This is a good medium for someone who wants to sell their home privately but doesn’t want to jeopardize their chances of finding a buyer. However, you still won’t get maximum exposure from buyers because your property won’t be shown everywhere. Most importantly, the buyers you’re missing out on will be direct buyers who can help you save significantly on commission if you use Agent Assistant FSBO or Full Service for a 1% listing service. However, you will have the opportunity to sell your place for full market value, as 90% of buyers are represented by an agent. Your property will only be listed on the MLS, and so only agents can view it, so at least you’ll get the normal exposure of potential buyers.

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Tip: This is a good option for celebrities or other people who are concerned about their privacy and don’t want to post photos of their homes publicly for tabloid reports. Keep in mind that many people will still see your home because it will be visible to all real estate agents, and agents can easily spread the news about your home sale to the press.

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Pocket listings give sellers maximum privacy because your property will not be listed on the MLS or public websites. In fact, your listing agent will usually send an email blast to both buyer’s agents and direct buyers. To go one step further, the listing agent can reach out to some buyer’s agents and direct buyers who they know will be able to get a listing, or who have clients who would be interested in making such a purchase. While you may have heard breathless reports about the increase in West Coast pocket listings in the heated real estate market of a few years ago, you should always think for yourself and avoid following the herd when it comes to selling your home privately. Unless you’re a celebrity or a record label looking to sell a $100 million house or penthouse apartment in New York, there’s no reason to use a pocket listing. Plus, even if you’re selling a $100 million apartment in Manhattan, getting your name listed will generate free press and attention that will help you sell the apartment faster. Remember, by being completely out of this type of market you are missing out on almost all potential buyers, and thus are completely dependent on your listing agent’s personal network. No matter how connected a real estate listing agent is, do you think it’s as connected as the internet? We’re not living in the 1980s anymore. Use the Internet. Don’t make a pocket list.

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The main risk of selling property privately is not being able to sell your property at all, or selling it for significantly less than its market value. The problem with selling a home privately is that your property is not on the market, and thus will not be fully exposed to all potential buyers. If you don’t get full marketing exposure, you’ll have fewer eyeballs, visitors, and leads. You will have less competition from buyers than if you sold it outright. Another risk to selling real estate privately is potential buyers who are specifically looking for a property that is either off the market or in the wrong market. That’s all the money buyers expect as your days on the market increase. Then, when you’re ready to bid, they’ll come in with all the money below your asking price. What will you do when you’re backed into a corner?

Tip: Read our authoritative guide to dealing with difficult home buyers to learn how to deal with New York real estate vulcan buyers, all-cash buyers, and other types of buyers.

There aren’t many reasons to sell your home privately unless you have a direct need for privacy, you have security concerns, or you’re just too worried about the press finding out about your home. Or maybe you don’t want the tabloids to publish photos of your home’s interior.

Selling My House What Do I Need To Know

Other than that, even the rich and famous have no reason to sell their homes privately.

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If you are rich and famous and have a very expensive property, it will be very difficult to sell in the first place. As a result, you should try to get as much marketing exposure for your unit as possible, not less! For example, luxury properties in NYC, typically priced at $10 million or more, take a very long time to sell, if at all. In fact, it is common to see luxury homes in New York sitting on the market for a year or more.

Tip: Luxury homes sell well because the buyer base is much smaller than your typical $2 million and under NYC property. Read our guide on how to sell luxury homes for sale by owner in New York.

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