Things First Time Moms Need To Know – I had never heard the term “fourth trimester” until I became a mother. The fourth trimester is the time when your baby learns to live in the world outside your womb. At the same time you learn to become a mother. “Mothers need just as much care as newborns,” says Alexandra Sacks, M.D. “Because they too were just born.”

The sentiment is enough to bring this mother to nostalgic tears. Even though I’m well out of the newborn stage now, I can clearly remember being in the middle of it because it’s not just a new world for your baby, it’s a new world for you too.

Things First Time Moms Need To Know

Things First Time Moms Need To Know

Of course, no one goes through the exact same journey to motherhood, but there are certain—ahem—rites of passage that we all experience as new moms. Like regular elements of labor and postpartum healing (welcome back, maxi pads!) and other moments you can’t really prepare for – like the frantic urgency of turning your first eruption into the sheer bliss of seeing their first smile. Not to mention the feeling of overwhelming gratitude and understanding for the mothers who came before you.

Practical Parenting Tips Every New Mom Needs To Know!

Our editors at The Everymom gathered to share some common moments (42 to be exact!) that we, and many new moms, have experienced in the fourth trimester. And, new moms, we’ve also created a new mom bingo board for you to add some fun to this special new phase. Check out the bingo board (and download a printable version!) below and keep scrolling for the 42 things every new mom experiences during the fourth trimester.

5. Trying on an old pair of jeans and crying when they don’t go past your knees (just don’t do it!)

16. Nearly dying from holding back a sneeze and/or almost choking from coughing to avoid waking the baby

33. Accidentally shoplifted from Target because the car seat carrier covered an item at the bottom of your shopping cart. This post is sponsored by Walmart & RewardStyle. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this possible.

Gifts Every New Mom Needs — The Mushy Mom’s Fiat

Can you believe it? Today Carter is 1 month young! It’s been a whirlwind of a time, and I’ve learned so much about being a mother over the past few weeks.

When I was pregnant and creating my registry, I remember putting items in my registry for the fashion of it all. Now there were a number of things that I identified there as ‘much needed’, based on suggestions from friends and family, but also based on my experience with babysitting my niece and nephew when they were little. Once Carter was born, I realized there were baby supplies I was missing that I never had on my registry, along with things I did receive that I rely on more than ever.

So today I want to share with you the baby essentials that I think I could live without, that you can go get for yourself right now during the Best of Baby Month event happening right now at Walmart!

Things First Time Moms Need To Know

The Walmart Best of Baby Month event is happening throughout the month of September, and during this event it’s a great time to buy all the best baby products you want and need while saving big. This event includes everything from as small as the bottles to as big as the crib you want to put in your nursery. And to be honest, it’s best to buy a crib if you can save a lot, because cribs are not a small expense.

Things New Parents Need To Know Before Filing Their Taxes In 2020

But in that spirit, I want to share with you some of the products that I have found have been absolutely essential and have been things that have saved me from meltdowns (

) and has allowed me to get those few extra minutes of sleep that are much needed in both the middle of the night and the middle of the day. In just twenty months, Brett and I went from zero kids to THREE. When we found out we were pregnant with twins in December 2014, we knew we had a lot of work ahead of us… but we had no idea how much we were going to learn. As I researched and began to prepare for the arrival of my twins, I remember feeling completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of baby products available… and all the options?! I was beyond lost.

One day (somewhere around 4 months into my pregnancy) I was wiggling aimlessly in a Babies R’ Us. As I walked back and forth across each island, the fear sank deeper and deeper. I started to feel like the new kid at school. How could I know so little about being a new mother? Shouldn’t it be obvious? And how was there this huge store dedicated to such a tiny person? Would my babies really need all these *things*!? So somewhere between the baby bottles and Boppy Pillows I decided: YES. If they made all this, then I would

Need. I loved those two little babies in my belly so much that I would give them anything

Things Every New Mom Should Know

. So I spent the next few weeks picking out everything everyone said I needed. I read reviews, asked friends and pinned every list from Pinterest, my registry was full of every baby gadget you can imagine… TIMES TWO.

Then, when she was only 27.5 weeks pregnant, the unthinkable happened. I went into labor and gave birth to our twins at 28 weeks. Everything I thought I had prepared flew out the window when we were faced with a whole new reality. Fortunately, by the grace of God, our happy and healthy twins, Grant and Hayden, came home three months later. This was when the real fun started, and I discovered that I was SO wrong about everything I thought I knew. Our twins were followed by several therapists who all confirmed my findings. All the gadgets and equipment I bought actually hindered the twins’ natural ability to learn and grow. Swings, rockers and mommy roses were placeholders, replacing necessary tummy time and precious face time with mom and dad. They simply didn’t need them!

Fast forward to April 2016, when I found out I was pregnant with baby #3! This meant that at his birth we would have THREE children under the age of TWO. A shocking reality for the new mom who found herself wandering aimlessly around Babies R’ Us fifteen months ago… but I was a different woman. I now no longer had confidence in the knowledge I had gained over the past year as a mother of premature twins. Sure, I was nervous about having three under two, but I knew how straight forward having a new baby really was

Things First Time Moms Need To Know

. It may sound silly, because having children is the most profound thing a person/couple can do, but babies actually need a lot less than we, as consumers, want to believe. So when Harrison Gray was born in January 2017, this time I was prepared with everything I really needed, and NOTHING I didn’t have.

Things I Want All My First Time Mom Friends To Know

I developed this list after the birth of my third baby. After a lot of trial and error and a LOT of money wasted on useless baby products, I’ve discovered that this minimal checklist for new babies covers all

Necessary to prepare for the birth of a new baby. I should clarify that this is based on my personal experience and opinion, and that obviously additional purchases will be made after a baby is born; especially on diapers and clothes if you have a fast grower! That said, if you as a new mom are prepared for these simple things before your baby is born, you will be

Now for the baby checklist breakdown…I’ve added my own personal recommendations and favorites for baby products! Note: I do not receive any commission from any of the links below. My opinions and recommendations are based solely on my own personal experience.

The most important piece of clothing your baby will own. Depending on the season, you’ll have to choose between long and short sleeve onesies (or both), and your baby will LIVE in them. Carter’s has endless basic onesie options, and you really can’t go wrong.

My Top 10 Must Have Baby Items For First Time Moms

The second most important piece of clothing your baby will own. Babies really are no-nonsense, and these practical one-piece outfits are great for exactly what they say: sleeping and playing! You can find these everywhere, but Carter’s also has a nice selection. They are available with buttons and zippers, my advice: *get zippers whenever you can*! You’ll thank yourself at 3 a.m. when you change your third blowout of the day.

These are more for mom than baby 😉 Start with 3-4 cute tops and matching pants/shorts (depending on the season). You can add more as baby grows and you get a sense of his or her individual style (yes, that really happens!). We like to shop handmade for the most unique baby items, Etsy has the best options; and of course we are in favor of our own line of handmade baby harem pants &

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