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Swing Trading Techniques For Profit In Boston’s Forex Market

Swing Trading Techniques For Profit In Boston's Forex Market

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But how do you know what time frame to choose for swing trading? Is there an optimal time frame for swing trading? The short answer is yes – if you make the wrong choice, it can hold you back.

In this article, I will cover the best time frames for swing trading and illustrate why it is the best with real-life examples.

However, I understand that everyone’s personality and strategies are different. Therefore, you will also learn about other swing trading time frames so that you can make your own decision.

In my opinion, the best time frame for swing trading is the daily chart. It aligns with the regular rhythms of our world, helps you establish consistent trading habits, and gives you the best chance of success.

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Trading on the daily timeframe allows you to escape the “noise” of a single local trading session and trade based on global developments.

Reliable, tradeable moves occur when global market participants have ample time to weigh and act on the day’s news and events. Therefore, it makes sense to understand how each financial center reacts during their respective trading sessions, culminating in a daily bar chart or candlestick.

In this section, I’ll elaborate on this reason along with four others, including better work-life balance, lower transaction costs, and improved trade execution.

Swing Trading Techniques For Profit In Boston's Forex Market

The shorter the time frame, the more random the price action will be. This is because much less buying (or selling) pressure is needed to move the market.

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In this case, the price action on the one-minute chart was extremely volatile, with a $50 price move occurring in just two minutes.

But when you zoom out to the daily chart as well, it looks like business as usual:

Overall, the lesson here is that when large amounts of capital are allocated in the same direction, durable, reliable trends develop. The best place to gauge this positioning is on the daily chart.

Large funds (you know, the ones that move billions of dollars!) have to deploy their capital over a longer period of time, otherwise they might have too much of an impact on the market in a single day. But over the course of days and weeks, this will post solid patterns on the higher time frames.

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Add to this the fact that macroeconomic factors (the main drivers of financial markets) last for months or even years, not hours or days.

Therefore, if you want to position yourself for meaningful price movements, the daily time frame is the best chart for swing trading.

Trade execution is often an afterthought for traders. They liken it to “just clicking a few buttons.” But in reality, it’s much more than that.

Swing Trading Techniques For Profit In Boston's Forex Market

Your trade execution includes all decisions you make before your final click on the trading platform. It also includes the choices you must make while holding a position and when you want to exit.

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Each of these decisions comes at a cost because it increases your cognitive load — which is a fancy way of saying mental work.

When you trade on shorter time frames, your cognitive load increases exponentially because you are always focused on the market. As a result, you tire faster and efficient trade execution becomes more difficult.

In contrast, swing trading on the daily timeframe means you have more time to make decisions.

You don’t have to sit still and stare at the chart until your eyes are dry. Simply browse your shortlist anytime before the market opens to place a trade, no time pressure.

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Not only will this reduce your stress, it will also improve your decision-making because you will have time to analyze the latest fundamentals and price movements. It also reduces your errors because you can double-check your numbers.

Since you don’t have to watch every price move when the market opens, trading on the daily timeframe can significantly improve your work-life balance.

Of course, when you’re trading, you’ll always want to keep checking the market. But this is not a

Swing Trading Techniques For Profit In Boston's Forex Market

If you want to check the market multiple times a day, this is a better option than sitting in a chair. For example, if you trade on a 5-minute chart, you have to dial in the entire trading session. Sometimes, if you’re developing a setup, you can’t even get a glass of water!

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In addition to the general comfort, swing trading on the daily timeframe provides you with much-needed free time to spend with friends and family.

Not only does this free time make your life more fulfilling, it also reduces stress, improves your mood, benefits your trading, and puts you in a state of trading zen.

Swing trading in financial markets is an ever-evolving endeavor. There are no standard operating procedures that work forever, so you must continue to learn to ensure your strategies perform as expected.

You can do all of this in less than 40 hours per week on a daily timeframe, and trading on even shorter timeframes can easily yield more results than you would from a full-time job!

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To maximize returns, many swing traders choose to trade shorter time frames because “the more opportunities I have, the more money I can make.”

For example, if you were trading a swing pullback on the 5-minute S&P 500 chart, your stop would likely be approximately 40 basis points ($4) beyond your entry. Now, if you had a $4,000 account and wanted to risk 1% of your capital, you would need to buy or sell 10 shares, which is not possible unless you have enough leverage.

In comparison, if you were trading the same strategy on the daily timeframe, your stop loss would be approximately 500 pips ($50) from your entry point.

Swing Trading Techniques For Profit In Boston's Forex Market

This means that you can actually use the same $4,000 account to trade daily pullbacks even if you have no leverage available.

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That being said, there may be other stocks that are better suited for short-term swing trading, such as Amazon.

In this case, we are a little late, but if you wanted to trade this 15-minute retracement, you would probably place a stop loss about 100 pips ($1) from the entry point.

Now, if you wanted to risk 1% ($40) of your $4,000 account, you would need to buy 40 shares at a cost of about $3,844—manageable with a $4,000 account.

But overall, the principles are the same. Longer swing trading time frames allow you to trade with smaller account balances while respecting risk.

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In fact, if swing traders choose the wrong time frame for swing trading, they have a significant hurdle to overcome – trading costs.

When you trade on shorter time frames, the spread becomes a larger proportion of your investment costs, and currently the spread on the S&P 500 is around $0.60.

Now, there are ways to avoid paying the spread, such as using limit orders. But most traders only use these on entry because they want to exit quickly if they make a mistake.

Swing Trading Techniques For Profit In Boston's Forex Market

If the spread is $0.6, it means that when you buy or sell one share in the market, you lose $0.3. So if you were to trade 10 shares, you would pay $3, which is equivalent to 7.5% of your risk ($40).

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However, when executing a trade on the daily time frame, with the same risk (0.3/40), your trading costs are only 0.75% of the trade because you are only trading one share.

Therefore, by swing trading on the daily timeframe, you may significantly increase your profitability because you pay lower trading fees.

Frankly, the best chart for swing trading is the chart that works for you. You can make money trading swings on any time frame as long as it suits your strategy.

The 4-hour time frame is one of the best time frames for swing trading outside of the daily time frame. Not only does it give you more opportunities to work to your advantage, but it still keeps your transaction costs at a reasonable level.

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Using the spreads above, your trading costs will likely be similar to those on the daily timeframe (approximately 1% of your risk).

The 4-hour chart is also relatively reliable as a swing trading time frame, as patterns emerge over multiple days. This means you are less susceptible to random, emotion-driven price action within a single trading session.

The weekly chart is another best time frame for swing trading because it

Swing Trading Techniques For Profit In Boston's Forex Market


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