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PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is a battle royale game released in 2017 by a game development company from South Korea, PUBG Corporation. This game immediately became popular all over the world and became one of the most popular online games in the world. In this game, players will be dropped into a large map and must survive while fighting other players to be the last survivor. Players can choose to play alone or in teams with up to three other players. Each game has a total of 100 players fighting against each other to become the champion.

One of the things that makes PUBG so interesting is the variety of different maps. Each map has unique characteristics and allows players to take advantage of different strategies and play styles. In the game, players can also choose from a variety of weapons and accessories that can help them during battle. PUBG also offers different game modes. In addition to standard mode, players can choose to play in small squad mode, where they play in smaller teams with slightly different rules. There is also a survival mode, in which players must survive as much as possible on the same map with fewer players.

Not only interesting to play, PUBG has also inspired several well-known gaming communities around the world. Some of these communities have built exciting e-sports events and tournaments for PUBG players. However, like most online games, PUBG is not free from some criticisms and problems related to the gameplay. One of the most common criticisms is that the game is too brutal and that in-game violence can affect players’ behavior in the real world. In addition, the problem of game balance has also been a concern for players and developers. PUBG has become a very popular online gaming phenomenon worldwide. Despite its flaws, this game remains a crowd favorite and allows players to enjoy a thrilling and challenging survival experience in a virtual world.

What are the Pro-Player Playing Strategies in the PUBG Mobile game?

For those of you who want to play Pro Player at PUBG, you must have some strategies that can help you beat your opponent and win the match. Here are some pro player strategies for playing PUBG Mobile:

Choose the right drop point: The drop point is the location where the player will land at the start of the game. As a pro player, you should choose drop points that are strategic and not too crowded, so you can collect weapons and equipment without much competition. You should also choose a drop point that is close to the center of the map so you can kill other players and get rewards.
Know the map and location: As a pro player, you must understand the location on each map. This can help you avoid crowded areas or get additional equipment. You also have to master tactics and techniques in surviving in certain locations and take advantage of certain positions in the game.
Use the right weapon: You must choose the right weapon for each situation and manage your weapon wisely. For example, weapons such as shotguns or SMGs are more suitable for close range, while sniper weapons are suitable for long distances. You should also pay attention to ammo and collect as much of it as possible.
Act quickly and efficiently: As a pro player, you must act quickly and efficiently in every situation. You must have a quick reaction to enemy attacks and make decisions quickly and precisely. You also have to move quickly and use cover like rocks or trees to protect yourself from enemy attacks.
Play with a team: If you play in a team, you have to work well with your teammates. You have to determine good strategy and tactics together and support each other in battle. You also have to communicate well via voice chat or text message to win the match.

Apart from that, you also have to understand the terms that exist in the world of PUBG games, so that you don’t get confused when your playmate mentions that term.

Here are some common terms in PUBG Mobile:

  • Chicken Dinner: This term is used when a player or team wins a match.
  • Blue Zone: The Blue Zone is an area on the map where players must stay within limits to not take damage. This area gets smaller as time goes on and players have to move into a safer area.
  • Campers: Players who are inactive and only hide to win the game.
  • Drop: An area where the plane drops items and additional weaponry in the middle of the game.
  • Flanking: Technique to attack enemy from the side that is not expected to achieve victory.
  • Loot: Items that players can collect from inside buildings, chests, and victims.
  • Noob: A term often used to describe players who lack experience or don’t have good playing skills.
  • Recoil: The backward movement of the weapon when fired.
  • Rush: A tactic to attack enemies quickly and aggressively.
  • Squad: A group of players consisting of 4 people who play together.
  • TPP: A third-person view mode that allows players to see their character from a third-person perspective.
  • Vehicle: A vehicle used by players to move more quickly and efficiently on the map.
  • Zone: An area that is considered safe and is within the boundaries of the match.
  • Airdrop: Weapon packs that are discarded in the middle of the game.
  • Headshot: The act of shooting at the enemy’s head is very effective and can cause instant death.
  • ADS: Short for Aim Down Sights, the action of aiming a weapon directly at the character’s face.
  • Backpack: A bag that can be used by players to carry additional items.
  • Boost: Drinks or drugs that increase the speed at which health recovers or provide additional effects, such as increasing running speed.
  • Dropshot: Tactics for shooting enemies while plunging to the ground or crouching.
  • Frag: A hand grenade used to attack enemies.
  • Grenade: An explosive weapon used to attack enemies.
  • Heals: Items used to restore player health, such as medical kits or medicine.
  • Hot Drop: Term used when a player drops in a very congested area at the start of the game.
  • Med Kit: An item that can be used by players to restore their overall health.
  • Molotov: An explosive weapon used to attack enemies.
  • Push: A tactic to attack enemies quickly and aggressively.
  • Red Zone: Area under aerial bomb attack, this area is very dangerous for players and can cause instant death.
  • Revive: An action to revive dead teammates.
  • Spray: The tactic of shooting very quickly to maximize the potential of the weapon.
  • TDM: Team Deathmatch game mode, where two teams face each other in battle.
  • Level 3: Term that refers to the highest quality equipment or weaponry in the game.
  • Bolt-Action: A type of weapon that requires a manual movement to eject the cartridge and pull the trigger to fire.
  • DMR: Short for Designated Marksman Rifle, a type of weapon that allows players to shoot from a distance with greater accuracy than assault weapons.
  • LMG: Abbreviation for Light Machine Gun, a type of weapon designed to fire a large number of bullets continuously.
  • SMG: Short for Submachine Gun, a type of weapon designed to shoot quickly and accurately at close range.
  • AR: Short for Assault Rifle, a type of weapon designed to shoot with high accuracy and at medium ranges.
  • Recoil Control: The player’s ability to control the movement of the weapon when shooting, thereby increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of the shot.
  • Peek and Shoot: A tactic to see the area around you without exposing yourself too much to enemy attacks.
  • Suppressors: Devices that can be attached to weapons to reduce sound and flash when firing.
  • Zeroing Distance: Setting the distance for long-range weapons so that shots hit the target accurately.
  • Hipfire: The tactic of firing by channeling bullets without aiming, but only by shooting from a standing or walking position.
  • Third-Person Perspective (TPP): A view mode in which the character is seen from a third-person perspective.
  • First-Person Perspective (FPP): View mode where the character is seen from the first-person perspective.
  • Blue Zone: An area in which the player must continuously move towards the safe zone or be damaged by poison gas.
  • Care Package: Boxes that drop from aircraft and contain rare items, such as weapons and advanced equipment.
  • Crates: Boxes that drop from aircraft and contain common items, such as weapons and standard equipment.
  • Zone: The area where the game takes place and the player must be in it to not take damage.
  • Chicken Dinner: The term used when a player or team wins a match.
  • Noob: The term for players who are beginners or less experienced in the game.
  • God Tier: The name for a player or team that is very reliable and able to win many matches in the game.

Those are some additional terms in PUBG Mobile that can be used by players to broaden their understanding in the game. By understanding these terms, players can improve their skills in playing PUBG Mobile.

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