Things Dads Need To Know About Pregnancy – You took him to the hospital. Now the real work begins. You’re going to be a new dad soon, but before that, you need to get your shit together and focus.

So do your 30-second meditation or splash cold water on your face because it’s time for the hand-holding, mental-toughness-coaching, confidence-building, belly-of-steel champion you want to be.

Things Dads Need To Know About Pregnancy

Things Dads Need To Know About Pregnancy

So what should you do when you get to the labor and delivery room? We’ve got you.

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Braxton Hicks contractions sound scary because of their name, but they’re not. They can leave you questioning whether it’s time to press play on your favorite Netflix show or if it’s really time to head to the ER and start active labor. Most mothers will go to the hospital or birth center at least once thinking it’s time. So, how do you know when it’s really time to take your partner to the hospital or birth center? Here are some tips to help you make that decision. Either way, don’t write them off so easily.

A quality contraction timing app will mark you when contractions start, end and when the next one starts. You can read more about contraction times from Bloom Life. If you don’t have access to a phone or device with an app, you’ll want to write down the information to help you track contractions so you can see when it’s time. Having this information will help when you talk to your doctor.

Ask your doctor what he considers active labor. Do this on one of your appointments and earn some brownie points! However, most doctors will say that contractions lasting 1 minute and coming every 4-5 minutes are a sign that it’s time to go to the hospital or birth center. You can read more about what to expect at this time in this article. Once contractions hit this regular rhythm and are consistent, you’ll want to be ready to go.

If your partner’s water breaks, you need to go to the hospital or birth center. duration Hopefully, you have your hospital bag packed and ready to go. Once the water breaks, it can trigger labor to speed up.

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Your lady is finally in labor. You’ve made it into a room and there are machines everywhere. No…you’re not in an episode of Star Trek…it’s all right. Everything in the room serves a purpose and is there to help you and your partner welcome your new baby. Below are some of the machines you can expect to see. Don’t be afraid to ask a nurse or midwife if it will help you support your partner and feel less anxious throughout the process.

This machine has a more technical name but this is the easiest way to explain it. This machine will run for the entire labor process. It does a few things. The sheet of paper will show the medical professional how often the contractions are happening, the baby’s heart rate, and how the two things are related. The numbers on the screen are also important. The 132 you see in the picture is the baby’s heartbeat. 142/94 will be the mother’s blood pressure. 73 is the mother’s pulse and 14 is related to the state of contraction.

This machine will be a great help to you as your partner is in labour. The top line will show you when contractions are coming and how regularly they are coming. Many husbands will see this monitor as a way to see when contractions are coming so they can support their partner. You will learn during this process that as it begins to grow her pain level increases because it is a contraction.

Things Dads Need To Know About Pregnancy

There will be many accessories attached to your lady. You may notice something that looks like a waistband wrapped around your woman’s preggo belly. It will monitor the baby’s contractions and heart rate. You may see these adjusted several times as labor progresses. Medical professionals are just trying to get the best reading possible. Your partner may also have an IV, a blood pressure cuff, and if he has an epidural, there is a special machine in charge of the epidural.

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Just be there. It’s “no duh” that pregnancy is painful. It may be hard for you to watch, but giving birth is a thousand times harder for her, so shut up and be there for her. hold her hand If she wants to talk about things, talk about them. Remind him that things are going to be okay and that he is safe and that you love him. You do those things and you’re already winning. Whatever you do, don’t joke, even if it’s something you do when you’re nervous. Don’t joke around in the labor and delivery room. Not the right time or place, bro.

If you’ve taken a birthing class, this is where breathing training comes into play. If you didn’t, we’re pretty sure you know how to breathe. You have to step it up when you’re having kids. An OBGYN nurse we spoke with shared the birthday candle method. Imagine a birthday cake with a hundred candles on it. Every time you blow one, it lights up again. This will help you think about taking short, quick breaths. Those short quick breaths, similar to blowing out candles, will help you and him remember to breathe.

Medical professionals will help you support her during her labor. They may recommend pressing firmly on her back, helping her change positions. This may be uncomfortable for you but it will give you the ability to give your partner some comfort.

She is a whiner and may hate you from time to time during labor. Wouldn’t you if something came out of you? just listen Stick to the tips above and you’ll be fine. you got it

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As The Rock says, “Know your role and shut your mouth!” Part of it definitely applies. Apart from not joking and staying focused, you need to know that you are the most hated and loved person in the room. Your job can be summed up in one simple word. support Just be there to support him. He needs to help you feel heard and right…it’s that simple.

Chances are if your wife is Type A, she’s put together a birth plan. The way she hopes and wishes things will move forward. Creating a birth plan is wonderful and if things are going well, it’s your job to help make sure it’s properly implemented by the medical staff. But if things start to go wrong, listen to the doctor. Doctors will try to talk to your wife, but she may not hear it all, so just help by repeating what the doctor says and asking her for her input. You don’t have to make decisions for her, unless she gives you permission to do so.

It will look different for each mother and even for each labor. However, the overall goal is to stand by her and help her feel supported during her labor. This might mean getting ice chips from the nurse, checking the status of her epidural, or rubbing her back when she’s in pain. Your ultimate goal is to help him in any way you can so he can focus on work.

Things Dads Need To Know About Pregnancy

Your partner will need to focus on the task in front of him. One way you can help him is by making sure family and friends are kept updated on his progress. No, this doesn’t mean post a social media status every step of the way. Ask your lady before posting anything. The first picture of him and the baby should come from his account, not yours and not your mother’s. If you leak the first picture, even via text, to a family member before you post it to their account, you’re dead meat.

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It can be difficult for your partner to speak up for themselves during labour. Be her advocate during this time and you’ll help her be more at peace with the process. However, his being a lawyer does not mean that he holds office. Instead, figure out what he needs help with and make it your mission to take care of it. Keep his ice chip cup filled, make a list of questions for the nurses, or make sure the family is giving him a place to rest.

You have an idea of ​​what your labor experience might look like, but we’re here to tell you that it might be completely different than you think. You may have a magical experience where the baby comes out and you cry together with your wife and

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