Things You Need To Know About Newborns – Is there anything more difficult than dealing with infant sleep? In this episode, Kayla and Carianna reminisce about their experiences with their newborns. Carianna then shares the top 5 things you need to know about your baby and how his sleep works. These tips will help you start your baby off on the right foot!

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Things You Need To Know About Newborns

Things You Need To Know About Newborns

Top 5 things you need to know about infant sleep Hello, this is Carianna and before you listen to this episode I wanted to give a disclaimer. In this episode, Kayla and I share candidly about our infant sleep journey, as well as share infant sleep tips. And so I thought it was very important to let you know that we share some unsafe sleeping habits that we ourselves did. I think it’s important that we’re open and honest about what we’ve done, but I also don’t want there to be any confusion about what’s considered safe, and I’m a big advocate of safe sleep so in the show notes I’ll link to a blog I’ve written called Safe Sleep Basics that makes it clear the basics you need to know. And what I want to leave you with, is to follow the ABCs, those are the best preventative measures when it comes to sleeping safely and reducing things like SIDS or accidental suffocation and hanging in bed, any type of sleep-related death so A is us. you always want your child to sleep alone in his own space, so not with other adults or with siblings or with pads, we want them to have their own space. B is for back so we want to put your baby on his back to sleep and we want him to sleep there until he can roll over on his own. And then C is for crib or bassinet or play yard or pack and play. Those are the only safe sleeping positions approved for your children so we don’t want them sleeping on adult mattresses on couches on the rack and playing on the swing at DockAtot. We don’t want those things because those positions are not considered safe, and they increase the risk of sleep related death, or SIDS happening so I just want to lead with that disclaimer and I hope you guys enjoy the episode. And like I said, we really just wanted to be open and honest about our own experiences, but I also want to make sure that I’m spreading safe sleep information for you so that you can make educated decisions for your family.

Things First Time Moms Should Know About Newborns

Hello mom. This is Carianna and Kayla for moms best friend and co-host sleep talk moms, we know dealing with sleep issues can be overwhelming and confusing, so we’re here to give you practical sleep advice, we want you to walk away from everyone . period and information, you can really use. Let’s dive in and talk about sleep. Top 5 things you need to know about infant sleep

Hello guys today on our show we’re going to talk about infant sleep, and, hey, infant sleep is a whole other animal, and so Kayla and I, we want to first have a little fun with you and share some of our own. infant sleep, stories, and kind of what we went through, and then I also want to leave you, kind of my top five tips for things you can do to increase your infant sleep, we don’t expect good things. from our babies about sleep, but there are absolutely things we can do to help them move on, and just help them sleep as well as they can at that stage of infancy. So, you know, very quickly, I would just share when I was with my old man seven and a half years ago, which is crazy to say, I’ve seen that’s not crazy, I feel very old and he’s getting very old. . Oh my God, but I didn’t have any references to infant sleep that I had done, zero reading or reading about what’s good for infant sleep, and I just remember coming home from the hospital and thinking that I was just going to be able to put him in his bed, he was going to sleep, he was going to sleep, great, because I liked sleep so I thought ok I like sleep, he will like sleep too. And that’s, you know, that’s not what happened. So I was shocked and I was just, you were just playing for the next few months we were in survival mode, doing whatever we could, and I’m sure when we talk about our experiences of sleeping babies, we’ll probably be sharing some of the unsafe things that we did, I just want Maybe I should lead with this disclaimer that safe sleep happens on a flat surface such as a bed or bassinet or a pack and play we wear. I don’t want to have kids sleeping on poppies, or swings or car seats or DockAtot or rockin games or anything like that. But we also want to be real with you and share our own experiences. So, you know, we’re not going to lie about the things that we did because we’re desperate and we understand that when parents are desperate sometimes they do desperate things. So of course, Kayla will share a little bit about Atlas, when he was born. ls is, he is approaching next month. Oh, and you might be able to hear him in the background. He plays with the dough. So everyone say hello to Ellis. Oh, so I didn’t know what to expect as a new mom, no one tells you, lots of things. So, I didn’t know what I was up against, but Alice was like a special case because she came out of the gate and had a very bad feeling like a projectile was very bad. He was a very young child. Top 5 things you need to know about infant sleep

And we got to the point where he was just sleeping in our arms, and so my husband and I were taking turns on the couch. For the first three months of his life.

We were tired. I’m sorry I interrupted you, when I came, I visited, I don’t remember how old he was when I came in, he stayed. He was very young, he was about a couple of weeks old, or he was only a few weeks old and you slept with him on the first turn. Yes, I took a turn on the sofa. I don’t remember I think I was watching in the office, and I took about the first hour or so to hold him, and I wish we were very grateful because we haven’t slept in the same bed since we got home.

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But yeah, we were, I was probably like, I’d say I know that they make you fill out those, those forms at the doctor’s office, but I’d say I was definitely like postpartum depression because I was completely exhausted. At the time, I didn’t hate him, but I was angry that many things were different. And I think that honestly I think that some of the reasons behind that, aside from, you know, strong hormones, all of those things are the fact that I was really tired, and you get to a point where even the smallest thing is like that. great thing when you are tired.

And so we were sleeping with him on the couch, we were taking turns, I was breastfeeding I was pushing, and I know a lot of you have been here, it was just hard.

So I was very thankful once he turned four months, we had a rough start, we did, let him sleep on the rock and play.

Things You Need To Know About Newborns

I will say though that it was managed, because I was afraid of SIDS and all those things that new mothers are.

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And then, I have Ray came, my second. And he was a sleepy man. He was very nice. We had some rock stuff and breastfeeding, but other than that he was good we could put them in the crib, and he would go to sleep for, you know, 45 minutes or the way babies do for a long time and then he wakes up. up and we do the whole thing hardly awake and then he d sleep again.

And it was good. Yes, that’s very good that you, you know after having a bad experience with your first, but your second was much smoother, that’s good.

And, like

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