Tokyo Japan Things To Do And See – Creativity and innovation thrive in Tokyo, evident in every part of the city, whether it’s a modern skyscraper or an ancient street.

With the title of one of the most populous cities in the world (in 2021, it had the highest population of any city in the world), there are endless things to do in Tokyo.

Tokyo Japan Things To Do And See

Tokyo Japan Things To Do And See

Once the home of the imperial families that ruled during the Edo period (also the former name of Tokyo from 1603 to 1868), after the Tokugawa shogunate was no longer in power, the Meiji period began and the capital received its new name. did It was here that Tokyo began its transformation into the modern metropolis we know today.

Hours In Tokyo: Things To Do And See

But be fooled by the towering buildings and neon lights, the city is still steeped in an ancient past and rich history, abundantly evident in the shrines, temples, forts and endless museums that showcase the past.

Moving from cultural to urban, there is endless shopping and entertainment to indulge in and the nightlife is next level.

Foodies, Japan is famous for its culinary experiences, and even if you’re not a culinary enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the fine dining scene as well as the amazing street food.

Consisting of 23 special wards, 26 cities, five towns and eight regional villages, Tokyo is widely spread, creating the perfect moments and opportunities to explore various neighborhoods and their unique characteristics and settings.

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In Tokyo, it’s go big or go home and the city’s famous Kaminarimon Gate is a prime example.

Also known as the Thunder Gate, this is the main entrance to Senso-ji Temple and visitors to the temple must walk through an archway to get inside.

Why the nickname? Kaminarimon Gate’s official name is Freijinmon. The word “kaminari” refers to thunder in Japanese, and the name of the wind god in Japan is Fujin.

Tokyo Japan Things To Do And See

One of the most popular symbols of entry is a large lantern that hangs in the middle of the door and welcomes guests to the sacred spaces.

Places Where Locals Love To Go In Tokyo

It is about four meters high and 3.3 meters wide. An additional surprise; Look under the lantern for another interesting feature.

Inside the golden rim of the base is a wood carving of a dragon, believed to be another deity and guardian of Senso-ji Temple and the surrounding area, Asakusa.

On either side of the door, look for two statues locked in a box. One is the god of wind, and the other is the god of thunder.

The longest standing shrine has its roots in Buddhism and is aptly labeled as an ancient site… first built in 628 AD.

Best Nighttime City Views In Tokyo

The story goes that two local brothers were fishing in the Samida River when they caught not a fish, but a Bodhisattva statue, Avalokiteshvara (a Buddha of Compassion). In Japan, deities are also called kannon.

When the brothers returned to their village with the illuminated statue, the village chief built a temple out of his current house, changing the budget. In recent years, a visiting Buddhist monk built a hall for the Bodhisattva.

Today, the entrance to Kaminarimon Gate, there are four halls, a five-story pagoda, two other gates and gardens. Souvenirs and handicrafts stalls line the entrance to the main hall from the entrance, called Nakamis Shopping Street.

Tokyo Japan Things To Do And See

Over the years, the complex has seen wear and tear, but the local communities have helped rebuild and restore Senso-ji.

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The famous Senso-ji temple dating back to the 7th century is located in the historic Asakusa area, one of Tokyo’s oldest districts.

The Asakusa district is a good place to start and is one of the few areas that has retained its original old school sounds.

In addition to the ancient complex, stop by Sumida Park and Sumida River. Go shopping on Nakamise Shopping Street inside the temple grounds, or outside is Shin-Nakamise Shopping Street.

It’s no longer the thriving entertainment or shopping district it once was a hundred years ago, but the area is still great to explore.

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Another popular road to stop in Asakusa is Denpoin Road. Its unique ‘Edo era’ feel also helps transport travelers back in time.

Forget about traveling up to the 100th floor for city views, the Skytree offers some of the world’s craziest cityscapes at the 450th floor…

Talk about a tall building, rising a total of 634 meters into the air, it is Tokyo’s tallest structure and has an accessible view from hundreds of floors up.

Tokyo Japan Things To Do And See

Start at level 350 on Tokyo Skytree’s Tembo Deck and take in 360-degree views. There is a cafe, restaurant, shop and telescopes on this floor.

The Best Things To Do In Tokyo, Japan

Go outside in a completely view-through tube and make your way to the 450th floor to Surakara Point, the last level available for viewing.

Although this is the highest point to look out for, the remaining 634 meters that make up the Skytree structure are formed by the building’s spiral.

An alternative way to explore the many things to do in Tokyo is by bike and there are many options to choose from.

Cycling enthusiasts opt for a full-day tour, spending all morning and afternoon pedaling around sightseeing and historic sites.

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Some of the stops on the tour can be the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Station, Meiji Jingu Shrine, Ginza District, markets and more.

If a three-hour trip is more to your liking, pick an area to explore by bike and go.

Explore Tokyo’s east or west side, or head downtown. Some bike tours go outside the buzz and into the rural town of Hinode Machi.

Tokyo Japan Things To Do And See

Mention the name Studio Ghibli to anyone in Japan and they know what you’re talking about, and die-hard animation fans visiting Tokyo will have the same reaction.

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Easily one of the best tourist attractions in Tokyo, the Ghibli Museum, which has been open since 2011, is here to make dreams come true.

You can find Studio Ghibli museums in some other countries, but this is the original one… plus, you’re in Tokyo, the headquarters of the anime studio.

Be greeted by larger-than-life figures of Totoro and other favorite Ghibli characters and the entire design of the museum reflects the signature style of the beloved Studio Ghibli.

Scattered across different locations, travel around imaginative features. Explore the painted ceilings or spiral staircases, and different rooms are themed.

The Best Things To Do In Tokyo

The Ghibli Museum hosts changing exhibits related to the world of film and animation. For example, the show called “Future Boy Conan” looks at the world of manga movies.

If you, or your little one, are more into books, enjoy the reading room, home to a collection of books and comics. Feel free to sit in and spend time reading. There is also coffee on site.

If you’re going to the amazing Mount Fuji, don’t skip a stop in Hakone, famous for its natural hot springs.

Tokyo Japan Things To Do And See

Close to the famous mountain, the scenery in this area is lush and there are other things to see and do in Hakone.

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Check out some of the areas within the district, such as the grasslands of Sengokuhara and the volcanic terrain of Owakudani.

Discover art and sculptures at the Haakon Open Air Museum or visit the charming Dollhouse Museum Haakon.

Follow it up with a visit to Hakone Kowaki en Yonseon, a themed hot spring park, or there are many other outdoor hot springs, as well as hot spring hotels.

Spend time around Lake Ashi, which was formed inside a volcanic caldera and take in the Hakone Shrine at the water’s edge.

Awesome Things To Do In Tokyo

There are outdoor and craft activities to enjoy, from obstacle and activity courses in the forest to woodworking workshops, mountain biking, Segway riding, shopping and more fun things to try.

Once you’re done walking around the area, take a break and enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants or cafes.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker, world champion, or grade school student, chances are you’ve heard of Mount Fuji… one of the most recognizable mountains in the world.

Tokyo Japan Things To Do And See

Drive just under 2.5 hours to Japan’s highest mountain, or take the Tokyo Bullet Train and the journey is 1 hour and 50 minutes long.

The Best Things To Do In Tokyo, Japan

Standing at 3,776 meters above sea level for over 1,000 years, the country and locals hold a special place in their hearts for Mount Fuji and the mountain has acquired spiritual significance over the centuries with many making pilgrimages to the peak. prefers

In fact, Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park was established in 1936. This park is where Mount Fuji is located and was created to protect the mountain.

From Tokyo, the mountain is not far to reach and is one of the most popular day trips. Spend the next 10 hours getting a personal view of the snow-capped range at the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you have never visited Mt.Fuji before, a guided tour is offered where you will be shown the best viewpoints and photo spots.

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A perfect time to see Japan’s highest mountain completely covered in snow is from December to March.

With collections of both Japanese and Western art, the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (MOMAT) is a great place to spend a few hours admiring the art.

As the country’s first national art museum, MOMAT houses more than 13,000 works of art from the 19th century in a variety of mediums, from painting to sculpture.

Tokyo Japan Things To Do And See

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