What Do I Need To Get My Business License – No, not as an ice breaker (although I could talk about my favorite foods and desserts for a while). The topic of food, especially the food industry, comes up because it’s a great way to explain

For example, take the chef. The quality and taste of restaurant food produced by a professional chef should be the same for every customer who orders it. This requires them to be very methodical, disciplined and focused. If they stray from the standard recipe or use the wrong tools, then dash

What Do I Need To Get My Business License

What Do I Need To Get My Business License

Another example is McDonald’s – a hundred billion dollar company that is arguably responsible for systematizing the fast food industry. McDonald’s franchises operate in such a way that anyone can come in and implement their exact proven system, and they will have a high chance of success. They can hire almost anyone to work in a McDonald’s kitchen and by following a systematic set of procedures, that person can produce the same food every time.

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Systems allow your business to run like a well-oiled machine while making it more organized, more efficient, and ultimately more profitable.

When the bulk of your business is running smoothly and with little supervision, you can step back and let the systems do the work for you, making you a better business owner.

Then you are free to focus on more high-touch and profitable activities that are the best use of your time, energy, skills and expertise, while making you more profitable.

Have you ever thought about speeding things up? Overcoming obstacles? Reducing your workload? Taking a month long vacation? Working in another country? Hiring more people? Is your business scaling to multiple 7-figures?

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A system is a collection of processes, tools, people, and strategies that all work together to solve a problem or achieve a goal.

Since a system can cover anything from completing simple tasks (sending email newsletters) to completing more complex projects (for example, creating an automated sales funnel), you’ll probably need to upgrade your business systems beforehand. Arrange in advance.

So, whenever you have a particular way of doing things, that’s a system in itself. It’s just a matter of making your system as streamlined, efficient and effective as it can be based on your business goals.

What Do I Need To Get My Business License

Systems come in all shapes and forms so take this opportunity to document the activities you do to run your business.

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These can be activities that you do regularly (eg publish blog posts, send email newsletters, go on discovery calls) or a single activity that you think you will do in the future. Repeat (eg hosting a webinar, launching a product, writing a guest post).

Note: If you already have standard operating procedures (SOPs) or operations manuals, you can go directly to step 3.

To help you add more structure to your systems, categorize your activities according to your business functions: operations, sales and marketing, and finance.

Operational activities are what you do behind the scenes of your business. Examples are business planning and setting goals, project management, email management, conducting meetings, website maintenance, etc.

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Sales and marketing activities are what you do to attract and convert customers or clients. Examples are content marketing, email marketing, automated sales funnels, affiliate partnerships, advertising, product launches, etc.

Financial activities cover what you do with your money. Examples are bookkeeping, tax filing, payroll, affiliate payments, etc.

Once you have a list of activities that your business needs to perform, break each activity down by the process, tools, people, and strategies that need to be completed from start to finish.

What Do I Need To Get My Business License

As you can see, all four components (process, tools, people, and strategy) together make up your business systems, and in the case of our two examples above, your blogging system and email marketing system.

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Remember how we defined a system as a way to solve a problem or complete a process? Now, imagine the result or outcomes you want and answer:

Do you want your system to finish the process faster? Make it more streamlined or automated? Do you want to reduce your workload and free up your time? Do you want to overcome obstacles? Do you want this process to make more money for your business or cut costs?

Then work backwards from your goal using this simple framework I created to help you brainstorm ways to improve your system.

It works like a funnel that you can use to filter through all of your tasks until you’re left with just the one that’s the best use of your time, energy, and other resources:

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What can you remove from the system because tasks, tools, people, or strategies are time-consuming, unnecessary, redundant, no longer relevant, or no longer useful?

What aspects of the system could be useful but don’t really need to be part of the system right now? (eg sales for product launches, graphics for emails, hiring a Facebook ad manager, etc.)

What tasks can you automate using software, apps, or other tools? Is it time to upgrade from free tools to paid tools so you can access more features? Do you have two tools to complete tasks that could be done instead of one tool?

What Do I Need To Get My Business License

Best use of your time, energy, skills, or expertise? What things make you sad? What things do you dislike doing? These are often tasks that you should delegate or outsource.

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Considering all the remaining tasks, is it possible to combine them or package them so you can do them one after the other, faster? (eg responding to comments, responding to emails, writing blog posts, scheduling social media posts, etc.)

Another way to help you identify ways to improve your systems is to critique each of the four areas separately.

Now it’s time to test the theories you developed in step 3 and make sure you track important factors related to before, during, and after—what you started with, what you did, and what kind of effect it produced.

If you know, this is where key performance indicators (KPIs) come in. But if not, simply identify the measurement factors to determine whether your system is working well or not. This includes your revenues, expenses, profit margins, sales turnover, other financial ratios, and more.

How To Drive Business Value In 3 Key Areas [infographic]

Did you get a lot of profit? Are you selling more products but making less profit? Did your process take too long to complete? Were there any barriers, obstacles, or obstacles? What has been the response from your clients or customers? What about your employees?

After tracking and testing your theories, take the time to evaluate your system. You can evaluate the system as a whole or each of the four components (process, tools, people and strategy) separately.

Did your system really solve the problem or achieve the goal? If so, what change is responsible for the improvement? Can you repeat it easily? Exactly how much progress have you seen? If not, what was the reason? How can you correct the situation or go back to your situation?

What Do I Need To Get My Business License

Go back to the drawing board and continue to tweak and refine your system. Remember, however, that your systems are not meant to be set in stone; As your business grows and the environment changes, your systems can adapt and evolve accordingly.

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Sticky notes and scraps of paper will do you no good as they will only lead to chaos, confusion and disorganization.

Instead, document your systems (processes, tools, people, and strategies) using systematic, well-designed, and robust tools that complement each of your business systems.

You only need one tool for all your systems but I recommend using a set of tools that work well together. Try checking out Asana, Dubsado, or HoneyBook.

Creating business systems allows your business to run as smoothly, efficiently and effectively as possible. It may take some time and trial and error to get your systems up and running the way you want them to but the rewards of doing so will be well worth it later. Consider identifying your business activities, breaking them down, finding ways to improve the system, tracking and testing, and then evaluating and improving.

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We are Tate and Chari and we are a product trainer that helps busy trainers, service providers and course developers.

Have a look around and let us know if you have questions – we’re happy to help!

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What Do I Need To Get My Business License

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