Things To Do In Kyoto Japan Guide – Ine (伊根町) is a town located in the Yosa District of northern Kyoto Prefecture. It is known for its traditional wooden fishing houses, or Funaya, along Ine Bay. The region is located at t..

Along a river in the western part of Kyoto lies Arashiyama, a rural suburb of Kyoto. Literally “Storm Mountain”, Arashiyama is actually a peaceful place where you can relax and unwind in a beautiful..

Things To Do In Kyoto Japan Guide

Things To Do In Kyoto Japan Guide

Shijo Dori is filled with restaurants, souvenir shops, clothing stores and everything a shopping complex could hope for. More importantly, following this road directly east will bring you to ..

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You can try to visit all the major sites, including but certainly not limited to: Fushimi Inari Shrine and its brilliant line of torii gates, its many temples (especially Kiyomizu-dera, Sanjusang-do and Kinkaku-ji), Nijo Castle and Amanohashidate (one of Japan’s Three Views).

Or you can try to “experience” Kyoto and its rich culture: appreciate the traditional architecture and maiko of the Gion district, attend the Gion Festival (held every July) and treat yourself to the various delicacies Kyoto has to offer such as Uji matcha green tea, tofu and various Japanese confectionery. Kyoto is on the bucket list of many travelers, and for good reason.

The upcoming NAKED Art Station Kyoto evt transforms what is normally a utilitarian space into an impromptu art exhibition.

The Kurama Five Festival is one of the most spectacular events in Kyoto and takes place every year on the evening of October 22…

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Every year in autumn, Kyoto’s Yume Cosmos Park comes alive with a wide variety of early, mid and late flowering cosmos types…

Ichiwa is a thousand-year-old shop with long-standing connections to the Yasurai Matsuri festival at Imamiya Shrine, selling aburi-mochi, ..

Kyoto is famous for many things. But when it comes to food, Iss Yoshoku is a recommended dish that you should not miss.

Things To Do In Kyoto Japan Guide

At Ine, there are surprises and delights in every season. In winter, the mountains are covered in snow and you are rewarded with..

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Enjoy panoramic views of Kyoto from an infinity hot spring bath on the roof of this unique hotel.

Kiyomizu’s central location is an ideal starting point for any Kyoto traveler. Nohga Hotel is located just off Route One, 10 min.

Causette Joli is a Japanese cosmetics company that sells nail products that embody Japan’s cultural, natural and seasonal bea.. There’s a reason why Kyoto is one of Japan’s best cities to visit when exploring the country. As a city, it is quite large and there are heaps of amazing places to see and the best things to do in Kyoto when you visit. In fact, you will be spoiled for choice!

Truth be told, it can seem overwhelming when trying to plan a visit, especially with all the top things to do in Kyoto. But don’t worry, with a little bit of planning, lots of energy and a spirit of discovery, you’ll fit into anything you want, I promise.

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Now, if this is your first time visiting some of the best places in Japan, it will be hard not to include places like; Tokyo, Osaka or even islands like Kyushu too. While there are plenty of top things to do in Kyoto, don’t worry if you’re only visiting the city itself.

Take a look below at some of the best things to do in Kyoto on your next trip. Have the best time!

You can’t swing a cat without hitting a Shinto shrine in Kyoto, but this is by far one of the best to visit.

Things To Do In Kyoto Japan Guide

Situated on a wooded hill in the middle of the countryside with pristinely preserved gates leading to the sanctuary itself, this hidden gem of a sanctuary is well worth a visit.

Unforgettable Things To Do In Kyoto, Japan

Be sure to leave a few hours to visit the many trails and shrines that ascend Mount Inari. It is about 4 km long and over 1,000 years old. Also keep your eyes open for the many foxes that decorate this sacred space. It really is one of the best things to do in Kyoto.

Located in northwestern Kyoto, Ryoan-ji is one of the most famous temples and the best things to do in Kyoto. Additionally, it has a large dry garden complex that is a must-see while exploring.

The temple itself serves as a prestigious mausoleum for many former emperors, which can now be seen at the Seven Imperial Tombs.

Also, be sure to spend some time enjoying the garden. Interestingly, the garden is built to be viewed from a seated position… so sit back, relax and enjoy this amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site. Oh, and be sure to spot one of the most famous Zen rock gardens of its kind, it’s amazing.

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Everything from instant noodles to fresh ingredients is sold here, and it’s a great few hours to spend enjoying the city’s traditional food markets.

The market is absolutely huge with a huge selection of raw fish to try. Oh, and be sure to grab some grilled squid too.

But make sure you take some physical cash with you, as many stalls don’t accept cards. That said, it’s still easily one of the best things to do in Kyoto if you want to see an older part of city life.

Things To Do In Kyoto Japan Guide

Oh, and for a great hotel, check into the Suiran Hotel, which is located near Saihoji Temple and is absolutely luxurious.

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Originally a resting place for the many thousands of visitors who visited Yasaka Shrine, Gion has now become one of the most beautiful areas in the city to explore.

Plus, Gion is one of the most historic districts in all of Kyoto. With willow-lined streets and traditional teahouses, you might even spot the occasional geisha strolling across the road.

Gion is definitely worth half a day to immerse yourself in the history of Japan, which is still alive and well there now. Be sure to visit Wadachi, one of Kyoto’s best Sake bars to wet your whistle as well. It’s easily up there as one of the best things to do in Kyoto for sure.

This one, at least on the top two floors, is covered in gold leaf, which glistens so beautifully in this sunny city.

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It’s a little north of town and right on the shores of the tranquil Mirror Lake (which is beautiful in its own right). Also make sure to visit the White Snake Pagoda – it’s worth seeing.

It really is one of the best things to do in Kyoto and a firm favorite if you love temples.

Located in the Sakyo area of ​​the city, this Zen temple is often referred to as the ‘Silver Temple’, even though it is not made of any silver (although it was intended to be).

Things To Do In Kyoto Japan Guide

Even without the silver leaf cladding, it is in a pristine setting and the architecture itself is just too beautiful to miss. Spend an hour or so relaxing and unwinding on the grounds – it really is so peaceful.

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If you’re a fan of anime and manga, you can’t miss this place. It is considered one of the best museums in Japan dedicated solely to this unique style of comics.

Now, if you are into Manga, you will easily find this to be one of the best things to do in Kyoto. Although you’ll probably miss it if you’re not into this art form and storytelling.

Kyo-ryori is a popular dish to try in Kyoto and perfect to try on a first time visit. This themed food often consists of a variety of dishes; sushi and raw fish and even some sweets.

You will find that many restaurants offer some form of kyo-ryori dining options. Just be sure to ask when you arrive. It is absolutely delicious and one of the best things to do in Kyoto on your next trip.

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Original tea customs and cultures have existed for centuries in the city and are still one of the best things to do in Kyoto.

Today, we visitors can experience one of these original tea customs from bygone times. A good place to go is En Tearoom, which offers a full tea experience for a first visit to the city.

Although so much of Kyoto seems to remain in the veil of the past, rooted in tradition, some places like the Shijo train station and shopping mall are sleek glass-fronted and thoroughly modern.

Things To Do In Kyoto Japan Guide

It’s the perfect place for you to get your fill of delicious local food, manga comics, unique Japanese fashion and quirky gadgets!

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This UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in the eastern part of Kyoto and a beautiful Buddhist temple to explore.

Be sure to enjoy the view from the veranda with a view and also visit the amazing pagoda. It really is a very special place.

The shop and restaurant are beautiful and they have some of the delicious thick noodles they have become famous for. Once here, be sure to try their delicious tempura too. It is altogether more unfortunate.

On the outskirts of the city, strolling through the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is one of the best things to do in Kyoto that most people have heard of.

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These dense paths weave through this landscape and it is a veritable forest of bamboo, green and ethereal, that

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