Things You Need To Know About Horses – Do you like the idea of ​​having your own horse? An equine companion can be one of life’s most incredible gifts. But before you make that commitment, there are a few important things you should know.

Owning a horse is a commitment to love and care for a beautiful animal. A lot of time and energy goes into caring for a horse every day, and there are some costs associated with owning a horse as well.

Things You Need To Know About Horses

Things You Need To Know About Horses

Choosing a horse to buy is a very involved decision. Since a horse is a long-term commitment, you’ll want to take all the time you need to make the right choice. Here’s what you should know.

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Even if you like the idea of ​​a feisty animal as your companion, if this is your first horse, you should try and choose one that is easy to ride.

That means you should pay attention to how the horse moves and behaves when you go to check it out.

Find a relaxed attitude and lots of patience. If the horse seems aggressive, agitated, or anxious, it may not be a good fit for you as a beginner.

You can eliminate many prospects without visiting the stables just by looking at the phrases you see in the ads.

Things You Need To Know Before You Board Your Horse

“Spirit” horses tend to be very active and difficult to control. The same is true if someone writes that a horse is an “endurance prospect” or “barrel prospect.”

In general, the word “prospect” can mean trouble, because the implication is that the horse is not really “ready.” This requires more practice. “Started” means the same.

You are not an expert horse trainer; You are someone who is shopping for your first horse, so you don’t want to be the person who struggles to finish training.

Things You Need To Know About Horses

For example, advising an “intermediate rider” or “advanced rider” is clear enough. But some phrases are a bit vague, like “quiet ride.” But it means about the same thing. The horse will be difficult to handle.

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Does learning all this lingo mean you don’t have to visit the stable? Nope. You really should see the horse in person. Think about how bad it can be to buy any used goods online. How many stories are out there about items that don’t match their descriptions?

“But I’m an intermediate rider,” you might be thinking. “Why shouldn’t I get a horse of my level?”

Tracking a horse that requires an intermediate rider is one thing if you’re only going to ride that horse over and over again and it’s someone else’s job to take care of it.

But keeping track of one that you will be riding often and taking care of every single day is another thing altogether.

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So, it is better to lean on a horse that will not be at the end of your abilities.

You might think that an easy way to gauge a horse’s personality is its breed. As a beginner, you should be prepared if you lean toward a Quarter Horse or other newbie-friendly breed and away from something like a Thoroughbred, right?

Maybe. In general, it is certainly a good starting point to choose a breed that has a reputation for being relatively cold.

Things You Need To Know About Horses

But the personalities of individual horses can vary from the “normal” for their breed. So you can’t assume that all Quarter Horses will be relaxed, or that all Thoroughbreds will be bold and energetic.

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You may very well discover that your ideal horse is a breed that is generally not recommended for beginners, but that horse’s personality is usually soft.

On the other hand, you may look at a Quarter Horse, hoping for a relaxed mount, only to find that the individual horse is more than you can handle.

Height gives you a general indicator of how big or small a horse is, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

You will have to look at the horse and try to climb into the saddle. If you can do this without a problem, the horse is not too tall for you.

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How do you know if it’s too short? Check where your feet are dangling. Obviously, if they are too low, you need a higher horse.

You probably won’t be reading this if you aren’t planning to buy your first horse. And since this will be your first horse, you shouldn’t get a stallion.

Stallions are very difficult to handle. As a result, they are not suitable for beginning horse owners. Even many experienced horse owners may not be good at them.

Things You Need To Know About Horses

A mare is a better choice than a stallion, but even they can sometimes be difficult depending on what’s going on with their hormones.

Facts About Horses

So when you’re shopping for your first horse, you should lean toward horses that are older, not younger.

Chances are you have a mental image of your dream horse, and it probably includes a fairly concrete picture of what that horse looks like.

But your horse’s appearance is only really important in terms of how it shows more than skin deep.

When you’re evaluating a horse you’re considering, don’t worry about aesthetics. Just make sure you don’t see visible signs of health problems.

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We talked about what you need to know to choose a horse. But what do you need to know about the actual buying process?

If the seller does not have a passport for the horse, that is not a good sign. But even if they do have one, check it carefully to make sure the horse is really what the passport is for. You’d be surprised how often there is a mismatch and fake passports are used.

There are several reasons why you should talk to a veterinarian about a horse you are thinking of buying. Bringing a veterinarian to check the horse allows you to find out if the horse is chipped or not, and if so, to check the data on the chip.

Things You Need To Know About Horses

The vet can also give the horse a basic exam to let you know if it is healthy or not and if the ad describes it accurately. This process is called “vetting” the horse.

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Based on the vet’s report, you can make a more informed decision about whether or not to buy the horse. You can also negotiate the price.

Remember that you should use a vet of your choice, not the seller’s preference. It needs to be an unbiased third party that you can trust.

Do you still need to vet a horse even if it’s not expensive? Yes. Even if the initial cost of the horse is cheap, it does not mean that its long-term care will be. You have to know what you’re getting into.

You may be tempted to walk away from it because the vet fee can run several hundred dollars. That might seem silly if you’re considering adopting a horse worth, say, $500.

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It’s bad enough that a surprisingly large number of sellers lie about their horses’ identities. But it doesn’t stop there.

Did you know that many sellers also lie about other things, such as a horse’s history or its current status?

There are even stories of dealers who have gotten so high on drug horses that they are less enthusiastic when someone buys from them.

Things You Need To Know About Horses

For that reason, it is very important to do your homework before you visit a stable to view a prospective horse.

Things Every New Horse Owner Should Know Updated (pdf) — Horses For Clean Water

Find out the background of the seller and verify that they are reputable. Do the same with the horse.

When you are shopping for a horse, even if you intend to buy, it is easy to get caught up in the dream.

For example, you may find a horse that is out of your price range, but not so far out of your price range that you cannot consider buying it.

You probably won’t, but you might still find yourself fantasizing about it.

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It is exciting to write or call and ask for more information about the horse. You may even be tempted to offer a lower price to see if you can get the seller.

But you probably won’t get a big price drop. And you almost certainly won’t get a better deal until you visit.

So, if you’re not planning on doing that, it’s best to move on and consider another horse that better fits your price range.

Things You Need To Know About Horses

You can’t wake up next weekend, and on a whim, jump in your car and drive to see a horse you just saw online.

Do You Know

Why not? Although it may be easy for you to spontaneously go and look at a horse, this is not something that any seller will appreciate.

Someone hoping to make a sale will need time to prepare the horse before a show.

For that reason, you

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