What Is A Typical Commission Split For Real Estate Agents – Most real estate agents have heard of the amazing 80/20 eXp Realty Commission split and the low $16,000 annual fee. But what does that mean? And are there cases where division and cap are different? Why, yes: for specific types of groups, the recently launched Referral Division, and for eXp Business.

Let’s break down the real estate agent eXp Realty Commission division and cap differences, from single agents and self-organized groups to standard groups, Mega ICON groups, and in-house partnerships, as well as eXp Commercial and eXp Referral Divisions.

What Is A Typical Commission Split For Real Estate Agents

What Is A Typical Commission Split For Real Estate Agents

A commission split is where a real estate agent and their managing broker agree to split real estate commissions on a percentage basis from the sale of a property. Board splits can range from 40/60 to 95/5, where higher agents will not have a chance to cap (see next section).

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For example, if the commission split is 80/20 and the total commission from the agent’s sale is $10,000, then $8,000 will go to the agent and $2,000 will go to the broker.

The commission cap is where the broker agrees to put an upper limit on the commissions paid to the broker each year. Commission caps can vary greatly from cap to cap of $30,000+. Once the representative “keys” for that year, their commission split will go away, and they will then receive 100% commission for the remainder of the anniversary year.

For example, if an agent joins a broker in January and hits their commission cap of $16,000 in August, they will receive 100% commission for the rest of the year until their cap is reset in February. What’s next.

For the majority of eXp agents, the eXp Realty commission split is simply 80/20: 80% of each commission check goes to the agent, and 20% goes to eXp Realty. This happens on every trade until the agent is finished and then goes to commission 100%! There are no percentage-based fees like franchise fees or desk/office fees.

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Most outsiders don’t know this, but we believe it’s an important fact to shed light on. Half of all commissions paid to eXp Realty are immediately returned to agents as revenue share!

That means eXp is actually getting 10%, and with that 10%, they’re creating a ton of value in the form of training, tools, support staff, benefits, partnerships, award-winning company products, and more! This is truly a broker-centric agent. Learn more about eXp Realty with this comprehensive post!

EXp Realty’s base commission is $16,000 for single agents. After paying eXp Realty $16,000 from the 20% commission split, agents receive 100% commission for the remainder of the anniversary year! The anniversary usually begins in the month an agent joins eXp.

What Is A Typical Commission Split For Real Estate Agents

There are four types of groups at eXp Realty. Each team has a different eXp Realty board division and cap schedule. In the sections below, we will explain very briefly the type of group and division of the eXp Realty Board and the cap structure for each.

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Note that we are not discussing revenue sharing teams in this post, you can learn more about tieXp Realty’s revenue sharing system in this great post.

Self-organized groups are exactly what they sound like. These groups are the most common and easiest to form, and they closely resemble a simple referral agreement between the group leader and the group representatives. Personal teams can organize themselves in any board division system they want.

Typically, self-organized union representatives will pay a predetermined division of labor to the union leadership. Then the eXp Realty commission split will be applied to the remaining representative commission. This is exactly how the agent-to-agent messaging system works.

For example, let’s say that the personal association plan is that the association representatives pay a 30% commission split to the association for the clients that the association provides. If an unreserved agent closes a deal with a $10,000 commission, the group’s lead split will be $3,000. Of the remaining $7,000, eXp Realty’s split is $1,400 (20%) , and the agent will get $5,600. Not bad for not having to do that initiative!

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Some groups, such as the one run by one of the founders of this blog, only use group sharing to group-provided guidelines. That means that agents who only generate their own clients get the standard 80/20 split for those leads. It’s a win-win!

In summary, for self-organized group agents, the eXp Realty commission split and cap are the same as for single agents, only applied after a group split per transaction, if there is one.

A standard team is required to have a Realty eXp Board share of at least 25% with the team leader. The group division is organized by the group leader. There are advantages and disadvantages of an eXp Realty standard membership.

What Is A Typical Commission Split For Real Estate Agents

With standard teams, agents will often have the option to reduce their cap by half. That means that standard members can pay a fee of $8,000 before going to the 100% eXp Realty commission instead of the usual $16,000.

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However, when an agent is selected to the half cap, they are no longer eligible for the ICON agent award. Standard club directors must pay the full cap.

There is also a production requirement for standard teams at eXp Realty: the team must close at least $6 million in closed deals, or 30 deals each year.

To summarize, for standard group agents, the eXp Realty Commission split is the same 80/20 split after the group split. However, agents can pull in half the transaction amount ($8,000 cap) and go to a 100% eXp Realty Commission split and only the team has the remaining split.

Mega ICON teams are exactly what they sound like: great production units. These groups usually have more than 10 representatives. The group separation is also set by the group leader and must be at least 25%.

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In the Mega ICON teams, the eXp Realty commission division is still the same, but the representatives are now “in-quarter.” Club agents pay a reduced fee of $4,000 a year in brokerage divisions to cap and go to 100% commission.

Mega ICON groups must complete at least $40 million in closed transactions, or 175 transactions per year, and must have at least 10 capping agents on the group (quarter-capping). There are some details that you can read about here.

Therefore, for Mega ICON group agents, the eXp Realty Commission split is the same 80/20 split after the group split. However, agents can cap a quarter of the transaction amount at $4,000 and go to the 100% eXp Realty Commission division, leaving only the remaining party division.

What Is A Typical Commission Split For Real Estate Agents

The in-house partnership at eXp Realty is a couple of real estate agents working as one. They will have the same combined share, cap, and E&O costs.

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The big differences are that they will only be eligible for an ICON award as a collective group and their monthly fee is $149 instead of $85. In-house corporate groups at eXp Realty can also start “standard,” “self-organized, ” or Mega ICON groups.

In summary, for domestic partnership agents, the eXp Realty Commission split is the same 80/20 split and the same $16,000 cap as for the combination of two married agents. You can think of it as a half-cap for the agent, but it doesn’t work that way since one agent can contribute more than the other to the cap.

Commercial real estate prices are often much greater in commercial real estate than residential! The eXp Realty Board split is exactly the same 80/20 split at eXp Realty. eXp Business’s board cap is $20,000 versus eXp Realty’s $16,000 cap.

On larger joint ventures, sales representatives also have the opportunity to cap quickly. And, until now, an 80/20 split in commercial real estate has been unheard of! Division is usually much less favorable.

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Recently, eXp Realty introduced an eXp Reference Division. This allows agents to go into referral and agent-only mode. Agents will waive the need for MLS or REALTOR memberships and pay a low monthly fee of $50. However, agents still keep a share of the revenue.

EXp Referral Split Agents has a 75/25 split on referrals to eXp agents and 70/30 to non-eXp agents. As a Referral Division representative, there is no cap or ICON bonus.

You can also choose to be a referral-only agent and not be in the referral division. The benefit here is that agents who earn every rev share and referrals can reduce their MLS, REALTOR, and other expenses as well as their performance!

What Is A Typical Commission Split For Real Estate Agents

Agents who want to join eXp Realty but have recently signed up at their current brokerage firm can opt out of suspending their cap when joining eXp Realty. This means that they can be exempted from the 100% commission division at eXp Realty until the month in which they will have returned their cap at their previous broker.

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If you want to reserve your cap when you join eXp Realty, you must do so BEFORE you register. Feel free to schedule a call with us to learn more and take advantage of realty’s EXp cap holding!

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