What Services Do Real Estate Agents Provide – If you live in North Carolina and are planning to put your home on the market, hiring an experienced REALTOR® is the easiest way to sell your home. While trying to sell your home yourself may seem like an easy and effective tactic, a professional realtor has the negotiation skills, marketing reach, and experience to sell your home quickly and efficiently. Below are a few reasons why hiring a realtor to sell your home is smart.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to sell your home is to price it correctly, but pricing can be difficult if you don’t understand the nuances of the local market.

What Services Do Real Estate Agents Provide

What Services Do Real Estate Agents Provide

If you price your home too high, you run the risk of your home becoming an outdated listing, and when buyers see an older property, they will lower their offers. Raising the price of a home does not make the home appear to be worth more than other homes in the area that are priced lower.

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If you undervalue your home, you could find yourself buying significantly below market value and losing money on your property. A smart strategy is to price your home at exactly or slightly below market value to get a high level of traffic or interest in your home.

To determine the fair market value of your home, an experienced realtor will conduct a comparative market analysis of all the homes that have sold in your area over the past few months. At A New Dawn Realty in Stokesdale, our real estate agents take the time to thoroughly understand your home’s condition and compare homes with similar features to offer you the best listing price for your home.

Selling your home is one of the biggest personal transactions you’ll ever make, so it’s important to make sure you understand the process. A licensed realtor can help you navigate the selling process and negotiate a fair price for your home. The sales process can be divided into three important negotiations:

Initial offer. When a buyer shows interest in your home, they communicate their interest to their agent. The buyer’s agent will send you or the realtor an offer letter, at which point you can accept, decline, or make a counter offer. If a buyer makes an offer below your asking price and you submit a counteroffer, there is no guarantee that the buyer will accept. That’s why you should hire a professional realtor. A New Dawn Realty real estate agent can advise you on how to proceed with initial offers.

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Counter offer. You can’t “play nice” if you sell your home. Negotiating is something that can save you money, convenience, and time. Many buyers will counteroffer the sales price, and you can either accept their asking price or counter their counteroffer. Some buyers may agree to market price but ask to cover a portion of the closing costs. Some buyers may request an extension of the closing date (from when the offer is accepted) to allow time for the move – this can be a common request from people moving from out of state. Whether you’re using multiple counter offers or just one, you’ll find it easier to navigate the negotiation process with an experienced agent on your side.

Publish an offer. Even after the offer is signed, the buyer still has great bargaining power. Most real estate contracts have home inspection contingencies, which allow the buyer to back out of the sale if the home you’re selling requires significant repairs. At this point, they may ask you to make certain repairs before moving in, and as the seller, you can accept, decline, or start another round of negotiations. There are contingencies in the contract that a realtor can help you with to give you confidence in your negotiations.

Professional real estate agents have the experience and knowledge to sell your home effectively and without stress. At A New Dawn Realty, we’ve helped hundreds of North Carolina residents sell their homes. We work closely with you to ensure you understand every step of the sales process, simplify contracting and guarantee a successful completion. Contact our Stokesdale Realtors today! This post may contain affiliate links that allow you to earn a small commission for the products and services we use and offer.

What Services Do Real Estate Agents Provide

Let’s be real. Real estate is a full-time gig. There are a few tricks to becoming a part-time agent. Also, a good idea for real estate agents?

How To Choose The Right Real Estate Agent

Lateral disturbances. To be considered as a qualified real estate agent, your listing must meet the following criteria:

There are many benefits to working with a real estate agent. Here are our main advantages:

Your customers and prospects come first. Helping people may be a big part of why you choose a career in real estate in the first place. I can guarantee that your hustle will add value to your clients and prospects. I know this for a fact because your clients and prospects will not pay for a service that is useless to them!

Credit repair assistance is a great example of customer-first work. How many times have you had to turn away buyers because their bad credit prevented them from applying for a mortgage? Instead of sending them away, get a commission to help them repair their credit.

The Pros And Cons Of Working With A Real Estate Agent

What’s your plan for the next market downturn? How do you stay in business when your colleagues start dropping like flies?

Strategic lateral swings are a favorite way to protect your real estate business from the downturn. Property tax appeals are my favorite type of recession protection.

Property tax claims seem like something only an accountant should handle, right? But this has more to do with property valuation than direct accounting. I have worked in the real estate tax industry for about 5 years and I will tell you: real estate agents make great property tax agents. A CMA should be used to demonstrate to the taxing authority that the market value of your client’s home is less than the value estimated by the taxing authority.

What Services Do Real Estate Agents Provide

In a declining market, tons of homes are overvalued for tax purposes because the IRS incorrectly inflates values ​​when values ​​are actually down. The timing is perfect, as real estate sales naturally slow down in a declining market. So when real estate sales slow down, your property tax claims go up and vice versa.

Professional Cleaning Services For Real Estate Agents And Brokers

Don’t fall prey to the next slump. Take a moment to learn how to make money with property tax appeals now and be ready to capitalize on the next market downturn.

According to Demand Metric, blog content costs 62% less than traditional marketing, but generates 3x more leads! How is this possible?! First, blogging shows Google over time that your site is updated and relevant, so Google ranks you higher in search results and helps buyers and sellers find you online. Then you can demonstrate your expertise and gain credibility with these prospects before you even talk to them in person. Blog posts also provide great social media content (share your blog posts on all your platforms) and give your prospects a no-pressure way to ask their real estate questions.

That’s why blogging should be a big part of your marketing plan. Why not turn your blog into your personal income stream?

In Make Money Blogging Real Estate, we’ll look at income streams from blogging, such as ads, affiliate earnings, subscriptions, and sponsored content.

Best Real Estate Agent Introduction Flyer Templates In 2023

You’re not going to get rich with these blog-based income streams (although you might be able to make money from your blog!), but if you’re blogging for leads anyway, it only takes a few minutes a week to turn it around. this blog makes two hundred dollars a month.

As mentioned above, a good real estate agent will compliment your real estate business. You want to be able to generate new real estate opportunities from your job and use your side hustle to serve existing clients.

The next generation of shoppers want to share their big life events (engagement, engagement, pregnancy, new baby, etc.) with their social media followers. For a big event like a new home, you need great professional photos to share.

What Services Do Real Estate Agents Provide

So earn money by offering new home photoshoots. If you have the technical and artistic know-how, you can do the shots yourself. Or partner with a professional photographer. You can pay the photographer a flat rate, give yourself a discount as the business owner, or enter into some kind of profit-sharing arrangement with the photographer.

Dual Vs. Single Agency Relationships In Real Estate

Ask your photography clients to tag you in their social media posts. Ta-da! Lots of free advertising for you as a real estate agent and for your photography business.

, but you want to have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your life

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