The Future Of Energy: Exploring Bordeaux’s Transition To Green Energy Sources – How I vacationed in Europe while reducing my emissions by 94%— Travel time, cost, and carbon comparison with tips and tricks!

After a year and a half of lockdown. We are excited to travel abroad. We’d been to Bordeaux before with friends (flew on a budget airline), but that came with a huge carbon footprint. Even if it’s for a short time Drag flight from London Luton

The Future Of Energy: Exploring Bordeaux’s Transition To Green Energy Sources

The Future Of Energy: Exploring Bordeaux's Transition To Green Energy Sources

The question is: How do we travel in a way that reduces our carbon footprint and saves money? but still provides flexibility convenience And can it give us peace of mind in a world that can learn to live with COVID?

How To Spend 24 Hours In Bordeaux

(P.S. The answer is yes, as long as you have a few hours to spare. Read on to the end for helpful hints and tips.)

We usually fly from the nearest airport. (and usually cheapest) — London Luton All subsequent analysis is based on home starts. (about 25 miles away) from LTN

Instead, we took a Tesla Model 3 Long Range (mid-2019 model) through the Channel Tunnel, hugged the coast of northern France on Autoroutes (tolls apply), and stopped at Abbeville & Rouen to catch Superchargers. before turning south towards Le Mans Niort & Bordeaux again on Autoroutes.

The Supercharger experience is faultless in every respect. Each location had adequate availability and charging at a satisfying speed (the V3 stations reached 250kW as advertised!), allowing us to move quickly after each charging session. Prices are broadly similar across the network. (c.£0.33–0.35/kWh as of Oct 2021) Automatic functions work especially well on smooth, uncrowded French roads!

Future Of Cities

There’s no way to get around — driving takes longer than flying! Our trip took approximately 14 hours door-to-door, covering 710 miles. In theory, it could only take 11.5 hours, but in practice there are a few things that will slow you down:

Driving is slightly cheaper (about £90 or 14%) than traveling by plane. The biggest cost is the Channel Tunnel crossing (£247), if there’s a good discount on that. You will save even more money!

Tolls are real on French auto routes. And there was no real savings for the roughly £130 we paid.

The Future Of Energy: Exploring Bordeaux's Transition To Green Energy Sources

Overcharging costs £68 per trip on average – for outbound we charged fully at home on our Octopus Go tariff.

Bordeaux Attempts To Balance Tradition With Evolution

A hidden bonus was that we were able to bring back just the right amount of wine for friends and family. Without having to worry about baggage fees/breakage!

Cost and Emissions Details — Driving an electric car (Tesla Model 3 LR) through the Euro Tunnel and Autoroute with toll fees. using a supercharger

For comparison Economy class flight for two on a budget airline Car rental (gasoline) and supplementary comparison values ​​are accurate as of Oct 2021. Includes CO2 emissions of 632.50 lbs and 831 kg.

Cost and Emissions Breakdown — Round-trip LTN-BOD flight with taxi transfer, rental car, and 1x excess baggage for wine.

Bordeaux Brazza Ucpa Sport Station L Np2f

Using MyClimate, calculating emissions for two adults flying round-trip economy LTN-BOD — exercising a combined weight of an incredible 740 kilograms. Even a short 1.5 hour flight accounts for most of the 831kg of CO2 emissions if we choose to fly.

On the contrary Driving our electric cars produces 49 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions, most of which comes from emissions from supercharging (45 kilograms), calculated using the UK and French grid averages ( 233 grams/kWh and 57 grams/kWh respectively)

Note: Not getting into the EV LCA discussion here, but for those using that logic. Think about the embedded greenhouse gas emissions of airplanes/rental cars. ICE/Petroleum Creation!

The Future Of Energy: Exploring Bordeaux's Transition To Green Energy Sources

Fortunately, the trip proceeded without any technical glitches. Most come from the highly reliable Supercharger network. And the prices are competitive as well.

An Insider’s Guide To Touring The French City Of Bordeaux

In terms of emissions The case for our trip is very strong. We had an experience just as good (if not better) than if we had flown. (There’s a lot to be said for driving your own car!)

In terms of cost We did save a bit (about £90) but at the cost of a long trip (14 hours vs. 6-7 hours if we flew), but we saw France along the way.

We will travel again But next time stop and spend the night somewhere in the middle (Rouen, Alencon or Tours), there is so much to see and explore!

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South Of France Scenic River Cruise In Bordeaux With Poh Ling Yeow

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The Future Of Energy: Exploring Bordeaux's Transition To Green Energy Sources

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Dead Man’s Gambit: The Crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 The full story of the most famous African plane hijacking. Told from start to finish, French utilities and utilities plan to use 100MW of solar power for a 40MW electrolyzer to produce green H2 for further processing into renewable diesel.

Total and French utility Engie have sealed a cooperation agreement to build and operate France’s largest plant to produce green hydrogen using renewable energy.

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Open Letter To H.e. Dr. Walid Fayad, Minister Of Energy And Water

Total’s La Mede biorefinery in southern France plans to use electricity from several solar farms with a combined capacity of more than 100 MW to power a 40 MW electrolyser. It will initially produce so-called green hydrogen at a production capacity of five tonnes per day. Renewable energy

Hydrogen is expected to meet the needs of the biofuel production process at Total’s biorefinery, avoiding the release of 15,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

“This renewable hydrogen production plant combined with our expertise in solar energy It is the next step in our commitment to reach net zero carbon by 2050,” said Philippe Sauquet, President of Gases. Renewable energy and Total Energy said

The Future Of Energy: Exploring Bordeaux's Transition To Green Energy Sources

“The combination of two leading French energy companies will make it possible to develop the hydrogen sector and become a leader. Thanks to this joint industry project and its international replication.”

Factsheet: Energy In France

Total said it intends to use a portion of its green hydrogen for industrial customers. and part for the production of renewable diesel fuel. without specifying that any other raw materials would be used for that process.

Renewable diesel is generally made from non-petroleum resources such as natural fats, vegetable oils and greases, which are then put through a hydrogenation process. Therefore, there is no oxygen. and burns cleaner than biodiesel (made from vegetable oil in a chemical process using certain types of alcohol) in combustion engines

The companies plan to begin construction of the facility in 2022 after completing advanced engineering studies. Production is expected to start in 2024. The project has already applied for funding from French and European Union agencies.

After the first stage New renewable plants may be developed to allow the plant to increase its green hydrogen output by up to 15 tons per day.

France To Stop Granting Oil Exploration Licences

“The collaboration between Engie and Total in terms of scale and ambitious integrated approach It reflects Engie’s strategy to develop renewable hydrogen to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint.

“It also paves the way for renewable hydrogen hubs with multiple applications in the near future. It has strong roots in the region and has an international reach.”

To manage solar energy production periodically and the biorefinery’s need for a continuous supply of hydrogen. The site will also include large-scale hydrogen storage.

The Future Of Energy: Exploring Bordeaux's Transition To Green Energy Sources

Total and green hydrogen is betting on the production of so-called ‘Blue hydrogen’, which is produced using natural gas linked to carbon capture and storage (CCS), blue hydrogen still emits some carbon dioxide.

The Best Coffee Shops In Bordeaux: Café Hopping In The Wine City

Engie is also involved in other green hydrogen projects, with the utility yesterday announcing plans with French developer Neoen. to build a giant 1 gigawatt solar farm near Bordeaux This will be linked to the production of environmentally friendly hydrogen. battery storage and data center Red wine consumption in France has dropped significantly in the past decade. To support beer and other beverages

Climate change is affecting the crown jewel of France’s agricultural sector | Raymond Roig/AFP via Getty Images

Winemakers in the prestigious Bordeaux region are preparing to uproot thousands of hectares of vineyards. With changing consumer behavior and global warming affecting one of the crown jewels of France’s agricultural industry,

Considering Bordeaux’s flagship status in the public’s mind, This may seem surprising. There are many factors, such as the decreased consumption of red wine. Declining demand from China and the difficulty of producing wine in warmer environments. It is significantly changing wine production in France.

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Red wine consumption has dropped significantly over the past decade. This is because French drinkers turn to other beverages. that are more refreshing, such as beer, while high-end Bordeaux bottles, such as

As a result, the price dropped to

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