Things To Check When Renting An Apartment – The average person in the U.S. moves 11.7 times in their lifetime. The Census Bureau shares. That’s a lot of packing!

On the bright side, with proper planning, you can move into your first apartment stress-free. Here’s our complete apartment moving checklist to make sure you’re on track when moving.

Things To Check When Renting An Apartment

Things To Check When Renting An Apartment

If you plan to hire a moving company, choose a mid-month date for the best prices. Also, schedule a Friday move to allow for a weekend of unpacking.

First / New Apartment Checklist

If you plan to go on a weekday, make sure you request time off from work to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

When setting your moving budget, consider the costs of moving boxes, packing supplies, moving insurance, and hiring a moving company.

Notify the current landlord that you are not renewing your lease at least 30 days before your move date. Also, ask them to give you a move-out damage checklist.

This is especially important if you have a security deposit. Use the move-out checklist to determine what is in good condition and what is damaged.

Perfect Move In / Out Checklists (for Any Rental Inspection)

Sign your new lease and get details like when you can pick up your keys and double-check the utilities you’ll be setting up.

Measure your furniture and get the dimensions of the new apartment to determine which furniture will fit. You can even scale a doorway, stairwell, or elevator to avoid moving nightmares.

Schedule the movers when you decide on your move date. Do so in advance to ensure the availability of the moving company.

Things To Check When Renting An Apartment

Renters insurance covers losses from certain perils, such as theft of your belongings from your car during a move. But it may not cover the damages caused by the movers as it is the responsibility of the moving company.

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Alternatively, if your friends are helping you move, offer them food and drinks to show you appreciate their help. A little pizza goes a long way.

Start gathering your moving and packing supplies. Create a space in your apartment where you store all your supplies before you start packing.

Start packing things you don’t use daily, like decor and wall art. Organize last minute items to pack them faster closer to the moving date.

Go through your stuff, figure out what you want to get rid of, and put them into two categories: selling and donating.

Things To Consider Before Renting A House

Post items you want to sell in local Facebook groups, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Nextdoor, or for sale apps. You can also host an estate, yard or garage sale.

Schedule a change of address with the USPS and update your new address with your bank, credit card, medical offices and subscriptions.

If you already have insurance, now is a good time to review and update your policy to make sure it still provides the coverage you need. If you

Things To Check When Renting An Apartment

Still have renters insurance, or if you want to shop around, check and get a quote in under a minute. It’s the fastest way to get landlord-approved coverage, and if you’re already insured by another provider, we’ll work to cancel your old policy so you can focus on moving.

What To Look For On An Apartment Tour: The Ultimate Checklist

Another benefit of choosing? We return unused funds to members through our annual member dividend. You can take that as a guarantee that we won’t overcharge you.

Most landlords require proof of renters insurance. Easily add your new landlord to an insurance policy by listing them as an interested party. You only need to provide their contact information.

Most utility companies allow you to transfer your service from one location to another. You only need to inform your utility provider of the end date of your previous occupancy and the start date of the new residence.

If you’re moving in with people, downsizing, or have a gap between your move-in and move-out dates, you may need long-term storage for your belongings.

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In that case, you may need some renters insurance while in storage. The good news is that the insurance policy extends to storage units.

Before you lock up your items, review your policy to make sure you understand the perils covered and any off-premise coverage limitations.

Schedule a time to have your landlord stop by and do a final walk-through to make sure everything is in order.

Things To Check When Renting An Apartment

Landlords sometimes deduct from security deposits to cover cleaning and maintenance fees. Clean your apartment and capture photos to make sure you get your full security deposit back.

Apartment Search Checklist: 10 Things Every Renter Should Look For

Survey your new neighborhood to identify nearby essential services such as a grocery store, pharmacy, post office, gym and parks.

After the moving process is over, invite friends and family over to celebrate your new home (you deserve it).

You don’t have to guess or rely on your memory when planning to move. With proper planning and our handy checklist, you can make a smooth transition to your new location.

And, if you need to protect the belongings you’re moving, renters insurance is the best place to start. See for yourself – get a quote today.

Landlord Preventative Maintenance Inspection Checklist

Note: This post is for informational purposes only, insurance regulation and coverage specifics vary by location and individual. Check your policy for exact coverage information. Signed the lease and ready to move in? Congratulations! Before you get too comfortable in your new place, it’s important to look around and make sure you know your rental situation before moving in completely. Among other things, you should go through a rental inspection checklist to check for any damages, cracks, scratches and malfunctioning appliances.

A rental inspection checklist provides a systematic way to document the condition of an apartment before moving into it. Once you move in, you’re responsible for any damages that occur in the rental, so it’s important not to have anything damaged or malfunctioning before. You are responsible. The best way to track the condition of floorboards, walls, doors, locks, and appliances in every room of a house or apartment is to use a rental walkthrough checklist.

A rental inspection checklist can also come in handy when it’s time to move out. In fact, this is especially helpful when trying to get your security deposit back because you have documentation of everything that was damaged before you became a tenant.

Things To Check When Renting An Apartment

Everything from the floorboard condition to the shower drain should be on your rental inspection checklist. If there’s something small wrong with your light fixtures, balcony railing, or the inside of your oven, make sure you document it.

Questions To Ask When Touring An Apartment

Use the free rental inspection checklist we’ve provided below to make sure you’ve covered all your bases, or click below to download a printable, PDF version.

Make a copy of your rent inspection checklist, sign it, and send it to your landlord via email or snail mail. You should be able to prove that you documented the condition of your apartment before you moved into it. That way, when it’s time to move out, everything is already in writing. The last thing you want is for your landlord to claim that you made damages or broke any appliances that were already there when you moved in.

Don’t have a new place yet? Browse apartments for rent and find your next home today.

Julie is an avid sports enthusiast, beer drinker, city runner and non-fiction reader. She’s been a renter for 10 years and has learned a thing or two in the process.

Rental Property Inspection Checklist

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