Things To Know Before Buying Diamond Jewellery – You are celebrating an important event and decide that a diamond is the perfect way to symbolize the occasion. It may be the first diamond you’ve ever bought, or you may be upgrading to a larger diamond. He should be beaming with happiness, beaming with a smile so wide it hurts, but for some reason, he’s anxious, sweaty and shaking. This is an important and expensive purchase. You want to get it right – there is no room for error. What do you know about buying a diamond? Who do you trust? What do you believe?

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Things To Know Before Buying Diamond Jewellery

Things To Know Before Buying Diamond Jewellery

You’ve decided to surf the sea of ​​information online but now, armed with more information, you can be confident or even more confused. Now why? We’re here to tell you to just wait…and just breathe. All will be right in the world if you take this simple advice. Trust your eye and your heart.

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I would like to unlock some of the secrets of the diamond, dispel some myths and help you make an informed decision so that this eternal symbol of love, commitment and success is not clouded by doubt. and fear. Many people have heard of the 4 C’s—Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat—but what do these words really mean and what is the most important? I will avoid textbook definitions and write in layman’s terms.

The first thing you should know is that these things, contrary to popular belief, measure RARITY, not beauty. Because something that is considered unusual does not make it pleasing to everyone’s eyes. “Sometimes, the customer believes that more clarity means less convenience and less convenience,” says IDC sales associate Robbie Blue. “Sometimes, brighter colors are better. I usually look for a balance in the 4 C’s for the best, most beautiful look. “

Color is the absence or presence of physical color in a diamond. The scale most people are familiar with starts with D (for diamond) and goes down alphabetically…D. E. F. G., etc. up to Z. There is an opinion that D is the best. No, D is the odd one out. God made fewer D, E and F colored diamonds than other shades. It’s also a wide variety of shades. Have you ever tried to buy white paint only to realize how many shades of white there are? Studies have shown that when people look at diamonds without being distinguished by the setting of the diamond, most people choose a diamond with less body color or less warmth. Most beautiful and beautiful diamonds are actually in the H to K range.

How the stone is cut is what releases the fire and brilliance of the diamond. When a cutter is given a diamond, he is faced with a decision to save weight or sacrifice weight in order to achieve the ideal or close to ideal size. “Although the price of a diamond depends a lot on the characteristics of the individual diamond when it comes to the four C’s, the most expensive cut is the brilliant round diamond,” says a sales associate of IDC Diamonds Ryan Weaver. That’s because a round diamond produces the most diamond waste, which means that to cut a round, you have to throw away a large part of the diamond because of its precise requirements. When a diamond loses its valuable carat weight due to the appropriate features, the price of the diamond is usually higher for the finished product, even though in the end it ends up weighing less.

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Clarity refers to what happens inside and on the surface of the diamond. I like to make Clarity very simple. What does it look like to the naked eye? First, learn it the hard way without any help to grow it. Do you see any distinguishing features that interfere with the diamond’s brilliance? That is the most important thing. In fact, how often will you or your friends be growing your diamond? Then learn it by growing it. A magnifying glass is the most commonly used at the sales counter.

“Diamonds are set in a 10-loop setting that increases power visually and not visually,” says IDC sales associate Adelina Raileanu. “I find it very useful while explaining to allow the customer experience in such a way that a certain clarity of the diamond appears under magnification, and at the same time, I appreciate the brilliance of the diamond without loop.” Think about your kitchen window. You can focus your eyes on the window to see fingerprints and stains on the window, or you can look out the window to see who is in the front yard. Do the same for the diamond. Look through the windows. Look to see if you see distinguishing characteristics or what I call “birthmarks.” I never use the word mistakes. They are not mistakes. Sometimes they are little white lines, sometimes they are clouds. You can see black spots. Did you know that those black spots are called “inclusion crystals” and if you magnified them, they would reveal themselves as tiny diamonds or garnets trapped inside your diamond! Two for One! The grading scale of Clarity is more about how noticeable these features are rather than how many are inside the diamond. Again, this is a rare occurrence, however, if the diamond is too much included, will reduce the brilliance and beauty of the diamond.

Carat is a measure of the weight of a diamond. It got its name from the Carob tree. Carob seeds were used in moderation because of their similar size and weight. So what carat weight is right for your diamond? That is a firm human decision. For others, a larger stone is a dream and they may be willing to sacrifice a little color or clarity to stay on budget. For others, color, cut and clarity trump size. There is no right answer.

Things To Know Before Buying Diamond Jewellery

Outside of the 4 C’s, many other questions came within our sales forecast. One is about structure. Which format is more expensive? The answer is not that simple. Bigger diamonds, all things being equal, the Round Brilliant is still king. It has no time. It is the brightest and the most in demand.

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“Round brilliant diamonds are more expensive than fancy cut diamonds,” says Raileanu. “From the beginning, round diamonds were, and still are, the most desirable shape.” As fancy shapes like Princess, Emerald, Marquise and Pear float in and out of wanted, prices, although fixed, may change based on their popularity.

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Another C is about diamond status reports, called certs. This is actually a misnomer, as they are not certificates but reports. There are different types of diamond grading labs that produce these reports. AGS, GIA, FDI, etc. These are used to give the buyer an independent opinion and description of the diamond. The key word here is attitude. Each gem lab, even if they use a common alphabet, has a different language or different standards for their reports. Not all reports are the same between companies. This can cause confusion not only for the customer, but for the sales professional.

“No jeweler or diamond expert feels comfortable judging the beauty or quality of a diamond based on what the certificate says,” Blue says. To prove this point, we sent one stone to several laboratories just to get different opinions on color and clarity. This is why I stress trusting your eye, not the paper. I was once told that picking a diamond by looking through a pile of diamond reports was like picking your boyfriend out of a bag of driver’s licenses. Every diamond is unique. You have to see and hear it.

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There is another C that is not often mentioned. Hope. Confidence. Confidence in your ability to recognize what you find beautiful. You don’t need someone else to tell you what’s good. You need jewelry that will help you by answering questions so that you can make an informed decision, but in the end, no one can tell you what your taste is or what your desires should be. which ones. Just ask yourself these things: Do I like it? Does a diamond do what a diamond is supposed to do? Will I be happy with my decision in the end? If so… then breathe. What you should know about diamonds before buying a ring? Good question! Buying a diamond ring is a big investment. Not only do they mean that you and your partner are taking the next big step in your relationship, an important birthday or a big anniversary, but they can also be quite expensive. So you want to make sure you do that


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