Trend Following Strategies: Riding The Momentum For Taiwanese Profits – Discover professional price action strategies that work so you can profit in bull and bear markets without indicators, news or opinions.

As a momentum trader, you only buy when the price is moving in your favor with the hope of selling at a higher price.

Trend Following Strategies: Riding The Momentum For Taiwanese Profits

Trend Following Strategies: Riding The Momentum For Taiwanese Profits

And traders who have made millions from the markets like Jesse Livermore, Richard Dennis, Ed Sekota, etc. have adopted it.

A Plain And Simple Trend Line Channel Trading Strategy

Now, one of the earliest forms of momentum trading was in the futures market (also known as trend following) – and it was used by turtle traders, market wizards, hedge funds, etc.

But if you don’t want to trade futures or don’t have a huge capital to start with, the next trading method might suit you…

Buy only if the Russell 3000 index is above the 100-week moving average (otherwise stay in cash)

Go long when a stock hits a 50-week high (if there are several stocks to choose from, select the top 20 with the highest price gains over the past 50-weeks)

What Is Trend Trading?

Now if systematic trading is not for you, you can tweak the trading method for discretionary stock trading.

Unlike the systematic approach where you buy every 50-week breakout, you can choose to be selective with your entries.

When you trade breakouts, you want to have tight consolidation and low volatility (otherwise known as a buildup) prior to the breakout.

Trend Following Strategies: Riding The Momentum For Taiwanese Profits

So when volatility is low, you have a smaller stop loss – which allows you to increase your position size and keep your risk constant (dollar amount).

Momentum Trading Strategies Quick Guide With Free Pdf

So when you put yourself in a low volatility environment, there is a good chance that volatility will move in your favor.

When that happens, you can achieve a high R multiple on your trades – earning a 1 to 5 risk reward ratio or more.

What you are looking for to trade in the direction of the trend are trend continuation chart patterns (bull flag, ascending triangle, etc.).

As you can see, CHF is the strongest currency (+3.26%) and GBP is the weakest (-6.4%).

A Tale Of Two Risk Managers; Trend Following Vs. Hedging With Put Options

And if you rank a strong currency against a weak one, you get GBP/CHF – which is in a strong downtrend right now…

These are chart patterns that indicate the likelihood that the price will continue in the direction of the trend.

He is the most followed trader in Singapore with over 100,000 traders reading his blog every month…

Trend Following Strategies: Riding The Momentum For Taiwanese Profits

Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Are you looking to profit from strong market movements? Momentum trading allows you to seize profitable opportunities by identifying markets and time frames with significant momentum. In this post, we will explore the essence of momentum trading and how it can help you find high probability trades.

Channel Trading Strategy Guide

Momentum trading focuses on identifying markets that have experienced distinct upward or downward movement. In momentum trading, the goal is to capitalize on a strong upward push in price. By buying during this momentum and selling as prices rise, traders aim to profit from the prevailing trend.

In such cases, one can try to enter a trade with the prevailing momentum and profit from the ongoing price rise. Effective momentum strategies involve tracking markets and time frames with clear short-term trends. Although there is always the risk of a trend reversal, trading according to trend and momentum will increase the credibility of your trade setup.

Many traders use momentum trading to gain short-term intraday opportunities. This approach involves focusing on smaller time frames such as five minutes or 15 minutes. The appeal of this technique lies in its ability to facilitate quick trade entry and exit, allowing you to close trades before logging off your computer.

In contrast, trading longer time frames, such as four-hour or daily charts, typically holds trades for several days and incurs additional costs such as rollover fees. By trading shorter time frames, such as 15-minute charts, you gain access to a greater number of trading opportunities in different markets due to fast-changing trends.

Momentum Pop Scalping Forex Trading Strategy

Two simple ways to find momentum trading setups are to look for momentum breakout trades or use an indicator.

There are two simple ways to identify momentum trading opportunities: by looking for momentum breakout trades or by using indicators. A momentum breakout occurs when the price has already made a strong move in one direction and then forms a box-like pattern. When price breaks out of this pattern, momentum traders trade in the direction of the breakout and ride the momentum.

Take a look at the example chart below, where price initially rises, pauses to consolidate in a box, and then breaks higher, continuing the momentum.

Trend Following Strategies: Riding The Momentum For Taiwanese Profits

Moving averages are popular because they indicate the formation of trends and the strength of those trends. A common approach involves using a combination of two moving averages.

Day Trading Trend Strategy

In the chart below, you can see the 50 EMA (exponential moving average) and the 200 EMA. When the 50 EMA is below the 200 EMA, it indicates a bearish trend in the price.

Most traders want to get into the market at the best price. This is no different with momentum trading.

A common strategy used to do this is to wait and watch for price to pull back into the supply or demand zone within the momentum.

The first step in doing this is to recognize when price is running strong momentum. The chart example below highlights this with a strong move.

Simple Mean Reversion And Trend Following Strategies

After this, we look for a pullback high so we can find a potential entry. As the example shows below, the price bounces back to the recent resistance level. This could be a possible entry point to lower with lower momentum.

Momentum trading is highly profitable when done correctly. Many traders use the strategies discussed in this post and add their other favorite tools and techniques to find high probability entry points.

These include techniques such as using Japanese candlesticks, breakouts or using price action clues to confirm their other favorite indicators.

Trend Following Strategies: Riding The Momentum For Taiwanese Profits

Remember: Always test any new strategies, systems or indicators on free demos or virtual charts to make sure you are successful with them before risking real money.

Relative Strength Vs Trend Following

Pip Hunter I hunt pips every day on charts with price action technical analysis and indicators. My goal is to get as many pips as possible and help you understand how to successfully use indicators and price action in your own trading. Trend-following trading is probably the most popular way for traders to generate trading signals. Traders expect that by using a trend-following trading method they will be able to achieve large winning trades by capturing long-term trend movements. In this article, I’ll introduce five common and powerful ways to find trend-following trading opportunities, and I’ll walk you through different chart studies to increase your understanding of trend-following trading in general. What is Trend Following As the name suggests, using the trend-following trading method, traders must first identify an existing trending market and then look for profitable trading opportunities when the trend continues. The first challenge, therefore, is to identify a trending market, and here traders can employ different trading tools and concepts that we have explored in another article: Identify the direction of the trend The advantage of trend-following trading is that when a trader is able to catch long-term trend movements, the profit potential can be very large. Another important aspect of trend-following trading is that traders should realize that as a trend-following trader, you will not be able to capture the entire trending movement. Because trend following traders must wait for the trend to establish first, by definition, they cannot capture the first part of the trend. Especially new and inexperienced traders make the mistake of trying to predict when a new trend will emerge. This predictive mindset can be dangerous because the trader is tempted to take trades too early and realize unnecessary losses later. Waiting for a trend to emerge and being patient are important skills that trend following traders must develop. But now let’s move on to the practical part of this article and explore the five trend-following trading strategies I have selected. The strategies in this article are by no means complete and I recommend using them as inspiration to build your own trading strategy around the concepts proposed. Also, a solid backtest is recommended before you move on to demo trading and finally, trading real money to evaluate effectiveness. Chart Pattern Continuations A classic way of trading continuations utilizes the concepts of chart patterns and price action. Chart patterns are called connectors because they connect trend levels in trending markets. Trends do not move in a straight line and price often goes back and forth. Chart patterns are often found at corrective trend levels because the prevailing trend is pausing. A breakout from a chart pattern usually indicates a trend continuation. In the screenshot

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