Top Things To Do In Osaka Japan – Divided by the Yoda River, Osaka is a city of food and canals. The river’s channels split into Osaka Bay, creating a city of over a thousand bridges. Its geographical location also made Osaka the food capital of Japan, but more on that later.

Osaka is the third largest city in Japan and its beginning is the same as the beginning of the Kingdom of Japan. Overtime it has grown into a modern city with world-class architecture, beautiful gardens and an endless array of things to do.

Top Things To Do In Osaka Japan

Top Things To Do In Osaka Japan

Travelers will have a great time getting between the city center and other neighborhoods. All of this is full of fascinating culture, delicious food, shopping and lots of great stories.

Best Things To Do In Osaka In Winter

In a city of nine million people, you will never find a lack of air results in Osaka. But at night, in Dotonbori, you can roam the most vibrant district of the city. There the neon lights illuminate the city like New York’s Times Square, an illuminated place that can be seen before you arrive.

Join the throngs of locals for plenty of shopping and a culinary delight. The main street of the district is surrounded by shops and international brands and the whole selection of authentic local food is waiting to be picked up.

A symbol of Dotonbori is the Don Quijote, a shopping mall that literally sells everything. Eat first because you want to spend a lot of time wandering the endless paths.

For a break from the organized chaos, walk off the main street to Hozen-ji Yokocho. You will find a quiet and beautiful street and a special temple full of orange lights.

Exciting Things To Do In Osaka, Japan

An attraction that has exploded over the last decade is that you can ride around Osaka on a go-kart dressed up as your favorite Mario Kart. Starting near Namba Station, your guide will give you a short tour and make sure everyone is safe. Before you are left to choose between their wide collection that also includes some famous Anime characters.

Travelers will have their choice of packages that include different sights and attractions. Popular spots include the Osaka Tower and the aforementioned Dotonbori shopping district. As you drive between each station, you’ll reach speeds of up to 37 miles per hour (60kmph).

The smart idea is one of the best things to do in Osaka. It is an amazing and unique way to see the city. But travelers must come prepared with their international driver’s license in order to start this journey.

Top Things To Do In Osaka Japan

Known as the Nation’s Kitchen, Osaka is the true capital of Japan. It’s immediately clear why as you walk the streets. You will find the delicious and sometimes unrecognizable aroma of local food from street vendors and delicious restaurants. It’s easy to see why the city’s motto is: eat until you drop.

Top Things To Do In Osaka, Fun Things To Do, See And Eat

Century on a high date that lasted for almost 300 years. From 1603 to 1868, Kyoto was the capital of Japan. But its more remote location made nearby Osaka the center of the nation’s trade. Osaka also has all kinds of farmland. Although the city had to feed most of the country, it was the first choice of local food that started a rich tradition.

Osaka’s famous food scene awaits your arrival. English translation is rare here, so it helps to start your culinary quest with a professional guide. Tonight, try the best food under the bright lights of Japan’s third largest city.

Osaka Castle was built in 1586, during which time ten years of construction on such complex designs were equally effective. This beautiful palace was only three years old because of the fame and glory of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a soldier and politician.

The famous historical monument required almost all of its generals to prepare stones for its construction. When completed, Osaka Castle was the largest of its kind in Japan. Its largest stone stands 20 feet (6m) high and 48 feet (14.5m) wide.

The Top Things To Do In Osaka

Unfortunately, the magnificent palace you see today is not the original palace. Hideyoshi’s army was defeated thirty years after it was built, leading to the castle’s destruction. It was destroyed for the second time, before finding a semblance of peace after renovations in the 1930s.

Visitors will immediately enjoy the high tower, home to a beautiful museum and beautiful views of Osaka. Be sure to also visit the Hokoku Shrine, where Hideyoshi is commemorated.

Osaka Castle may offer beautiful views of the city from the top of its 5-story tower, but the Umeda Sky Building is a completely different animal. Almost 570 feet (170m) above the ground, the Sky Building continues everywhere you go in Osaka. It’s an easy sight to see, thanks to the many bridges that connect the two towers.

Top Things To Do In Osaka Japan

Floor. Featuring the main bridge over the twin towers, you can witness breathtaking views of the city unfold before you like a map.

Osaka Off The Beaten Path: 20 Unique Things To Do In Osaka!

But you will also find yourself inside the Floating Garden Observatory, one of the many floating gardens in Japan. The hanging garden accentuates the views with lots of colorful plants. Before going on another tour, stop at a traditional garden at the bottom of the building that leads to an underground market.

One of the best things to do in Osaka with kids, and for anyone who is young at heart, is to spend a day at Legoland. At Tempozan Market Place, Legoland is open every day until 8pm.

If you played with Lego growing up, then this attraction promises to be a fun trip down memory lane. Here, you will find many tables waiting for you to build your best buildings, cars, trains and much, much more. Not to mention Master Builder Academy and Lego Racer: Build and Test.

But your time at Legoland is not limited to creation. You will find a large selection of cars and even a 4D cinema, welcome a day of exploration in a day at the theme park. Some of the most exciting experiences include the Great Lego Race and the Kingdom Quest.

Where To Stay In Osaka In 2023 (best Areas And Places)

In a unique underground location, Osaka’s National Museum of Art will immediately welcome those who love art and culture. Outside the city, the museum is located on a small island called Nakanoshima that sits on the Dojima and Tosabori rivers.

Visitors can explore the many works that have continued to expand since the opening of the museum in the late 1970s. You will find special sections for the promotion of local artists, including the famous statements of Miyako Ishiuchi and Ryuji Miyamoto. While there is also a large section that celebrates international art, including paintings by Paul Cezanne, who helped ring in the post-Impressionist era.

Adding to the permanent art are many historical combinations. It includes statues, along with a string of temporary illusions. To maximize your art experience, add a trip to the Municipal Museum of Fine Art to your trip to Osaka.

Top Things To Do In Osaka Japan

There is something special about our sense of taste and smell. Memories can fade and pictures can fade, but the smell of a perfume or the taste of a perfume can bring us back to the time we were in. first.

Best Things To Do In Osaka 2023

A great way to liven up your travels forever is to take a cooking class. Learn the tricks of the trade to get your favorite international points back so you don’t miss out on your travels. It also helps Japanese food to be very tasty and is a useful addition to your cooking list.

Besides jogging memories, learning about the country’s cuisine breaks the veil of urban culture. You can get a glimpse of Osaka and Japan as a whole that may have fallen by the wayside.

In this local cooking class, join a small group to explore the traditions of one of Japan’s best cities. Learn to make takoyaki, miso soup and okonomiyaki, before sitting down to enjoy your beautiful creations.

In the middle of the 6th century, Japan’s first Buddhist temple was built. The Shitenno-Ji Temple survived almost 1400 years of history and many renovations, but was destroyed during World War II. Later it was faithfully reproduced using traditional designs. The beautiful place now shows all the aspects of its long history, which you can see on an interesting game.

Shinsekai: Best Things To Do

While you can explore the temple grounds on your own, your guide will provide valuable information as you witness the Central Gate, the 5-story pagoda, and the Kon-do Hall. All of them fit from north to south, in the traditional Buddhist pattern. In the Kon-Do Hall (Golden Pavillion) you will find decorative sculptures and paintings.

The temple also has a collection of wonders including the Senmen Hokekyo Sassi, which depicts the Hokkeyo Sutra and has been officially designated as a national treasure. After your tour, spend some time in the temple’s ornamental gardens.

Osaka is a historic city and owes much of its status as a modern city to its location on Osaka Bay. This part of the town is lit up at night

Top Things To Do In Osaka Japan

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