What Do You Need To Put Up A Fence – Last year I saw a lot of “take what you need, give what you can” bulletin boards popping up everywhere. I decided to ignite my newfound love of printing on sticky notes and create a sticky note version.

The idea behind the “Take What You Need, Give What You Can” board is that you record a positive message that you “need to hear” or “give” (write) a positive or uplifting message with it someone else can accept it.

What Do You Need To Put Up A Fence

What Do You Need To Put Up A Fence

I posted the “Take What You Need, Give What You Can” sticky note board on a window near the school guidance office. A traditional bulletin board could also be used to display this sticky note board.

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I created 18 different positive messages to print on sticky notes for the Take What You Need page of the board.

To make this Take What You Need, Give What You Can sticky note board, you will need the following items:

To attach the signs to the window I used Scotch roll glue. You can also stick it to a regular bulletin board using regular staples.

To download the full file of Take What You Need and Give What You Can signs and positive sticky notes, click here or click on the image below.

The Easy Checklist For Setting Up A New Computer

If you would like to use just the positive sticky notes, you can download them as a standalone file here or by clicking on the image below.

If you create this at your school, I would love to see it! Tag me or share with me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

*Given the current Covid-19 restrictions, I would not provide students with a pen. I encourage students to use their own pen. I made this glue board last school year.

What Do You Need To Put Up A Fence

I created this colorful, interactive spring bulletin board for our March and April PBIS theme, Mindfulness. I made this bulletin board interactive for students by adding QR codes with different mindfulness activities. Since most things need to be touchless at the moment, I thought using QR codes would be an easy way for students to access some mindfulness activities. If you’re unfamiliar with QR codes, QR stands for Quick Response. QR codes can be scanned using the camera of a smart device (iPad, tablet or smartphone). With a QR code generator you can easily create your own QR codes. You can link the QR code to a website or online document. When the user scans the QR code, they will be redirected to the link. I used the QR code generator to create the QR codes. The idea for this bulletin board came to me when I was looking for mindfulness resources. I happened upon a New York Times article about “wind turbine breathing.” This led me down the rabbit hole of brainstorming

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This week’s fabulous find is a pool noodle or Funnoodle®. For this week’s Fabulous Find, I created a video showing how to make a stress reliever using a pool noodle or Funnoodle®. Students will love these fun stress relievers and they are super cheap to make! With the Funnoodle® I was able to make 58 – 1 inch stress relievers for $2. Pool noodles and Funnoodles® also come in different shapes, such as flower shapes. Watch my video and create your own stress relievers today! Do you have a fantastic find that you like? If you have a suggestion for an awesome find, comment below or email me and I’ll try it out! Your fabulous find could be featured on a future Friday, friends! 😉 Danielle is a certified K-12 school counselor, nationally certified counselor, and blogger at School Counselor Blog, a place where school counselors share innovative ideas, creative lesson plans, and quality resources. Contact Danielle by email, follow her on Twitter and become one. There are few more exciting moments in a person’s life than the hours after purchasing a new computer. What should you do now that you’ve taken the shiny new thing out of the box?

Setting up a new computer can be a very exciting experience. It’s like buying a car; All you want to do is test it and check its performance. But it can also be overwhelming; With so many programs and settings to navigate, it’s easy to get lost.

But don’t rush – you don’t need to install programs and applications like crazy. Through a series of preparatory steps and checks, you can learn how to set up your new computer and ensure it achieves maximum performance.

We receive emails almost every day asking for tips on what to do after installing Prey. Since our software is typically installed on new devices, why don’t you give us a few more tips on what you should do with a new computer?

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First of all, congratulations on your new laptop! This doesn’t happen every day and choosing the right product was probably a difficult decision. What should you do now that you’ve taken the shiny new thing out of the box?

First of all, you should connect the device to power and fully charge the battery before turning it on. We know it’s difficult to wait, but that’s it

About 10 or 12 hours is fine (hey, that’s just one night!). This way, your computer realizes the battery’s full potential, operates in top condition, and lasts as long as it was designed. Rushing could ruin your battery life prematurely, and we don’t want that.

What Do You Need To Put Up A Fence

If you live in an area with power surges or power outages, please obtain a surge protector to prevent damage to the power supply and internal parts of the computer. This is a very common reason why computers are sent to the graveyard, if not the most common one.

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Take a look at the system specifications to make sure you get what you paid for. If you are using Windows, download the free CPUID. If you use a Mac,

OS X tells you exactly what’s installed on your new device. Linux users have a variety of options, but we like the console-based lshw.

Look closely and make sure that the processor model and speed installed are correct, that you received the same hard drive that your provider offered, and – if you paid for dedicated graphics cards – make sure that the card is available. Regarding memory, it is always recommended to run Memtest86.

Last but not least, don’t forget to check your screen for dead pixels – remember that you can always return your computer and get a new one. Googling “check for dead pixels” brings you to this page which looks pretty useful.

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Also get a scratch protector or something similar to prevent the PC from getting new scratches. Over time, the keyboard, especially when you carry your laptop, leaves annoying marks on your screen.

You can also use an optical cleaning cloth for this. You can purchase a large piece from your local optician and cut it to the size you want. However, remember to place it over the keyboard every time you close your laptop.

It is very likely that many security vulnerabilities have been fixed since the operating system was installed on your computer. All you need is an internet connection and the right option on your operating system. You can find

What Do You Need To Put Up A Fence

If the computer is running Windows. If you’re using Mac OS X, click the little black apple and then continue

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If you’re willing, you can consider repartitioning your hard drive so that your documents are stored in a different partition than your operating system. This will make formatting much easier in the future, as you won’t need to back up your files when reinstalling the operating system – just format the partition where the operating system is located and

To do this, you either need to reinstall the operating system – and select a two-partition scheme when prompted – or you can resize the partition on the fly. We recommend the first option, but you can also choose number two if you are short on time. Remember to back up any files you may have already copied as resizing may result in data loss.

Most modern operating systems include partition editors (i.e. Disk Utility for OSX). However, if you are thinking about resizing, we recommend that you burn the ISO and run the open source program Gparted as the chances of you losing data in the process are much lower.

As soon as you turn on your new laptop – and depending on your operating system – install an antivirus program or firewall to keep your computer clean and safe from intruders. Old viruses like the Blaster worm infect large numbers of new computers that surf unprotected, ruining brand new Windows installations.

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Software recommendations? Try AVG (or the free version) if you use Windows. We don’t think you need an antivirus for OSX users, but you can purchase Little Snitch Firewall for additional security. Firestarter is an easy way to manage your firewall settings on Linux (iptables).

Of course, you may also want additional security through tracking and protecting your device in the event of loss or theft, like Prey. Antivirus programs don’t help fight burglars, you know!

Once you’ve taken steps to protect your new computer from viruses, you can do one of the following

What Do You Need To Put Up A Fence

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