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What Are The Steps In Product Development

What Are The Steps In Product Development

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Steps To Improved Product Development

Even for the most successful e-commerce businesses, the journey to a finished product rarely resembles a straight line. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, the product development process can even seem shrouded in mystery—how does an idea in your head become a 3D object you can hold in your hands?

Effective product development involves market research, product management, and a lot of trial and error. While every story is different, there are a few best practices that founders take on the road to starting a business and shipping a finished product.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the product development lifecycle as well as tactics to improve your workflow to help you bring your vision to life .

Product development refers to the entire process of taking a product from idea to market. It also describes the process of renewing an existing product or introducing an old product into a new market. This includes identifying market needs, conceptualizing the product, building a product roadmap, launching a product, and gathering feedback.

Steps In The Effective Software Product Development Process

New product development (NPD) specifically refers to the creation of a new product from scratch and bringing it to market. The process does not end until the end of the product life cycle. And, you can continue the product development process after launch by gathering user feedback and iterating on the product and developing new versions.

In any company, whether an early-stage business or an established corporation, product development connects every department, including design, engineering, manufacturing, product marketing, UI/UX, and more . Each group in the product development team plays an essential part in the process to define, design, build, test and deliver the product. The complexities of the product development life cycle make product management more important.

A product development plan (or product development strategy) is the methodology that a business will use to guide its product development. It is a detailed plan with milestones and control points that keeps a multi-disciplinary team on track and heading towards the same goal until the product launch.

What Are The Steps In Product Development

Before starting any stage of product development, put your plan on paper. Ask: How much do we need? What are the deadlines? How often will we meet? What are our goals?

Product Development Process

Later in this guide, we’ll walk through the product development process. You can use this as an outline to draw up mini-goals, ways of working, and areas of responsibility for each stage.

Although the product development process varies by industry, it can essentially be divided into seven stages: idea generation, research, planning, prototyping, sourcing, costing and marketing.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs get stuck at the first stage: ideas and brainstorming. This is often because they are waiting for a stroke of genius to reveal the perfect product to sell. While building something fundamentally “new” can be creatively satisfying, many of the best ideas are the result of iteration on an existing product.

The SCAMPER model is a useful tool for quickly generating product ideas by asking questions about existing products. Each letter represents a prompt:

Digital Product Design And Development Guide

By considering these prompts, you can come up with new ways to transform existing ideas or even adapt them to a new target audience or problem. The use of knowledge from business analysis can also be helpful to better understand the opportunities in the market.

Starting production before validating your idea can lead to failure. Product validation ensures that you won’t waste time, money and effort on an idea that won’t sell. There are several ways you can validate your product ideas, including:

It is important to get feedback from a substantial and unbiased audience. Be careful not to overestimate feedback from people who are “sure to buy”—until money changes hands, you can’t count someone as a customer. Asking your family and friends for advice (unless they have prior experience in your industry) is also something you should avoid.

What Are The Steps In Product Development

Validation research will also involve competitive analysis. If your idea or niche has the potential to take market share, there are likely competitors already operating in that space.

Product Development Medical Devices

Competitor research will help you understand how they attract customers and make sales. Ask your potential customers what they like or dislike about your competitors to define your competitive advantage.

The information gathered by doing product validation and market research will gauge the demand for your product and the level of competition before you start planning.

Since product development can quickly become complicated, it’s important to take the time to plan before you start building your prototype. At this stage, it can often be helpful to have a clear product roadmap.

The best place to start planning is with a hand drawn sketch of what your product will look like. The sketch should be as detailed as possible, with labels explaining the various features and functions.

Steps Of Product Development Process: A Comprehensive Guide

You do not need a professional quality drawing, as you will not be submitting it to a manufacturer at this stage. However, you can outsource this stage to a technical illustrator. Dribbble and UpWork are two sites that list freelancers for hire.

As part of your diagram, create a running list of parts or materials needed. For example, a purse design might be accompanied by this list:

The goal of the prototyping phase during product development is to create a product ready to be used as a sample for mass production. Prototyping usually involves experimenting with various versions of your product, slowly eliminating options and making improvements until you are satisfied with a final sample.

What Are The Steps In Product Development

The difficulty of prototyping depends on the type of product you are developing. The least expensive and simplest cases are products that you can prototype yourself, such as:

Top Product Development Questions And Answers

However, more often than not, entrepreneurs will work with a third party to prototype their product. If you are starting a clothing brand, work with seamstresses, cobblers, or local models. These services can usually be found online by Googleing local services or contacting design or fashion schools for prototyping help.

For items such as toys, home accessories, electronics, and many other tough outdoor items, you may need 3D rendering in order to make a prototype. Use UpWork or Freelancer to find artists or engineers who are trained in computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) software. Or, try SketchUp, Tinkercad, or Vectary to create 3D models on your own.

With the innovation of 3D printing, digital designs can be turned into physical samples at a much lower cost and faster turnaround time than the traditional mold making method.

The first usable version of your prototype (or minimum viable product) can be released to a small test group to gauge interest and test price sensitivity and messaging. The feedback gathered at this stage allows you to create product iterations and build something more valuable for your target market.

Seven Steps Of Effective Software Product Development

Founded in 2019 by childhood friends Charlie Bowes-Lyon and Freddy Ward, Wild wants to eliminate plastic and single-use waste from bathrooms around the world.

Charlie Bowes-Lyon and Freddy Ward launched Wild to eliminate single-use plastic deodorant packaging. Their product development process spanned 35 iterations before launch. 👉 Learn more

Once you have a product prototype that you are satisfied with, it is time to start gathering materials and securing the necessary partners for production. This is also called building your supply chain: the vendors, activities and resources needed to create a product and get it into the hands of a customer.

What Are The Steps In Product Development

You should now have a clearer picture of what it will cost to produce your product. Costing is a business analysis process where you take all the information gathered to find your cost of goods sold (COGS) and determine a retail price and gross margin.

How The Product Development Process Works In 7 Steps

Your calculation should include raw materials, factory setup costs, manufacturing costs and shipping costs. Factor in other costs such as shipping, import fees, and any duties you’ll need to pay to get your final product to the customer. These fees can have a significant impact on your COGS, depending on where you are producing the product.

If you were able to secure multiple quotes for different materials or manufacturers during the sourcing phase, you can include different columns for each line item that compare the cost. Another option is to create a second version of the spreadsheet, so you can compare local production against foreign production.

Once you have your total COGS calculated, you can come up with a pricing strategy for your product.

At this point you have a profitable and successful product ready for the world. The last step in this methodology is to introduce your product to the market. At this point, a product development team will hand over the reins to marketing for a product launch.

What Is Product Development? 7 Steps To Creating A Product In 2023

If you don’t have the budget for expensive ads, don’t sweat it. You can still run a successful go-to-market strategy using the following tactics:

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