Things I Need To Know About Pregnancy – While pregnancy can be a happy and exciting time, it’s also a time of change – and with change can come stress.

Sometimes, the stress is due to a difficult pregnancy or even a relationship issue. And sometimes, it’s for other reasons, like your job or finances.

Things I Need To Know About Pregnancy

Things I Need To Know About Pregnancy

The truth is, about 20% of pregnant women have some sort of mental health issue during or after pregnancy. So, if you are dealing with stress during pregnancy, you are not alone!

Happy Healthy Pregnancy: 50 Things You Really Need To Know By Ali Monaghan

There are things you can try to relieve stress during pregnancy, such as mindfulness and even yoga. Both of these activities encourage a mind/body connection and a time of reflection and peace.

Self-care is a buzzword right now, but it’s not just bubble baths and manicures. Making sure you get enough rest, a healthy diet, quiet time to do hobbies or other calming activities – or even time with your partner or other children – can help bring you peace. and reduced stress levels. It can be challenging to do everything, but taking it easy and taking care is important during pregnancy.

If you feel that you have more than normal levels of stress during pregnancy, please, talk to your doctor or midwife. He is there to help you during this time so you can focus on raising that precious child. You’ve made it through the first three months of your pregnancy, but what do you need to know about the second trimester?

This is a time of great changes in your body as your bump finally shows and some of the less favorable pregnancy symptoms go away, like morning sickness.

Weeks Pregnant: Ultrasounds, Bleeding, Cramps & Other Symptoms

However, they have been replaced by new ones, unfortunately. Here are some tips and advice on what to expect to see you in the next round.

Maybe you’re starting to feel like your jeans are a little tight. You can buy straps that will allow you to widen the waist of your jeans, but I absolutely recommend maternity jeans.

They are stretchy, comfortable and look great. There are so many options for maternity clothes today, I recommended a few before in my favorite maternity clothes post.

Things I Need To Know About Pregnancy

Try to think about versatility when choosing clothes, such as the clothes you wear to work and to go out. Many maternity clothes also include nursing features so that means your maternity clothes can continue to be useful for months to come.

Everything You Need To Buy For Pregnancy

No amount of moisturizer can prevent stretch marks, sorry! But it helps to keep your bump as moisturized as possible. It also soothes itchy skin. You don’t need to get a specific pregnancy moisturizer, anything good and rich will do.

Your baby still has room to do some belly acrobatics so you can start to feel not only the vibrations and kicks but strange movements.

Some babies are more active than others, my second one felt like I was being beaten from the inside the last few weeks, but everyone is always moving.

You don’t need to worry about counting kicks until after week 24 but it’s a good idea to be aware of your baby’s activity.

Everything You Need To Know About Pregnancy, From A Doula

When it’s time to count kicks, try to stay aware of the times of day your baby is most active. If you are worried, always talk to your midwife.

Many parents prefer to keep it as a surprise and there is a growing trend for gender reveal parties. You can have the ultrasound technician write down your baby’s gender and put it in the envelope.

You can do cool things like give it to a bakery, which creates a cake cut to reveal blue or pink inside.

Things I Need To Know About Pregnancy

Sometimes your baby with their legs crossed is not in the right position to tell their gender. If this happens, you may be asked to walk back and forth or twist your hips slightly.

Things Every Pregnant Woman Needs

Well, this pregnancy problem can be a real pain. You can take indigestion medicine like Rennie while pregnant. Obviously always check the box when getting something new.

Lying down can sometimes make indigestion worse so try propping yourself up with some pillows in bed. A glass of milk also helps.

The first trimester is very exhausting because your body is working hard to create a happy environment for your baby. But after this you may find your energy returning and some people report an extra spring in their step.

Sleeping on your back is not recommended from around 16 weeks onwards as it can cause circulation issues for you and your baby.

Things To Do Before Going Into Labor

It is suggested that sleeping on your left hand side is best to keep your baby’s blood circulating. You can buy maternity pillows that will support you and your growing bump to get a good night’s sleep.

Always carry a pot of wee and be prepared for some blood tests to make sure you are not at risk of developing anemia or any other issues.

Write down your questions for your midwife as you think of them and bring the list to your appointment so you don’t forget! A child’s brain is a real thing.

Things I Need To Know About Pregnancy

You may notice that your hair is thicker and a bit more attractive now! Those hormones are doing you a favor in the end, thanks!

What Is The Man’s Role During Pregnancy?

When you’re in the third trimester you don’t feel like painting the walls and making the beds. It’s a good idea to get the big nursery jobs done after the 20 week scan.

You don’t need to have all the kit ready, but it’s a good idea to get these bigger tasks done and then you can buy smaller things like clothes at your leisure.

Wear light pajamas and keep a cold drink by the bed. Investing in a decent fan is also a good idea.

The journey to work can be especially difficult if you’re dealing with weight gain and various aches and pains. The Baby on Board badge for the London Underground is great. Transport for London will ship to you free of charge if you contact them through their website.

Book Sale] Happy Healthy Pregnancy

It can feel like a stitch in your side that you usually develop after exercising.

It can be uncomfortable at times, with pain varying from mild to moderate. Ask your midwife if it’s too much.

It is safe to take paracetamol during pregnancy. A warm bath can also help relieve discomfort.

Things I Need To Know About Pregnancy

This is common during pregnancy and is caused by hormones and water retention. It disappears after childbirth. Buy bigger, more comfortable, shoes so you can see.

Pregnancy Trimesters: Everything You Need To Know

It’s 3 am and you wake up with restless legs. It’s annoying that disturbed sleep starts during pregnancy as we can with all the good sleep we get!

Try not to stress about what the scale says. Eating balanced meals is the best way forward for you and your baby. Get your five a day by snacking on fruit and including at least one vegetable at every meal.

It’s a good idea to keep active so you can maintain a certain level of fitness when work comes. You’ll position your body in many ways, so this will help keep more in place when contractions start.

Even walking for 30 minutes a day can make a difference. Doing chores around the house is also a great way to get your heart rate up.

Things You Need To Know About The First Trimester

Swimming can be great if you also struggle with back pain. It will tone your muscles and is a good workout without putting too much strain on your body.

With a growing baby taking up more and more space in your belly, your bladder can be under a lot of pressure.

You will find yourself going back and forth in the bathroom like a yo-yo. It’s especially annoying in the middle of the night.

Things I Need To Know About Pregnancy

Your hormones are running wild during pregnancy and one of the side effects is slowing down your digestive system.

Things You Need After Having A Baby

Unfortunately this can lead to a lot of discomfort for you if it causes you to have difficulty going to the loo. Drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit. Prune juice and orange juice help move things along.

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